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    Who Says Gorillas and Glass Don't Mix

    Gorila glass my ass.
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    Ride Sharing Shenanigans Turning Ugly

    gotta look into the car plates carefully, of course being totally drunk wont help you do that.
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    Normal Phones Doing Normal Dude Stuff on a Budget

    the moto z play is a really good phone had if for few month until it slipped out my hands into the street and died :( it had amazing battery life, more than a day, that was for sure! moto z on the contrary last me 8 hours or so.... Now I bought moto z2 force, really cool and fast, better...
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    Pop Music Now Sucks According to Science

    There is good music, one has just dig a bit to find it. Everything that is pop and mainstream is shit now.
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    Almost Everything on Computers Is Perceptually Slower Than It Was in 1983

    I get his point, there are some very advanced systems or software doing things that are very basic and that an older computer could to faster.
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    The Pixel 2 Proves Headphone Jacks Are Truly Doomed

    i thought the first jackless phone was the Moto z
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    The Secret Cost of Pivoting to Video

    there are a lot of how to do stuff in video that do not require a video and that it takes a lot of time to watch it and hearing. Reading a guide is faster than watching a video in many cases.
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    Microsoft Will Make Zero Profit from the Xbox One X at $499

    They should really aim for 60 fps or go home. The specs are great, it is pretty much a Super PlayStation 4 Pro. But it is useless if nothing changes with 3rd party titles on PS4 PRO and XB1X
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    A Hardware Update for the Human Brain

    Mass Effect Andromeda?
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    Learning to Let Go of Framerate Anxiety Made Me Love PC Gaming Again

    If im not getting at the very least 30 fps with current HW, I sacrifice quality, then resolution.
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    The MP3 Is Officially Dead

    What exact problem are they talking about here? "The engineers who developed the MP3 were working with incomplete information about how our brains process sonic information, and so the MP3 itself was working on false assumptions about how holistically we hear. As psychoacoustic research has...
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    Netflix Gives Controversial "13 Reasons Why" Series More Viewer Warnings

    I could see this as overdramatic if watched from an outsider, but you dont know what it is going on youth minds, sometimes they cant handle everything around them, sum up that their parents did not give attention to her when she needed it, and her friends betrayed her just like it was nothing. I...
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    Nintendo Manages to Move 2.47M Switch Consoles in One Month

    i still dont have a reason to buy it... BotW I bought it for the Wii U and yes it sucks bad at frame rate, it has improved a bit in a recent patch, and there are less slowdowns, but still.... then Mario Kart Deluxe? is the same MK8 with a big DLC included. No new race tracks, just some new...
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    Would You Consider a Disc-Free Console?

    I think that the whole media business would go into a route where if you purchase a game, a movie or music, you'll have the rights to re-download and play it anywhere you are for personal use. One ring to rule them all, one service to download anything.
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    GameStop: Nintendo Switch Sales "Phenomenal," Could Outpace Wii

    i found the switch controls really really small for my hands. way too small. The Swith itself is really small, I think it could've been a bit bigger and more powerful had it bin an inch or 2 bigger.
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    Here's What “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” Looks like in 4K

    it is insufficient, when docked you have frame drops.
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    Here's What “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” Looks like in 4K

    I am hallway through the game on the Wii U and really frame drops are there and sometimes do make me wanna scream at Nintendo, 5 years in dev and you dont get it to run properly? and then you say that graphics details are not what you care about? that you care about gameplay? give me a break...
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    AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU Review @ [H]

    where is the power consumption test?
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    Nintendo Isn't Worried about the Dead Pixels on Your Switch

    No, the difference is also the resolution. So Zelda BotW has some problems when docked and running at 900p instead of 720p undocked. The boost is not enough to keep up with the resolution in some cases. There are frame drops on the Switch (docked) and in the Wii U versions of the game, being...
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    All 2017 iPhones Will Have Lightning Connectors with USB-C Fast Charging

    I have the Moto Z, so far its been a really good phone.
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    Microsoft Tells Computer Makers How to Make PCs Cool Again

    Stop trying to make everything greater again, it wont happen :p
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    Nintendo President Shares Switch Online Services Pricing, VR Considerations

    I doubt there will be a pro version like on PS4 and XB1, though surely it sounds feasible to switch to Pascal as it is presumed they are using Maxwell. Even though, I doubt it coming from Nintendo.
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    OK, This One is on Me

    hahahahaha i have something really bad to say to you about that hahahahahaha
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    Nintendo Switch's Bundled Joy-Con Grip Doesn't Charge Controllers

    Na i dont find this a deal breaker. The deal breaker for me is why not use Pascal? why Maxwell? why?!! it is almost confirmed that it using a maxwell based SoC. Other deal breaker for me is the line-up, i only want zelda and I have wii u, so I am getting it for the wii u. Mario kart Deluxe...
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    Half-Life 3 Will Probably Never Happen, Says Valve Insider

    yes I only want HL2 episode 3, thats it i dont care about HL3
  26. J

    AMD Benefitting from its Diminutive Size says CEO

    I havent try VR, and i am not keen to try it yet, it does seem like there is a lot of road ahead.
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    [H] New Year's Resolution?

    i hate new years resolutions, everyday is a day where you can make or try to do great things, it doesnt have to be jan 1st.
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    The Australian Federal Court Has Fined Valve $3 Million

    I would fined them for not releasing Half Life 2: Episode 3.
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    AMD Presents New Horizon

    hahaha im kinda dyslexic so i didnt catch it lol
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    NHTSA Proposed A Rule That Would Require Vehicles To 'Talk' To Each Other

    since this automative driving began, I thought of a kind of A.I. neural network between all cars that would drive accordingly. For example, at a red light, all cars would start at the same time and with the communication between them they could drive more efficiently optimizing traffic.
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    10 Things To Do When Your PC Can’t Run A New Game

    wait for new drivers, this one is actually kinda true right? I remember trying to play Star Wars KOTOR on my Radeon 8500LE an a P4, which at the moment it was within the recommended specs if I am not mistaken. Well the drivers were not working at all, and it was until an upgrade came out that I...
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    Google Experiments' "Quick Draw" Guesses What You Draw

    is not working in my laptop
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    NES Classic Edition Teardown

    .8m cable cord for the controller? this is a huge let down for me. Anyways yes they most be making lots of profit out of it. It looks really really simple design with very few components. The whole BOM should be below 20 usd.
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    PS4 Pro With HDR And 4K: “The Biggest Improvement Since B&W Went Color”

    This. HDR is better than 4k, at certain distance we all know 4k benefits are diminished.
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    Study Claims That Facebook Users Live Longer

    im not even reading it...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4G Review @ [H]

    What a blow to AMD. It kicked 460 out of the competition.
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    Nintendo's Next Console Is Called Switch

    my problem is that I've never been a handled device guy. I am just getting used to have my phone with me all the time. Back in the Gameboy days, I've never had one, in roadtrips I will go dizzy very easily.
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    iPhone 7 Plus 2,717 Foot Drop Test

    they are not throwing it at 829 meters, but to about 450-500 which is the highest you can go in the Burj Kalifa. Still they keep the crown of highest viewing point from a skyscraper.
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    'No Man's Sky' Is Being Investigated For False Advertising

    So... I really havent had time to get into this false advertising... end of the line:. is this a good game or not?
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    Flushing Liquid Mercury Down The Toilet

    Oh! my bad, I really thought they were flushing it all through the city sewers.