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    Strong signal but trouble in BF2

    I have 4 or 5 out of 5 bars on my comp hooked up wirelessly. When my gf plays the BF2 demo she's complaining about yellow text saying connection problems when she's firing or fighting someone. Help me get her to stop whining.
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    Do the current Xbox 360's have any of the early problems/issues?

    Just wondering if it's ok to bite on one yet.
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    Cat 5 wired house questions

    My new house is wired for cat 5 and I was wondering what the benefits of this are. There's a panel in the master closet that is supposed to connect into it. I'm wondering if I can get a cable modem and maybe a router and wire the whole house in different rooms to plug into the cat 5 wall...
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    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

    Man I loved this game. It was a free download too :eek: . Does anyone know if anyone still plays this? I might go ahead and get it installed on this computer. Unfortunately I don't think you can get it to do widescreen but this game was better than most of the new stuff imo, plus it was...
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    Civilization 4 questions

    I'm thinking of picking this up today and I've got a few questions.. I've never played any of the other Civs before. Does it move like Warcraft/AOE where you and your opponent move simultaneously or more like X-COM? If like X-COM then how does it manage how much you can do before it's the...
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    My gf's comp works at my house, not at hers :/

    My gf was having computer problems so I threw some spare parts together and formatted her old hd and got it running. She brings it home and it doesn't work. This is getting annoying as it takes me hours to update the comp with updates to have her bring it home and it doesn't work. Today she...
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    Internet stops working when downloading a large file in IE

    I'm not real sure what is causing this but I've been trying to download a 600 meg file in Internet Explorer. It will work fine for a while and then all of a sudden my connection stops working for everything (download, torrent, icq, wow, etc). Then I restart the computer and modem and it's back...
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    Problem with old computer. Changed hd and cd/dvd drives.

    My gf is getting my old computer since it's better than hers. I thought it would be real easy to just throw in her cdrw/dvd drives and her hd and format it and install windows. They're parts from her old Dell. First I noticed all 3 were in CS on the back. This appeared to make it not recognize...
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    20/24 pin question. Also psu turn on quirks

    First question: My motherboard has a 20 pin connector and a 4 pin 12v connector. My Enermax 420watt has the 24pin (which you can unattach to get a 20 and a 4) and also a 12v 4 pin on another line. Which is the best way to have it set up to power my motherboard (if it matters much)? Should I...
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    "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in my system tray for my SATA hard drive...

    This annoys me. I don't like icons down there that I'll never use. How do I make it stop and is this normal?
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    100% CPU utilization when gaming

    Is this normal? I would think I'd have a little more headroom when gaming but it's stuck at a constant 100%. I close the game and it's back to barely any utilization. I'm talking about WoW specifically but I believe BF2 was doing it as well.
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    WoW multisampling settings. Anyone running 24/24/4x?

    My system runs it fine most of the time but I'll occassionally get these freezes for a short duration that are extremely annoying. It really sucks cause it looks good at that setting and I get good fps but those freezers are unacceptable. If I'm running then I'll unfreeze further down my path...
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    My 2x1gb won't do 1T

    I recently got 2 sticks of Patriot 2-3-2-5 RAM. If I switch it to 1T in the bios then I can't get into Windows. Basically I'm wondering if it's tough to get 2 sticks of 1gb in 1T and also how much of a performance hit I'm taking. Thanks. Epox 9NDA3j Venice 3200+ Enermax 420watt
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    New build issues.. Please help!

    First of all, here's the system: AMD 64 3200+ Venice Epox 9NDA3J Leadtek 6800nu (was unlocked on old system, haven't unlocked on this one yet) 1x1gb Patriot 2-3-2 RAM (soon to be 2x1gb) Maxtor 200gb SATA hard drive with 16mb cache Lite-On DVDRW CoolerMaster Centurion 5 case Enermax...
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    About to order this stuff. Really appreciate the help so far!

    My build has morphed a bit from suggestions here and on other forums. Basically I have an *AGP* 6800nu unlocked currently. I bought this when I got my Dell widescreen. Now I want to build around that so I'm limited to nf3 which doesn't bother me too much since I see no immediate performance...
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    2gb on a Epox 9nda3j?

    What's the best way to do this? I hear filling 4 slots might cause problems and needs to be single-sided ram. Is that true and how do I tell if a ram is single-sided when browsing them at newegg? Can I get 2 sticks of 1gb that will run fast at stock speeds? The Patriot LLK sticks seem pretty...
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    Maxtor 16mb on an AMD system? Also SATA vs 133?

    I believe I read a review a while back that said the Maxtor 16mb NCQ support was for Intel systems. Is this a feature that will not get used on an AMD system like with a nf3? I'm looking for a new main hd for a build and I'm not sure whether to get a Raptor, Maxtor 16mb, or standard WD 8mb...
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    Hardware upgrades for World of Warcraft. What's your experience?

    I've heard that WoW doesn't really need more than 1gb of RAM. Just wondering if anyone has experience with going over the 1gb mark. What about the 10k Raptor hard drives? How noticeable are those during play? How about the Maxtor 16mb cache? Is it noticeable over a standard WD 7200 8mb cache...
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    Think you can improve this upgrade?

    I've got a pretty old system but a newer 6800nu agp card that's unlocked. I got the 6800nu because I got a Dell widescreen and wanted the extra push to go from 1024x768 to 1680x1050. It definitely helped but I feel like the rest of my system is bottlenecking me to a large degree. The rest of my...
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    Have 6800nu agp. What mobo to buy when I upgrade my cpu?

    I bought a widescreen monitor and my system had trouble at the native resolution so I got a 6800nu agp to help out. It helps but not enough on some games. So now I have a agp card and want to upgrade to a 3200+ Venice. I heard about the Biostar N4ST or whatever it's called that had some sort of...
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    What RAM setup for a nf3? Dual channel questions

    I'm going to get a nf3 based mobo (probably epox) because I have a 6800nu agp and don't upgrade that often. It has four RAM slots. I've heard about dual channel and I have some questions. Basically I would like at least 1gig of RAM but more would be good too. I currently use 1gig of PC2100 and...
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    Noober upgrade questions

    Hey, I have one of those Enlight cases I bought nearly 4 years ago. It's 340 watt and the psu that came with it is also Enlight. Here are the stats posted on it: +5V=30A +12V=15A +3.3V=28A -5V=0.5A -12V=1A +5VSB=2A It currently runs my 1.4ghz AMD Athlon XP, 6800nu (agp), 2xhard drive...
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    Any system performance gains in upgrading sound card? Using old Win 95/98 card atm.

    I've got a Turtle Beach Montego II. I've never really had any problems with it but I was wondering if a better card like even a $50 Audigy2 value card would give a performance boost and if so in what way? Does having an old sound card put more of a strain on my cpu or hurt my performance? Thanks.
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    Cheap upgrade (cpu/mobo/ram) to old system

    I've got a pretty old system. I recently bought a Dell 2005FPW LCD monitor that runs in 1680x1050. I bought a 6800nu video card at the same time to help out (it unlocked all pipes and the shader). It's an AGP card because of my old Epox 8KHA+ motherboard that runs it in 4xAGP. The card helps...
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    Need a video card to run an old system with a 2005FPW. 6600GT enough?

    My system is pretty old. It works fine for me now though. I run 1024x768 and play WoW and Unreal Tournament 2004. I'm thinking about picking up Guild Wars. I've thought about trying HL2 but of course I would expect to have to run that in much worse quality. Will a new video card give me a...