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    New Mini-Fridge causing computer speakers to pop. Surge or Conditioner to fix?

    Hey. I just installed a new mini fridge on my room and every time the fridge kicks on, my speakers pop loud. Is there something I can buy to stop it from doing that? Would a surge protector or power conditioner stop the popping? Any difference between the two? Any suggestions?
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    Where is the Switch 810 SD reader? My card won't fit

    I think I'm doing something wrong. I have an SD Card that I thought would fit in my top panel on my case (where there are 4 usb ports, a power, and a reset). But my sd card doesn't fit. Nothing does. There is a small microchip that looks to block any access to it. And when I look inside, I don't...
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    Anything in the bios that would cause random mouse beeps? Reset Bios, mouse beeps now

    I had this problem about a year ago and haven't had it since. I believe it has something to do with my bios. I reset the settings recently and had to re-do everything, I do not believe I put everything the way it was before. Anyways, my mouse randomly slows down (sensitivity is real low) and...
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    Help! Moving mouse produces beeps, keyboard types 1 per 5 seconds. Only on pc start

    I can't for the love of god figure this out. When starting my computer, sometimes when I open an application, my computer comes to a halt. These things happen: -Pressing a button on my mouse produces a click for the down press and another beep for the up press. -If it's bad enough, just moving...
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    Just placed an RMA for a WD Drive. Will they send the same exact model?

    I just placed an RMA for my first failing WD drive. $220 hold, holy crap! Anyways, the model is an older model and the current WD Black series have a new revision. My model had issues with movies freezing and data pauses when reading. I was wondering if they replace RMA drives with an exact...
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    Any females in here want a female avatar halo 4 tee?

    Have an extra code for an Avatar T-Shirt UNSC/Halo 4 Style. It says it's for a female avatar only so I have no use for it.
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    Does anyone know of a good way to reset trials?

    Does anyone know of a good way to reset trials? I installed a program not too long ago and after a system restore a few weeks back, it's always saying trial expired. No matter how many times I uninstall it and try to delete the registry keys.
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    Logging a network printer's queue or connections?

    Is there a way to log a network printer's print queue or connections? We have a network printer that is supposed to be open, but we have random kids that live near us connecting to it and sending us spam. In the printer's default web settings page, there's no way to view active connections or...
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    Computer not recognizing usb plug-ins sometimes. Restart and it's fine. Suggestions?

    This happens to me a lot and it's really annoying -Sometimes if I plug in a usb device into my computer (Either via motherboard usb or case usb, same result)... Then my computer doesn't recognize it. The device gets power (powers on and shows as connected). But no audio plugin noise comes on...
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    Any good program out there that can stream games with no lag?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of a program out there that could stream your desktop, screen region, or a game with nolag. (Mainly BF3 or LoL) Itried xsplit, but it lowers my game fps about 30 fps and just dragging windows around isn't smooth. Here is my setup:
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    Windows 8 Unlock Problem. Windows appear off-screen or between monitors. Heard of?

    Hey. I've been having this problem since Windows 8 RC. I'm at RTM now (official version), and I have display issues when unlocking my computer. -When my computer unlocks (after the screens turn off and locks my computer), my windows (Browsers, Programs, Explorers) start half on one monitor...
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    Easy Q - Connecting wireless ddwrt printer to wired non dd-wrt network. It Possible?

    Hey. I have what I think is an easy question for u guys. It's important to me too. As of right now, I have to save my stuff to a usb drive, go to the room with the printer and print like that to print. How can I connect my wireless dd-wrt clients to the wired network the dd-wrt is connected...
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    What exactly does C-State do? Does disabling it give me any advantages?

    My computer crashes constantly on Windows 8. It's not any of my hardware, I've thoroughly checked. I found that if I disable C-State in my bios or enable Hyper-V in Windows, it fixes my freezes!! I was curious, could there be any benefit to disabling C-State? I had wanted to overclock once I...
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    Does Windows 8 have an auto restore feature? Lost settings after freeze!

    hey, I'm just curious. I had a system freeze recently and all the programs I installed before that freeze would not run after I rebooted. When I reinstalled them and froze again, the same thing happened. When I re-installed Windows 8 to fix some issues, I saw that it had detected a 'Recovery...
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    Rampage IV Extreme - System Freezes when using certain sata port

    I just finished building a new rig and am encountering system freezes. I've spent all day plugging in devices one by one to see which one it could be and found out that anything plugged into my second EZ Sata port 1 (the 6.0 Gb/s port) causes my system to freeze when I run SpeedFan or click...
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    SpeedFan freezes my computer and random freezes too. How can I figure out whats wrong

    Hey. I just finished a new computer build, and sadly.. I'm having problems. When I run speedfan, my computer instantly freezes when it starts scanning the bus's. Also, when browsing websites and clicking on windows menu's, my computer also freezes. This freeze is different, as I can move...
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    What are SLI Fittings? Ordered them, but they look the same. Fill me in!

