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    Help Making OC Stable

    Hi, so i have a q6600 g0 i want to run 3.6ghz. i dont know why, its just a goal lol. anyways, so i can muck around in windows and whatnot at 3.6 with all that speedstep stuff disabled, but the moment i load it up, one second later it bluescreens. i've tried playing with vtt fsb termination nb sb...
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    p35 mobos

    do p35 based boards have a northbridge temp sensor? and if so, i have a gigabyte p35-ds3r and i dont know if it is temp1 or temp2 according to speedfan. any help would be appreciated! thanks =]
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    Zalman NB47J

    hey guys, so i have a gigabyte p35-ds3r and a zalman nb47j passive heatsink laying around. here's my question: has anybody put this specific heatsink on a p35 chipset before? google will give no reviews of it being used on a p35 board. my stock heatsink used to be kind of cool, then i removed...
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    Memory Stick DUO

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    Memory Stick DUO

    i was looking at the new sony cybershot dsc-m1. the sony memorystick duo 512's are about 150 dollars yet the sandisk 512 memory stick duo is around 90.. is there any difference between the two other than who makes it? i know sometimes certain features dont work unless you have the specific piece...