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    2TB Drive Won't Hot Swap

    Months ago I installed a mobile rack in my rig(computer in sig) and I love it. I have been hot-swapping sata drives to easily share large amounts of data with my friend who also has a mobile rack on his computer. I recently just purchased a Seagate ST32000542AS 2TB drive and it works fine...
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    I just had a virus, screwed with proxy settings.

    So I was just using my computer normally as always and fake anti-virus windows starting popping up out of no where and all applications were being blocked from opening. I didn't have any anti-virus or malware software installed because I hadn't contracted a virus on any of my computers in many...
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    Extract Picture From .contact File

    There is a long story as to the reason I need to do this. I have a bunch of contacts in my Windows 7 user account contacts folder in the .contact file format. Some of these contacts have pictures. I want to copy these pictures only to somewhere else as some sort of picture file format. I...
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    Flash fails in FF & IE, works with chrome

    The computer is my Sony VAIO laptop, pentium M, 1.73 Ghz, 504 MB of RAM (according to the computer properties in windows), Windows XP Home edition Flash videos have always worked fine in the past on this laptop. A couple of days ago the computer got a virus/malware called internet security...
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    Vista icon rollover effect

    Is there any way to remove the highlighted box around the desktop icons when you roll the mouse of them in Vista?
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    S.M.A.R.T. Problem

    I was checking out my different drives S.M.A.R.T. info using speedfan. I did the online full report option on each one. They were all fine except for one of the Samsung drives. It had this note after the test: On the "Current Pending Sector" attribute of the chart it just says to "watch"...
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    AHCI Problems

    A few days ago I started to have problems with one of my 500GB Samsung drives. It kept disappearing after about 40 minutes of use, I tried doing a chkdsk but it couln't finish because the hard drive would disappear before it could finish. After changing the cable and trying a bunch of stuff I...
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    Re-seat or lap?

    Do I need to re-seat or lap before before overclocking? Here is my speedfan core temps with the cpu at stock speed under full load in p95: Core0:62C Core1:62C Core2:57C Core3:57C That seems really hot to me for stock speeds, even though it's at full load. I don't have all of the...
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    SFF advice needed

    I have never really made a SFF computer before and I need a little advice since things like onboard video are completely foreign to me. I have an extra 2.4 GHz C2D, 2x1GB gskill ram, and a 300GB sata hdd. I got to thinking that an HTPC in the living room to watch all the various movies and...
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    Weird filename bug

    So I have a lot of files and I have all the names organized. I set up Tversity to transcode video to my PS3 and it works great except for one thing. I'd say about 1 out of 15 files have the wrong filename, however, the filename displayed through Tversity on the PS3 is the original filename of...
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    Want to install 7th HDD in Antec P180b

    I have an Antec P180b case and I wish to install a 7th internal hard drive. The only way I can figure to do this is to buy a PCI express sata card (since my motherboard also only as 6 sata ports), and mount the drive in a 5.25 drive bay. I have been looking at the racks that slide into the...
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    What to replace Asus P5B-E with?

    My Mobo just went bad from the system in my sig. I sent the rma in to newegg and they do not carry that model anymore so I get my money back. However I really haven't paid much attention to computer hardware since I built my pc. I was wondering if I could get your opinions on what motherboard I...
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    XP and Vista meachine cannoth see eachother.

    My friend just came over to LAN, he has XP I have vista. Both Windows firewalls are off, he ran the network wizard, we are in the same workgroup, he installed LLTD, and I have network discovery on, we both have file sharing on. We both can connect to the internet and ping each other, but...
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    Where can I find that patch?

    A long while ago there was a patch on hardocp for xp that you need to install in order to see vista machines on the network. I can't seem to find it, can someone help me out?
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    Do C2D's "break-in"?

    My last build was a P4 c core and I remember that it didn't OC that well at first then after a month or two it really improved because it broke in. I was wondering if the same thing happens with C2D processors?
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    SuperPI unstable

    I am currently at stock speeds, rig in my sig, I am orthos stable 8 hours, I am memtest stable, I open up two instances of SuperPI and set the affinity of one to cpu0 and the affinity of the other to cpu1, I try to run both but every time I almost instantly get an error on whichever core I start...
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    Vista Sidebar: CPU Spikes

    My Vista sidebar every once and a while goes into these continuous cpu spikes, up to 50% and back down again, over and over again. I took some screen shots to show you what I am talking about, if the close the sidebar and open it again it stops doing this. The only gadgets I have open are the...
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    Zalman Fanmate 2

    So I hooked up the fanmate 2 to my 9700 in the rig in my sig... I didn't have it hooked up before.. when I turn the fanmate to max speed there is a high pitched whine... also speedfan reported the cpu fan at 2800 rpm without the fanmate and with the fanmate at max speed it only reports 2550...
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    Vista 62 bit are these temps accurate?

