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    International prepaid sim card?

    Does anyone have any experience with international prepaid SIM cards (that can be bought in the US) such as the ones from Telestial? My mother is going to be visiting Thailand for a while. She wants to take a cell phone with her, and In order to keep complications to a minimum and prevent Bill...
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    Neal Stephenson kickstarting swordfighting game This looks interesting since it's attempting to address the silly "press button to swing sword" gameplay mechanics that very few games have ever tried to improve upon. Doubly interesting considering who is funding it. Though I have to wonder...
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    Robocopy and unicode logs

    Has anyone used Robocopy with unicode logs? I've been trying to get robocopy to output to a unicode text file since I want it to show non-english file names; however, the entire file appears as gibberish when opened in Notepad. I'm running robocopy using the following command in a batch...
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    Intel mobo that can utilize ECC?

    Does anyone know of any 775 motherboards that support and fully utilize unbuffered ECC RAM (preferably DDR2) and has 2 or more PCI-E x16 slots? I've looked through many manuals especially for mobos with x38 chipsets since I've heard that they may support ECC. However, I haven't had any luck.
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    Business photo management

    Does anyone have any advice on managing digital camera photos for a small business? We have 400 employees, but we only have about a dozen people who'd use this. Currently these dozen or so employees usually use point-and-shoot Kodak cameras. We're using the included Kodak EasyShare software so...
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    File open window - any way to permanently change the view?

    Is there any way to change the default view of file dialog windows ("Save file as...")? This is for Windows XP x64. I know I can use Folder Options to reset Explorer to change all folders so that they display in detail view, but this doesn't seem to work for file dialog boxes. The...
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    DRMed game list?

    WIth all this talk about DRM, I'm surprised that it's still fairly difficult to find out what DRM, copy protection, or blacklists a game has (or DVDs or any other media for that matter) . Sure, I could do a search on a specific game, but what I'd like to see is a web site that lists many...
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    Copier/printer paper rotation?

    At work we have several copiers with multiple trays for letter-size paper. We have them set to pull this paper from one tray then pull from the next when that tray runs out. Naturally, with this set up the last tray hardly gets used since someone regularly fills up the copier. My question is...
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    Intel GMA x4500 and UT2004?

    Anyone try running UT2004 on an Intel GMA x4500 integrated graphics? I'm thinking about getting a Lenovo x200 but it's only available with an x4500 (1280*800 screen). The only game that I'd probably want to run on it would be UT2004; so I wanted to know if performance was acceptable with...
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    cat5e parallel to power is unavoidable - use shielded cat5e?

    I'm want to run Ethernet to a single computer in my garage (which is separate from the house). Unfortunately, the only way to run the cable is through a 30 foot pipe with power cables in it. However, I might end up having to run the cable parallel to power the entire 70 foot distance due to...
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    Truecrypt disk encryption - which CPU for performance?

    Among the cheapest dual-cores available from AMD and Intel, which is best in regards to encryption performance? Would a Core 2 be a lot better at encryption - enough to justify spending $100 more for one over the cheapest AMD AM2 dual-core? I'm not looking to spend much money; just enough so...
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    Windows XP - explorer not starting at logon

    What are the some things that can occassionally prevent/stop explorer from loading on logon? This results in nothing but the desktop wallpaper when a user logs on; no icons are displayed and the start menu isn't shown. In my case, the problem happens occassionally on some of our Dell desktops...
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    underwater fiber

    Is there any special kind of fiber that's needed if I want it to run it under several feet of standing water? Or would any kind of fiber do? Is there anything else I have to consider when running fiber underwater? I'm considering running fiber between two buildings through metal piping...
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    Cheap wireless bridge with WPA?

    Here's the situation: I've got a couple of computers out in a workshop that I need networked. However, I can't run cable or fiber to them. What I want to do is use two wireless bridges to extend our ethernet network over to that shop. Nothing fancy: just a simple point-to-point bridge...
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    AM2 mobo and 4x1?

    I've heard that the Intel P35 chipset is decent when it comes to running 4 sticks of ram (4x1GB). What about chipsets for the AMD AM2 platform? Are there particular chipsets that have little to no issues with running RAM in 4x1GB configuration (at least compared to other chipsets)? Thanks!
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    Samsung 215tw?

    Hello all, I searched the forums, but I haven't heard much talk about the Samsung 215TW. Anyone have this monitor? If so, could you post your experience with it? I want it mostly for a good all-around monitor for the home, so it should be good for gaming (including FPSes like UT2004)...
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    PhysX - Science, Education, and Professional markets?

    So far, all I've heard about Ageia's PhysX card is in regards to gaming. But, I'm wondering if the hardware could potentially be put to use in the scientific or professional fields? Undoubtably, organizations with a lot of funding have their own solutions to handle physics. However, if...
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    Overloading Rails - How safe is it?

    How safe would it be if I potentially overloaded the +5 rail? This is assuming that I would have a good quality PS like a Fortron or Sparkle and my theoretical +5V max power draw was ~10A past the PSU's max rating. I'm planning on replacing the PSU on an older Athlon XP system with modest...
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    High Pitch Noise from PSU - From Electrical Components?

    I'm hoping that you guys can help me since I'm stumped. My power supply gives off a very high pitch noise; so much so that I'm the only one in my family that can hear it. This noise irritates me more than a delta screamer or tornado fan would. Understandably, I would like to silence the...