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    ( Gigabyte GTX 1070 Windforce OC $351.71

    Yet another deal that'll last for 5 min.... - Prices Drop As You Shop $405.66 -$14.87 for opting out of free return/paying with debit -$39.08 with coupon code 'SHOP10" =351.71 Best deal I've seen so far, ordered one this morning
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    Fractal Node 605 HTPC Case $110 Shipped

    Not hot, more like finally reasonable. By far the cheapest price I've seen on this case. Link
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    [Warm]840 EVO 250GB - $165 (Beach Camera EBAY Store)

    Just picked one up. Bout time for the old Gen 1 OCZ Agility to retire
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    Audio device switching software

    Anyone know of a program that lets you set a hothey for each audio device? I've found plenty of software that lets you toggle, but none that lets you set each device their own key. Reason I'm looking is for my HTPC. I'm running audio over HDMI for 5.1 and 2.0 over optical for music. My...
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    Dead 32' HDTV as monitor - current model replacement?

    I've been using a 32LH30 as my monitor for about a year and a half. It developed a red vertical line 2 days ago, followed just now by no longer powering on. SOB...I loved that monitor too :( Are there any current year 32 inch models that make good monitors? If not, what are the best...
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    Speedfan "Temp2" hot as hell

    Anyone know what sensor "Temp2" is in speedfan on a P67 motherboard? In "Config" it's just labled as Chip:F71889F Sensor:Temp2 BUS:ISA Address:$290 Above pic is with my CPU @ 4GHz. At 4.5 "Temp2" gets over 100c with prolonged stress testing :o
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    Warm:2500k/2600k + Mobo combo deals (owned by NewEgg) has the following combos with free shipping: 2500K/2600k + GIGABYTE GA-H67A-UD3H-B3 =$345/$444 MSI P67A-G45 (B3) = $345/$444 ASUS P8P67 (REV 3.0)=$370/$469 MSI P67A-GD65 (B3)=$385/$484 GIGABYTE GA-P67A-UD4-B3=$395/$494 ASUS SABERTOOTH P67 (REV...
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    MSI P67A-G45?

    Anyone using this board? Considering purchasing tonight w/a 2600K, but I can't find any info on the power phases. Any info on OCing and stability would be appreciated!
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    (Warm) PC-60FNWX 149.99 + 9.99 Ship

    Warm at least IMO - I've been waiting for this price point on this case. Shame I don't have the $$ to spare right now Link
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    Annoying Foobar Issue

    Alright, it's a minor issue, but my OCD kicks in every time I see it. On albums with multiple CD's; they show up by default in the play list as: 1:01 2:01 1:02 etc.. If I click on the "Track" header, followed by the "Album" header the tracks then display in the proper order. How do...
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    Prince of Persia-Shadows Flickering/Glitching

    Has anyone else had this issue? I have a video uploading; I'll link to it as soon as it's done. Here's a video Q6600 P35 MoBo 4 GB RAM 8800GT XP SP3 I typically overclock my CPU/GPU (Stressed and Issue Free) - but I have rolled back to stock speeds while trying to resolve this issue...
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    Z5500 - Replace Front Speakers?

    I've seen the question asked before, and the response is typically that it's not worth it due to the Crossover issue. My Xonar DX has a manual crossover section, and I confirmed with a tone generator that it does indeed work. Manual selection of crossover works through "6 Channel Direct"...
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    Devil May Cry 4 PC DEMO

    Here's a link! Can't wait to play through this. I stole a friends 360 for a weekend to get a fix when it first came out. mirrors: Filefront Link
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    Can't Install Vista? Help!

    OK, I'm out of ideas here, any input would sure be appreciated Before you read, note that XP is installed fine- I can't install Vista 32 OR 64 on my new build. When Vista starts the install I don't even get as far as any menus, my system just reboots shortly after the wallpaper pops up...
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    Q6600 Overclock-OK for 24/7?

    Are these temps acceptable for 24/7 use? During the 1st set of tests on prime, cores 0 and 1 topped out at 72C. I've had to bump the voltage up to 1.475 in bios for this to be stable. Core 3 was being a punk and failing at 19 minutes at anything less, which is a shame considering the other...
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    New "CCC" Crysis config out Noticable increase in performance and image quality over every other cfg I have tried. I'm not a fan of the optional TOD changes in the package though.
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    Windows Home Server on VMWare?

    I have a delema.... I like the idea of windows home server, but I really don't want one more PC in the house. Would it even be plausible to run Vista Ultimate+WHS on VMWare? If so, I could just load up my current Media Center with 1TB drives, in the end this would save on the cost of a...
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    PSP D-Pad Mod

    I'm sure this is old news for most, but I just followed this guide: the only action my PSP has been getting lately is Tekken during my lunch break with a co-worker. It's damn frustrating with how difficult it is to hit...
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    Nickle plating-what case would you choose?

    I recently met a guy who owns a local nickle/chrome plating shop. He offered to plate a case in chrome, nickle, or black nickle for free. Soooo, what I'm looking for is a case $150 or less (less is good ;) ). I haven't really kept up with the case market lately. What case and plating...
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    Home File Server Power Supply Selection

    I'm having a hard time selecting what power supply to purchase here, any help would be appreciated. Here is the planned build: CPU: X2 3800+ (s939, Stock) Motherboard: Asus A8N32 SLI Memory: 1 GB (2x512) DDR400 (may just drop in 2x 1GB sticks) Video...
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    I'm going to be broke for the next 4 months

    Best holidy release line up in years IMO. Here's whats on my short list : September 09/04 – Metal of Honor:Airborn 09/18 – Stranglehold 09/24 – Hour of Victory October 10/02 – Quake Wars 10/02 – FlatOut:Head On 10/02 – Half Life 2 – O Box 10/09 – Sega Rally Revo 10/15 –...
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    What Motherboard to buy?

    I'm lost on this one: I'm looking for a motherboard that supports DDR2, a G0 stepping Quad out of the box, overclocking said Quad, and has at least one 4x(or better) PCIe in addition to the 16x for Video. Something under $150 would be nice, but I'd go over budget if I have to. I...
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    Socket 939 Motherboard w/PCIe 4x Slot

    Does one exist? I've been looking, can't find jack. I seem to remember the DFI NF4 Ultra had a 4x slot, but I cannot find any in stock anywhere. I've gotten a PCIe 4x SAS controller and a 300GB 10k RPM drive. Be nice to use em :) I guess one option is to pick up an SLI board? This...
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    DX10 Demo

    Wont exactly put you in awe, but;,file,140,1,28.htm Just a soft shadow demo, doesn't show off any other effects.
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    Accelero X2(ATI X1800/1900 cooler) $17 free shipping @ newegg