    Both Speedfan and Coretemp are showing 28C idle and 40C at load with the rig in my sig. Do you think these numbers are accurate? I mean they seem a little low I didn't think the Zalman 9700 could cool that well. edit: Haha I mean 64 bit in the title.
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    64 bit Vista Home Premium

    I built my new computer a few days ago and installed vista 64 home premium and I must say I expected something not to work or atleast there to be some bugs, especially since I am running the 64 bit version... but geez, everything works... I haven't even had any problems with 32 applications...
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    Important Vista Question

    Does it come with minesweeper?
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    320mb 8800GTS or 512mb 7950GT

    I am debating between these two cards.... I am not a heavy gamer at the present time... is the fan on the evga 8800GTS loud? Which card do you think I should get? PS: I will be using a 37" Westy for my monitor
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    GeForce 8600 series cards

    When are these supposed to come out? I am going to be building a new computer soon and I am debating on whether to build now with a 7950GT or wait to see how these things will be.
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    What do I need?

    I don't want an HDTV tuner card really... I just want something that allows me to plug component and s-video into my computer and play it on my computer either windowed or full screen. I have a 7950GT video card. I don't want to plug directly into my monitor because I want to be able to play...
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    Which Motherboard?

    GIGABYTE DS3 or Asus P5B-E. Which ones of these is the better board?
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    Final thoughts on my new rig before I buy?

    I am building a new computer that I will be watching a lot of videos on, and will also have a lot of HD space since I don't have a fileserver. I am a casual gamer, meaning I fire up a game like once week or so for an hour or two so I wanted a decent card but didn't want to go crazy with it. It...
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    Good way to mount a 37" Westy?

    I was just wondering what you guys would suggest me using to mount a 37" Westy to my wall... thanks.
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    Just wondering.. mmc in vista?

    I was just wondering if there was a mmc in Vista... I loved in in XP, a one stop place to make most the modifications you want.
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    I must say I am confused

    I am in a somewhat unique situation that I have no clue what I need as a power supply. Here is the computer I am building as far parts that will use the PSU: ASUS P5B Deluxe Motherboard eVGA 7950 GT Video Card Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe Processor CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 800 RAM 1x...
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    64 bit vista or 32?

    I will be buying windows vista home premium for the new computer I am building... it will have a Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe 2.13GHz Processor... should I buy the 32 bit vista or the 64(hard to find on newegg)?
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    eVGA GeForce 7950GT

    Is the eVGA GeForce 7950GT a good card? I am looking to get a decent graphics card for around $200 that supports HDCP. Is this card a good choice? I will be doing some occasional gaming but not too often. It will be attached to a Westinghouse 37" LCD TV. I will be watching 720p rips with it...
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    Best motherboard for me?

    I was wondering what the best motherboard would be for me. It needs to have at least 6 internal SATA ports and gigabit ethernet. It is for a core 2 duo, I will not currently be doing any overclocking but I will like the option to in the future. There will be 2 GB of drr2 800 ram. I will be...
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    They way I understand it using the SPDIF on a sound card would be exactly the same thing as using SPDIF on a motherboard it is just a passthrough so it doesn't matter. The Asus M2NPV-VM doesn't come with one onboard, but the menual says there is a module you can buy that has an SPDIF out that...
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    SATA cables

    Are all SATA cables about created equal? I have a bunch of SATA cables I have used for my SATA 1 drives would they be capable of the 3.0 Gb/s speeds as well?
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    They way I understand it using the SPDIF on a sound card would be exactly the same thing as using SPDIF on a motherboard it is just a passthrough so it doesn't matter. The Asus M2NPV-VM doesn't come with one onboard, but the menual says there is a module you can buy that has an SPDIF out that...
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    Does 9800 Pro support widescreen lcds?

    Will my old 9800 Pro agp graphics card support a 22" widescreen LCD using DVI?
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    22" Widescreen LCDs

    I am looking into buying a 22" widescreen LCD... I would like to buy it from newegg... it seems that all their 22" widescreens are 5ms and seem to be very close to eachother... they range from $300-$380... All the reviews seem to be about just as good as eachother as well... should I save the...
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    Final list I decided on

    Let me know what you think of this final list of parts for my HTPC/fileserver. It actually will be more of a fileserver then an HTPC since it will not do recording or tuning, just play videos and music from hard drive on the TV. Antec Sonata II Case & PSU it comes with ($99)link Asus M2NPV-VM...
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    CAT6 House wiring, solid or stranded

    I am going to be wiring a house with CAT6 cable soon.... The place I am buying bulk from the solid and stranded are the same price, what should I use in the walls?
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    spdif cable question

    Someone told me that if I want to use the spdif out 3.5mm on my audigy 2 card with a receiver I can just take a 3.5mm to rca Y splitter and just connect the White side to the receiver cause spdif only uses the white side anyway. Is this true?