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    Cases for a single 480 rad

    I want to do a build with a single EK 480 PE rad with push/pull fans, a cpu block, gpu block, separate tube reservoir and a Swiftech MCP 35x pump. I know there are a limited number of cases that hold 480s but I would like input. So far I know of the Corsair 900D, Azza Genesis 9000 if you can...
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    Best size tube reservoir for a Swiftech MCP 35x

    I have a Swiftech MCP 35X pump and also have the 100ml reservoir that attaches to the top of it. I'd rather use a separate tube res. What size makes sense for a single EK 480 PE rad, an EK Supremacy MX cpu block and gpu block such as an EK 290 block in a single loop loop?