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    Budget Build >$400

    I won't be playing on full resolution of course probably 1240x1028 but even if I do step it up to 1920x1080 I've been playing with a 8400m on a laptop so this should be a huge improvement. About the processor, with the memory it comes out to be $119.99, is there a deal where I could get the...
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    Budget Build >$400

    Basically I'm looking for a cheap build that can have enough power to play most new games and play 1080p movies. I'd prefer something that was quiet and energy efficient. Currently I've been looking at Newegg ASUS M4A78 Plus AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail...
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    Newegg Cyber Monday Promos !

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    How is this?

    Where do I start? Whats your budget on the upgrade? I'll let enginurd or Danny Bui give you a prebuild if your looking to replace your computer.
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    E6750 $149.00 Fry's Portland, OR B&M

    Anyone confirm this is legit? I'll take the drive down if its real.
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    Best card without my CPU bottlenecking it?

    Personally I would stick with a xt1950pro unless you want top of the line graphics which you stated you don't. Plus for $200 it'll be perfect.
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    HIS Hightech Video Cards (AGP X1950PRO) $199.99 AR + $6.33 Shipping I personally would stay away from open box items unless they include a full warranty.
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    Hows it look?

    I'm not an expert on computers like some others here in Gen[H]ard so you can skip over my opinion. Why spend so much on the cpu? Wouldn't a OCed E6420 be enough? Plus you'd save almost $100, also where's the HDD?
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    Do you have kids that game?

    I'd be careful posting pictures like that nowadays, all those sicko child predators ... :(
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    Sapphire Radeon HD 2600 PRO 256MB GDDR3 OC Edition

    Actually no, but do you truely believe because one reviewer said the video card was crap that it's crap? If someone says Pizza sucks then you won't even bother trying it?
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    Sapphire Radeon HD 2600 PRO 256MB GDDR3 OC Edition

    What I'm confused about is why these little NVIDIA fanboys are bitching about this card when NONE of them have tried it yet. Why the hell would you rely on other peoples experiences or "reviews" to tell you if its a good card for you? Buy it and try it, don't like it? Return it. Simple
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    My 7800GTX Explode!

    Sue. /end
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    x1950xt or 8600Gt or 8600GTS

    While the x1950xt would be able to provide you with the dx10 goodies it'll still run the games better then the 8600GT/GTS, so I'd say go with the 1950
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    Dell Tech Support: One for the win column

    Very impressive Dell, I've had a similar situation, when I ordered my computer they got the order wrong and to make it up gave me a $100 set of speakers free + FS.
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    Leave it On or Off

    Off, I don't see any reason to leave it on so why kill more baby rabbits by leaving it on?
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    Need Advice about second dead PC from Falcon Northwest

    Your a total dick. To edge, I'd take them to small claims no doubt about it. You spent $3,000 on that computer and they leave you with a dud? Unacceptable. Best of luck sorting this issue out.
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    Web design

    I'll have him try the dream weaver demo and the other software you guys suggested. Thanks
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    Razr v3...where to buy? (T-Mobile)

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    Web design

    My dads looking to make a webpage for himself but he needs some software, he's tried Frontpage but it doesn't offer enough features. Recommend anything?
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    Scanner w/ Auto-Feeder?

    I've been looking for something like this too except for home use, let me know if you find anything.
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    How can I explain this to my dad...

    Well from your fathers point of view he'd rather you use that money to help pay for college, and your computer is fine for what you should be using it for (Hint: College). Sorry I can't take your side.
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    Anybody else having major problems with Velocity Micro?

    I'm waiting until someone from VM comes and fixes this situation. This is ridiculous.
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    Wow thanks for the awesome review, I'll skip the soundcard then. This build as we call it would be more of a upgrade, I want a good solid cpu that will last well into the next 10 years (I upgrade every 5-6 years so my current machine is crying to be sent away) and the speeds and cache of the...
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    Yeah my speakers are bottom of the barrel things, I'm still looking for a case though, anyone know a good cheap one? Black and decent looking
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    Could you link me to the soundcard? Will it make a noticeable difference in sound? I have movies on dvds so I wont need anymore hard drive space.
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    Ok thanks, I'll probably switch to that seagate.
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    Since the WD1600YS is a RAID drive it won't work for me? So I'd be better off going with the WD1600JS or WD2500KS?
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    Thanks a ton for the hard drive. I think I'll stick with the G.Skills I have currently, I wont be doing much overclocking until I get more experienced at it. EDIT: That HDD is 8mb cache while the others 16mb. Thanks anyways.
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    I've started reading a few threads here on overclocking, but I made a mistake, I'm getting the S3 not DS3 as I dont see any difference to suffice the $20 price jump. Would I still be able to overclock? Is my memory the D9 chips?
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    Browsing the web Watching movies Listening to music Nothing that would require a beauty like the e6420 but I just want it, you know when you want something you got to have it so I'm not really budging on that haha. About overclocking I'm afraid of many things primarily needing a huge cooling...
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    I do not plan on overclocking at all, this will just be a general use pc. Things that top the list of importance are price, noise levels, performance. I've heard good things about the C2D's and have been eyeing the e6400 for a while but now with the e6420 with 4mb cache its perfect. Whats do...
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    So its worth getting the 8500GT just for watching movies?
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    This computer won't be used for playing games, sorry should have mentioned that. But thanks for the advice, I'll just stick with the 6600GT unless it'll be incapable of playing movies ect. Saving the $50 on the power supply would be great as the less is spent the better, but I'm worried that the...
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    I'm not a video card techie but .. 8500GT - Core Clock 450Mhz Memory Clock 400MHz Memory Size 256MB Memory Interface 128-bit Memory Type GDDR2 6600GT - 525MHz (vs. 500MHz standard) Memory Clock 1050MHz (vs. 1000MHz standard) Memory Size 128MB Memory Interface 128-bit...
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    I'm worried about that Ultra PSU because I've read some reviews that it's horribly inefficient and not a reliable PSU in general .. Could you recommend a better video card that would fit?
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    Cheap e6420 build, need advice

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 Memory: G Skill PC6400 2x1GB Motherboard: Gigabyte S3 LGA 775 Power...
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    ML-44 in my new Aurora Lappy

    Seems to me your trying to justify buying the Aurora despite all advice to not buy it. You'd be better off buy a nice C2D laptop with a 7900 go then going with a single core .. despite the SLI video cards.
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    crappy spring brake need new MP3 Player

    I would not suggest a iPod or Zune since they both require stupid programs to upload music, Sandisk has some nice players but they are 8< gb so not sure if thats what you want. If iRiver has drag and drop before there shouldn't be any reason why it's still not there if they removed it then buy...
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    20x Computer Build Help

    I'm amazed so many people actually believe this kid, don't waste your time with this attention seeker.
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    Thanks a ton, the 7300GT is really .. DOWN there haha. I'll shop around for the 7900 see if I can find a price within my budget, MANY MANY thanks! :D