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    New CS:Source Server.

    My clan LA_MERC out of Louisiana has started a new Source server. Full stats and some good plug ins. We are looking to generate traffic and welcome all who want to play to give input on map rotation and such. LA_MERC CSS Server|100 Tick|Fast DL|STATS Thanks
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    Eyefinity 6..card?

    What is the better card for the Eyefinity 6 set up right now? Will be ordering today or tomorrow and just want to get a good card. I did not see a XFX brand for the 6 port cards. Just MSI, ASUS, and ATI.
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    Network node IP addressing standard?

    I keep hearing that there is a standard that is out there of what addresses you put your appliances at, printers at, workstations, servers, etc... Does anyone have a link to a paper or can tell me what it looks like. I have nott been able to find any "standard practice" sheet on it.
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    dd-wrt question(s)?

    I am going to set 2 WRT54GL routers in place flashed with dd-wrt mini. Set up: wrt-01 as PPTP Server at Company Building wrt-02 at remote house. My question is if anyone here has set up the WAN as PPTP before? If so, Do I just set it to point to wrt-01 through the WAN interface or...
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    Connecting remote actiontec to a Linksys.

    I have a client that has 1 telecommuter with 1 VOIP phone. I need him to access the LAN of the client from his house via voip phone and computer. He has an actiontec router and I put a simple liksys wireless router with a firewall on the LAN of the company. Will be upgrading the hardware in...
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    RWW or Sharepoint...

    I am trying to add a link to a local folder or drive to the //companyweb page or the ht tps:// portal. Anyone have a suggestion on how to accomplish this? I have tried a few things, even loading the website full of script errors! heh *edit* SBS 2008 w/ Exchange 2007...
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    Managed Services???

    My company is looking into expanding a managed services diviaion and are looking into software. Any suggestions? I am currently on a webinar with Kaseya. Thanks in advance.
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    Nvidia driver???

    I am in need of the newest video driver for the Nvidia Geforce9100 chipset. Nvidia's website is not working here for me. Version 8.17.xxxx I believe.
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    Where does one properly introduce himself here. I am Rook How are you.