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    no display from new card

    friend of mine is working on building a system, we put it together a couple weeks ago and got no display from his card . checked and double checked everything. Finally decided to throw in his really really old video card from a previous build in there and it took a while, 45 seconds or so and...
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    Win 10, 20 min restart time, 1 min powerup

    I have had a problem for a while, if i restart the computer, it comes up the the win logo and the spinning circle and takes about 20 min to boot back up to the OS.. but if i shut it down, turn off power supply for about 30 seconds and power back up, it takes less than 1 min to get back up...
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    lock keyboard ?

    my cats are constantly getting on my keyboard dong all sorts of unknown stuff. Is there a good easy way to lock keyboard when i am away from my desk on windows 10?
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    internet access is blocked on some sites

    This has been happening for a while now and i am at a loss on how to fix it, every once in a while i can update chrome or what ever browser i am using and it will fix it for a bit. This is on my home PC so nothing at all should be blocked. Has started to do it on my girlfriends PC as well. Does...
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    Some sites blocked by browser?

    here lately there are some sites i cannot visit, amazon for example, when i try or click on a link Your Internet access is blocked Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection. I have turned off antivirus, turned off firewall, still same thing. Sometimes i am able to update...
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    very odd computer problem...

    this one has me stumped, maybe you guys might have some ideas. Computer will work fine, until i open up world of warcraft, yes i know, i still play that game. Here is where the problems start. the game runs fine as long as i dont touch the keyboard, i can run around with mouse, do anything i...
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    xbox one game not displaying in right resolution

    bought Bought this game today for the girlfriend, put in disc, did the download ect, when we go to play the game the resolution is all messed up, game is stretched way farther than the screen, so you cannot see all the menus or...
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    Warm, Cooler master backlit keyboard and mouse $21 shipped
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    need help deciding between 2 mohterboards.

    wanting to upgrade my Motherboard soon and i have narrowed it down to these 2. main reason for upgrading is to use 2 matching vidoecards that were given to me,
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    trouble with older vid card

    vid card freaks out and crashes, only when loading or playing a game. have been using for the last year with no problems, nothing has changed. doing nothing different at all, works just fine till i try to load or play any game. Card just going out? it is a radeon 6800, i know old card, just not...
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    Buffalo WZR-600 ddwrt questions

    Let me start off by saying i dont know anything about networking and setting up routers and such. But i got one of these routers and need to do a few things with it. Have several questions I want to be able to throttle the bandwidth to certain devices connected , also log or check the...
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    my latest craigslist find Corsair 600T

    Browsing craigslist the other day and picked up a corsair 600T white edition for $20, and it is in excellent condition. Just waiting for some free time to move my current system into it. link to case Special Edition White Graphite Series™ 600T Mid-Tower Case will be a huge upgrade from my...
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    need to completely block netflix in router

    Need to completly block netflix in my router. Room mate is constantly streaming even when he is not home and its using up too much data. I did block netflix, ect. Problem is that is uses it on his tablet, he will start streaming on his data plan then switch to wifi and it will...
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    question about video card power

    wow.. been while since i have been here.. too long.. I havent been keeping up with computers in general, till last week i was still running the same system i built in 2006. Here is my question.. friend of mine gave me a video card to use in a new setup i got, it is a eah6870 by asus. It...
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    looking for spoftware to test drive and low lvl format

    i ma looking for some free software that will test for the hard drive, reapir if possable and will let me low level format. I have a couple of hard drives that have been reformatted several times and different partitions used so i just want to check them and wipe the slate clean.
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    Question about RMA replacment card

    I am having to RMA my video card thru NewEgg Since the no longer carry this card, what will the replacment be? Will it be as good as the card i have now? I am planning on ordering a new card anyways since i dont feel like...
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    Cant install OS/XP

    ok here is the deal. Last night while playing games i started having problems. Screens would go black but i could hear game music. Reboot.. Would do the same thing within a few minutes. Thought it might be getting too hot so i put another fan blowing on it and installed temp monitoring software...
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    just built new computer, benchmark programs?

    just built a new computer today, well at least the important parts, reusing case and hard drives What is some good general benchmarking software to test it out
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    using IDE and SATA at the same time?

    I am upgrading my computer, the new motherboard i ordered has SATA on it at well as IDE. I have three 200GB ide drives that i will be using from my old computer, I was wondering if i can add a couple of SATA drives for more storage. Is is possable to use both formats? any problems when doing this?
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    third hard drive this week!!!!!

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    Dual 20" LCD's Pic...

    Just picked these up last night, they are great, lots of desktop space... here is a pic.. enjoy... link to specs.
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    AIW 9600XT and Abit NF7-S

    will I encounter any problems with this combo? Friend of mine has a AIW card and says he is having hell getting it to work on any machine that dont have intel chipset on the motherboard. Anyone using a AIW card on this Abit board?? Any suggecsions or tips will be greatly appreciated
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    third hard drive this week!!!!!

    ok, this is my third hard drive to go out on me this week.. all on the same IDE channel What the hell is going on here.. they were all pulled from other machines and were all working fine..all i can hear from them is click, click, click, click, click.....this is really starting to annoy me as...
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    my first real overclock in a long time, and a couple questions..

    today i got a Athlon XP 2200+ from a friend, he also gove me a speedstrip to unlock it. I installed it on my Soyo KT400 dragon ultra. Played with the settings a bit and not the computer sees it as a 2600+ running at 2087. woo hoo for me... on to the questions about the CPU frequency, when i...
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    Is 720X480 a good resolution for video capture?

    how will it look burned to a dvd and played on a TV, or played on a computer at 1280X1024? Will i still got a good picture? maybe VHS quality on the TV? thinking of getting a 9000 pro AIW card because the wife wants me to transfer all the home videos of the kids to DVD, and would be nice to...