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    Guy damages rare collectible graphics card :(

    WAT? old graphics cards are worth money?? wow I wish I kept all of mine.. probably bought every nvidia since the Geforce256 and most of the Radeon 59xx
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    LEDs Cut 570 Million Tons of CO2 in ’17

    Yeah this is great but now light pollution is getting out of control due to people using more LEDs
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    Prototype 4x Titan V

    Sadly in 4 years it'll be as fast as a $250 3060 ti :D
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    For the 2500K/2600K users out there, what price for a 7700K would make you upgrade?

    I think insane DDR4 prices are holding up the entire upgrade lifecycle. Lower prices by 50% and I think a lot of people will upgrade .. Then prices on old sandy/ivy/x99 systems will drop like a rock on ebay making everyone happy
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    Well So far.. 4 out of 5 machines were upgraded successfully.. the 5th machine hung downloading the upgrade and now won't boot Also noticed the LAV Video filters don't work in full screen mode.. so if anyone is using them with Media Player Classic.. you'll probably have to wait for a fix. =(...
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    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update- October 17th

    for vega 56 nvidia no change..possible improvements to g-sync and freesync though
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    What was your first HOLY COW! moment with an actual video card?

    As i get older i'm getting motion sickness in a lot of the first person games these days.. =( can only play for 30 mins at a time and when it hits I feel very ill for the remainder of the day.. So I've been afraid that VR would make me hurl immediately
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    What was your first HOLY COW! moment with an actual video card?

    1. Panasonic was the first to offer an HDTV for sale in the US in 1998(?) it was a 57" rear projection.. and I bought one for almost $7K. Hooked it up an HTPC using a bunch of crazy expensive hard to find adapters connected to some flavor of Geforce4 and Athlon thunderbird 750Mhz SLOT-A system...
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    Out of the loop intel wise

    that's a problem with your motherboard then not with 1156 try updatng your BIOS
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    Out of the loop intel wise

    not true.. A first gen core i7 using a 1156 motherboard could support up to 16GB of RAM officially.. a first gen core i7 with 1366 motherboard supported up to 24GB and some up to 32GB
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    327.23 WHQL drivers still unstable

    check your memory using memtest.. you could possibly have a stick starting to go bad.
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    Fractal Design Node 304 $45 FS

    i love this case and have one.. but not a lot of power supplies work well with it due to the tight space
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    Pandora Plays Song 1.16M Times, Artist Gets $17

    That's ok.. this guy will make up for it
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    Broadcasters Worry About 'Zero TV' Homes

    I quit cable TV 2 years ago.. sick of the nickel and diming that was going on...It's probably the #1 reason why people quit cable TV but you know they will find a way to blame it on pirating :mad:
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    17 Year Old Girl Wins $100,000 Award from the Intel Foundation

    Too bad that isn't even enough for 4 years of tuition at a big 4 year college :(
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    MicroCenter 2500K $159 IN Store only

    I caved and picked up a 3570K, miniitx mobo and 16G ballistix memory on Sunday at my local MC.. I got $50 off the mobo and an additional $10 off the memory which was on sale for $77... so $67.. deal was too good to resist..
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    Logitech to Lay Off 140 Employees

    Love their mice and remotes.. still use them today.. their Dinovo keyboard was a disappointment however.. so expensive and nice BUT not user serviceable once the battery died in 2 years.. you had to send it back to logitech $$$ or DIY it which had bad side effects..=(
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    Illegal Music Downloading Decreased Significantly In 2012

    OK illegal music downloading has decreased 17%... where's the 2nd part to this information.. has music sales increased 17% Since having the Spotify account.. I don't find myself downloading any music these days
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    The Terrifying Shortage of U.S. Cyberwarriors

    that's because our govt would rather persecute and hound them into suicide.
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    What is the current best setup for Nvidia Surround?

    I have 2x GTX 670 4GB superclocked... got them both cheap as white box refurbs .. my resolution is 7680x1440 and these seem to handle almost every game maxed out fine.. --mike
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    Titan review samples Shipped

    jeez, $900 is redic.. you could prolly buy an xbox720 & ps4 and still have lots of money left over for games when this thing comes out..
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    Give Up The PC? Get Real!