    Hi. I ordered a heatkiller waterblock for my GTX 670. When placing the order, it asked me for 4.99 extra, if I wanted SLI fittings. I chose yes as I thought they connected the cards' waterblocks together. When they came, I'm not sure what they do now. Here is what I got: Are any of...
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    Bent/Broken pins in a Rampage IV Extreme. Anything I can do? Bought from here

    Hey. I just purchased a rampage IV extreme from the forums and I noticed that there were bent pins in the cpu socket. I don't have anything thin enough to try to bend them back, but I can take it to a repair shop at the end of the week if it's fixable. Edit: I found a magnifying glass and it...
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    Does anyone know where to find these Orange Fans? Are these UV or just LED?

    I found an AWESOME picture. Does anyone know which fan that is? Or maybe where to find it? I don't even know if it's a UV fan or LED. It looks neat though.
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    Can't Decide. Can I have your opinion? Matte Black vs White NZXT Switch 810

    I'm just going to say it... I'm indecisive... I Can't Decide. Can I have your opinion? I'm having a hard time picking between the Matte Black vs White NZXT Switch 810 Case Link to cases: I'm...
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    What size tubing/fittings do I get to make sure my MCP655 will still fit? 1/2" or 3/8

    I'm upgrading my watercooling loop. Right now I have a MCP655 Pump connected to PrimoFlex Pro LRT UV Blue Tubing -7/16in. ID X 5/8in. OD (PFLEXP-716-B) I'm about to order my watercooling blocks, but I do not know whether to chose 1/2" or 3/8" Fittings. I'm purchasing new tubing, but...
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    Instead of a second Gigabyte 670, can I use a 670 FTW in SLI? Watercooled!

    I've been looking for a second Gigabyte 670 OC Card, but I can't find anymore cheaper than the ones being sold for $470. I need one more card to power my 4 monitors. -I already have one Gigabyte 670. -I'm thinking about the EVGA 670 FTW Card. Is the FTW the same quality (or better) than the...
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    Thermaltake, Coolermaster, Which will hold my triple radiator? Stylish?

    Hi. I'm purchasing a new setup and am on the last bits of my setup. I'm trying to chose a case. Right now I have a Coolermaster Stacker t01 case. On the bottom is a triple radiator 3 120mm fans in length. I want to purchase a new case as mine is wearing down, but I don't know which cases...
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    When does newegg usually put things back in stock?

    When does newegg usually put things back in stock? I read that every 7 days they usually update the stock, but don't know if this is true and don't even know when. Does anyone that has experience with this know? Looking for the 670 GTX
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    Looking for 32GB of Memory for my new 3930k! Reccomend the best OC Potential Memory?

    Hey. Can you recommend me a good memory brand/type that will be able to overclock well and most importantly be stable with 32GB? I'm looking to purchase new memory for my new machine. It's going to be a Processor housed on a Rampage IV Extreme Motherboard. I'm been out of the loop for a...
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    Is my old Corsair HX-620 sorry for my new setup? From 920 to 3930K + 670s. Power outg

    Do you think it's time for my Corsair HX-620 to be upgraded? I'm going from this: Rampage II Extreme Intel i7-920 12GB Ram 2x 4870 4x 2TB Hard Drives 1x 80GB SSD 4x Cathodes 8x 120mm Fans 1x MCP655 Pump and Watercooling Setup To This: Rampage IV Extreme Intel i7-3930K 32GB Ram...
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    Which waterblock will fit the GTX 670?

    Hey. I know that 680 Waterblock will fit a GTX 670 Windforce card by Gigabyte. But will the ASUS GTX 670 DC2 also fit with those waterblocks? Since I'm not using their stock coolers and am instead using a waterblock, which card do you think I should use?
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    GTX 670 OC Windforce or MSI 670 OC?

