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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    I went to Microcenter Cambridge this morning. 5 lucky SOBs got one. They listed 12 in stock this morning. Nvidia page never even showed in stock. Im just going to wait until the hype dies down. Next month they will have full stock guaranteed, especially to temper the NAVI launch.
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    EVGA 30xx series is up

    Based on the dimensions of the die area which I took from this image, the spacing is roughly 89mm
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    Ryzen gaming laptop with 2080?

    Next month, Lenovo is releasing a 15" version with AMD chips and 2080s.
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    DIY Height Adjustable Desk - Gas Springs?

    That Monoprice one with the hand ratchet looks pretty cool. Swap the hand crank for a motor and you have a motorized desk.
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    Lenovo P71 getting tired - P73 or other options?

    For 17" the only other new machine I saw was the new Asus StudioBook. For Dell, I would compare to the 7750 line. HP is about to release a new studio book but that is not until Fall.
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    Adblock plus problems

    I never heard of ublock origin and decided to try it. The funny thing is that I was experiencing the same issue as OP and once I installed uBlock, the issue went away. No more white space with skip ad. It goes straight to video. My 3 extensions are adblock plus, noscript and ublock origin...
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    What's y'all's read on the 12-pin PCIe rumor surrounding the 3080ti?

    I am still waiting for a logical reason why a 'new' 12 pin power connector will deliver more power versus the 'old' 6+6, 6+8 or 8+8 adapters if the gauge of the wire stays the same.
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    I took a picture 2020

    Cape Cod sunrise
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    Push ,pull or push/pull

    I think it comes down to the pressure you need to drive the air through the rad and out the case. I would try push/pull on the rad and the remaining two fans as exhaust.
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    Installing Windows 10 on C drive (looking for advice)

    Go HERE. Insert a USB and follow the prompts. Keep the USB drive plugged in after its done being setup as a bootable drive and change boot order to USB first in BIOS. Win10 pretty much handles everything else from there. A few prompts to go through, and I concur, do not join network until...
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    Is this fixable or done for?

    I have repaired much worse. Looks like most of those pins go to parts on the same side. A bit of solder and stranded fine gauge cable and its an easy fix. Resolder the bracket to the posts and go from there. I would be more concerned with damage to the internals from the drop.
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    Multi-monitor setup - how to make more stable

    In my experience running multi monitor and using the setup for gaming, I found that the best and most reliable solution is to run two gpus. The primary display is connected to the gaming gpu and all other monitors are connected to secondary gpu. I always use SLEEP and never have issues. In...
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    Odd inquiry: Solidworks 2020 and Plex VM graphics card

    For Solidworks, depending on your model size, you can get away with integrated intel graphics. I use a couple of basic systems for modeling parts for my cnc. The laptop in this picture is almost 10 years old. Most of the parts on the mini cnc were modeled in Solidworks and 3d printed...
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    Recommendations for a tablet for reading and annotating PDFS?

    The only one I would probably look at is the S5E but even then I think the Ipad equivalent will be a much more polished product.
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    DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI adapters for 2560x1440?

    I went through a few adapters running my 3007FPW. The one I ended up settling on was made by TrippLite. Its expensive but works. The one thing that was recommended to me was to power the USB, attached to the adapter, through a dedicated power source and not connected to a USB port on the pc...
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    Please help me diagnose an issue with my Sager NP8278-S

    I have experienced failures more times than not when upgrading from Win7 to Win10. Get yourself a USB stick, and burn a clean copy of WIN10. I am still using old Win7 keys and they are all activating fine. THIS is the website where I get current versions to burn to disk.
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    Enclosure Builds! Show off your setup!

    I don't have a picture of the setup but one of my friends uses heat lamps for pets. They make small ones and are relatively cheap to run.
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    Bitcoin and XRP, Time to buy

    There are different levels of authentication with coinbase. If you want to cash out, then you have no choice but to link bank routing and checking account. Do not give them your user name and password. scroll down a little. per their website: "If you'd prefer not to enter your credentials...
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    So do you wait for 3060 / 3070, given they ~seem~ relatively close, or get a 2060 / 2070 Super today?

