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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Not clean by any means, but whos room is? and yes..I do have pink walls, yes I am a dude. link to the full images
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    CD Drives not working properly

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    Post Your Home File Server Specs

    File and CSS server: CPU: Celeron 2.4 GHz RAM: 256 MB (will be fixing that soon) HDD: 2x 250 GB hdd for storage and 1x 10 GB for OS GPU: Intel intergrated graphics (no PCI-E or AGP) OS: Fedora Core 6 PSU: 500 watt ultra V series other server: CPU: 550 MHz intel something or other...
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    CD Drives not working properly

    As I was going down the list of possibilities that could cause my computer to act this way. I noticed my other spare dell tower identical to this one has a 200watt PSU so I figured I would take a look at mine and it in fact was a 200watt PSU. I did the PSU calculator and it said I needed a 227...
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    CD Drives not working properly

    I did not once say that CD drives do not work 1) has not always been happening, a few years now. I managed to bare through it all untill a friend pointed me into the direction of Hard Forum 2) Not under warranty 3) nothing that I can recall changed to make this happen 4) Same thing in Safe...
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    Need a new router for home.

    I have one WRT54GC one WRT54G and one WRT54GS and my all time favorite out of all three is the WRT54G by far. Everything all depends on what you will be using your wireless for. With the WRT54GC you can move it easily, hide it (I dont know what people do with routers) also is good for...
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    CD Drives not working properly

    I have a windows xp home edition computer with a 2.0ghz processor and 512mb of ram. Whenever I go to read a CD in either one of my CD drives my cpu goes up to 100% and ends up crashing a few programs while in the process, if my CPU doesnt go all the way up to 100% then the sound will just be...