    Updated Question: Okay. I can find a windforce used, and a new ASUS GTX 670 DC2-2GD5 (915 core clock) for $420. I know the Windforce will work with a 680 waterblock, but will a ASUS? And which one out of the two will overclock better?
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    Do there 5 year old parts seem okay still? Should I upgrade my loop? Going to 3930K

    Hey. I'm upgrading my rig right now and was curious as to if I should spend the extra cash to re-do my loop as well. I'm worried that my pump isn't as strong as current pumps and if it is more beneficial to spend the extra $300 to upgrade my loop as well. Are my parts still sufficient to...
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    Is a Rampage IV Extreme Waterblock worthwhile?

    I'm upgrading my rig right now and I was wondering what y'all thought on full-waterblocks on motherboards. Is it worth the extra $150? I plan to overclock, but not really set records or go to extreme speeds. Here is what I'm getting: Motherboard: Rampage IV Extreme CPU: i7-3930K (Will be...
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    Looking for a 670 OC Card. How can I tell if a card is reference or non-reference?

    I'm currently looking for a 670 OC Card. How can I tell if a card is reference or non-reference when purchasing it? Are certain brands non-reference?
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    Rampage IV Extreme or Rampage IV Formula

    Hey, I was looking at new motherboards to fit my new 3930K, but was confused as the difference between these two boards. I think the Formula came out after the Extreme, but it looks really similar. I was wondering if anyone has any personal opinions or feedback regarding these two boards. If...
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    Best Video card for me? 4 Monitors - Heavy Multitasker and gamer

    Hi. It's been a while since I've done a full upgrade on my pc, but I am planning on upgrading my ATI 4870 Video card to something more modern. I'm hoping to go with Nvidia, as I have had MANY problems with this card over the past years, especially with drivers. Right now I have this...
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    Best Memory for a i-3770k processor/lineup? Heavy Multi-Tasker / Gamer. At least 12GB

    Hi. It's been a while since I've done a full upgrade on my pc, but I am planning to get the i-3700k next month. I have no idea what memory to get with it. Right now I have this: i7-920 12GB Ram ASUS Rampage II Extreme Motherboard 1x Intel SSD 2x 4870 (I need to use all 4 of my...
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    Best Motherboard for the i-3770k? Coming from i7-920 Rampage Mobo

    Hi. It's been a while since I've done a full upgrade on my pc, but I am planning to get the i-3700k next month. I have no idea what motherboard or memory to get with it. Right now I'm debating between the P8Z77-V DELUXE and the ASUS Maximus V Extreme Right now I have this: i7-920 12GB Ram...
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    Good slick gaming mousepad? 9HD? 4HD? SX?

    I've never owned a mousepad before. I've only used it on my desk, but am looking into one after my change from a g9x to a g700. It's a laser mouse by logitech. I read that the Steelseries 9HD and 4HD are good choices for the g9x and g700. But I also read after that they were rough in texture...
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    DTS/Optical Decoding in any good modern sound cards?

    Is there a good modern sound card (PCIe maybe) that decodes DTS via optical? I use the same speakers for my computer audio that my xbox uses and wanted to see if I can combine them or maybe switch between them using my computer instead of switching from optical in to analog on my speakers...
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    Good alternative to the Logitech G19 and G9X? Razor?

    I was wondering if I have been too biased towards Logitech. They were the only brand of keyboards I've ever had. I recently sent in my Logitech G19 because the keys had began to lose their 'feel'. They seem more wobbly now and it just feels more cheap than it used to feel. My G9X was a...
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    Fastest 2TB/3TB Hard Drive? Want to use for audio samples or faster program load time

    Hey. I bought a 2TB drive last year (WD2001FASS), never thought I would use it all up, but apparently it's almost all gone. I used this drive for what I want my future drive to be used for I'm looking to buy another hard drive that I can load my audio samples from. I have hundreds of...
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    Best Sub $300 PCIe or 1394a ASIO Interface to buy? Large Samples

    Hey guys. Can someone recommend me either a PCIe or 1394a ASIO-Capable Card? I have the Toneport UX2 right now and there is about a fourth of a second latency that has just gotten me tired of it, even at it's fastest settings. It also freezes a lot, making me restart my pc just to use it...