    Hopefully team Red can drop NAVI 2 onto the playing field and accelerate the release and mess with the pricing. I don't want to but am preparing for a price tag higher than what I paid for 2080ti day one.
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    New PC build for 750$

    Its worth the asking price if that is what you are getting at.
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    Free this weekend on STEAM. Haven't tried it. Just picked up an Odyssey plus and am on search for some VR games.
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    Issue: finding a monitor arm for a solid wood desk

    You could use an L bracket on the backside and a small C clamp on the bottom to hold it in place.
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    18.4" portable 4K monitors...any good?

    Those look pretty good, but they have a pretty low brightness. It would be fine inside, but outside might not be possible. I have a similar monitor that has a 450cd/m2 brightness although a little smaller and it struggles in daylight.
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    Sony gdm fw900 not turn on

    HERE is the service manual for the monitor. It has quite a bit of information. I don't know how proficient you are with these types of things, but that manual has everything needed to fix it. Good luck.
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    Upgrade of 5930K on Asus Rampage V Extreme - 6900k or 5960x

    I have two systems at home. One is a 5930K with a 2080TI and the other is a 9900k with a 2080TI. Both are on 4k displays and in terms of gaming, the experience is similar. If you need to do some number crunching or CAD that uses cpu mostly, then in some cases computation is cut in half on the...
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    Is it possible to play audio from Android Tablet to PC speakers using Bluetooth?

    In the search box of your taskbar, type: MEDIA STREAMING
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    1ft USB Cable 2.0/3.0 Extensions?
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    Bluetooth adapters for MMCX IEMs

    I use these two: I use them depending on what music I listen to but the ES100 is more versatile. It has much more sound customization through its app. 4-6hrs of runtime depending on how high you listen to...
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    Nova Launcher Prime $0.99

    I like stock android for the ability to dig down deep and change whatever I want with phone. Nova does add some features not present in stock in terms of UI, widget overlap being one of them.
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    Will a purchase of this external SSD work with my laptop?

    I would purchase a larger internal SSD and swap it with the 5400rpm spinner that is currently in there. With Samsung clone software its easy to do and takes at most an hour or two, depending on how full your drive is. That will give you a noticeable boost all around.
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    32'' Samsung LCD Mount/Stand

    I use THIS one. Going on almost 4 years and still same as day one. Plenty of range in all directions. At this size and weight you need one with a gas shock absorber and those are almost always around a hundred bucks. Totally worth it for the space gain.
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    70 inch Samsung $549 @ BB

    Perfect for the outdoor patio.
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    Merging 2 networks

    You can accomplish the last part by having all the PCs on the same IP range, same subnet but specify the gateway for each. In your case, the gateway for 3 of the PCs would be A and the other 3 would be D.
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    Can't Delete a File >:(

    Sometimes I have luck navigating to the file I want to delete inside WinRar folder directory.
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

    I must be having some bad luck lately, cause both of my machines I crash with the DX5759 error. Win7 and Win10 machines with as far as I can tell everything updated.
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    EA may be looking to put its games back on Steam

    I am just glad I have a choice.
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    Why doesn't anyone bring back the complexities of the original Rainbow 6 game?!

    I remember Raven Shield. That game was so much fun. The thing I miss from the first Rainbow6 title is how you could plan your mission and set all the waypoints for your teammates
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    Windows Media Player alternative?

    I use JRiver media center. It costs a little, but it supports everything I have thrown at it.
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    Possible to Use Android Auto Without Charging?

    There is a way to get wireless AA. Its not a simple hack, but from what I read it works once setup.
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    Pixel 4

    I don't know if anyone has tried it, but if you subscribe to the 2TB cloud storage option with google, that gives a 10% discount on all store orders. That 10% would be roughly equal to the price of the 2TB cloud storage for the year.