    Diff strokes for diff folks My parents and many casual users I know.. they have gone to tablets.. My very young nephews, cousins and neices are all growing up with tablets..They currently don't see a need to ever get on a PC. me.. i'm still hanging on to my PC's because I'm a nerd and I'm...
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    MS Office 2013 Professional Plus for $9.95!

    works great thanks op!
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    Connecticut - Trade in Violent Games/Media for $25

    They should have a trade in your bad parents day for $25
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    HGST 4TB Touro Desktop External Drive $169.99 (limit 2)

    I got this drive last week.. I ran it all weekend to make sure i didn't have a DOA.. Then I took it out of the enclosure and installed it without issue When i bought it, I didn't know you could immediately apply AMEX points to all Amazon purchases without hassle.. I ended up applying ~$25 to...
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    I was one of the earlier adopters of these monitors.. bought 3 last spring.. 1 is dead within 4 months (pcb problem) 1 is dying within 6 months (pcb problem) 1 still works fine will i buy another? Nope! I contacted my seller after 6 months.. he offered me a $10 discount to buy another...
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    Steam Big Picture mode sale (Games with controller support)

    i did .. what a great game!!! one of the best shmups i've played so far.. I haven't noticed any 3rd party DRM or i hadn't had to login to anywhere else
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    Burning [H]ot: THQ Humble Bundle

    Oh lord my HD is about to explode :cool:
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    Poll: What video card do you have?

    video cards = worst investment ever! i'm still a couple of gens behind.. pair of GTX295 dual PCB HIS 5770 XFX 5870 Diamond 5970 XFX 6870 will probably buy a GTX680 when the next gen comes out so i can get one for cheap.. i'm done with paying massive prices for the cards only to be outdated 6...
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    Dual cards to single card - help?

    FYI, none of the 7xxx cards work with hackintosh currently your best bet is a 6xx card from nvidia or I think the 6850 will work with hackintosh, but the crossfire will be disabled. and you'll just see 2 separate cards.
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    Your CPU progression

    Motorola MC 68000 8mhz Motorola MC 68040LC 25mhz IBM PowerPC G4 Dual 250mhz IBM PowerPC G4 Dual 400mhz AMD K6-II 600mhz AMD Thunderbird 950mhz Pentium III 550mhz Pentium III 750mhz Pentium III Xeon Dual 1Ghz Athlon MP Dual 1.2Ghz Athlon MP1900+ Dual 1.6Ghz VIA C3 1Ghz Nehemiah Processor Intel...
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    Ipad Video App?

    I use the VLCStreamer app.. It's very simple to setup you install the app on your ipad/iphone it costs $1.99 and is well worth it... then, download the free VLC streamer helper app on any PC.. They give you the link when you configure the app for first time.. it will be able to access any drive...
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    Bigger Brain = More Facebook Friends

    They should also fund the study: :rolleyes: hot girl = more facebook friends
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    Reliability of 1.5TB, 2TB drives?

    So far my three Hitach 2TB and seven Seagate 1.5 TB drives have been fine.. (knock on wood) The only drive failures I've experienced in the past 3 years was two WD 1TB Green drives.. They may have been from a bad batch? --mike
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    Hurt Locker Makers To Sue Thousands of BitTorrent Users

    Hurt Locker is overrated just like most of the best picture winners.. I saw it last year before it was nominated for anything and thought it was run of the mill and forgettable..
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    Comcast Voted Worst Company In America

    yes, I concur they are even worse that madoff's company... and they know they are so horrible they changed their name to xfinity...sort of like entering the witness protection program and starting new again.. :rolleyes: I had been a Comcast internet customer for 7 years.. one month a...
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    I just got a Compaq 11800 and I want to swap the the space bar switch with the pause key switch.. but I can't figure out how to get the switch out.. Is there a special tool I need? or can someone send me a link on how to take the switch out? TIA!