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    Free Google Home Mini

    I took advantage of this deal (just once) along with another deal for a Google Show from a while back. I'm going to be doing a lot of driving over the next few weeks so super cheap Spotify premium is welcome. I was switching from one privacy invasive platform (Amazon Echo) to another invasive...
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    Cryptocurrency Prices Plummet Even More

    Why wait five years for your dollar to be worth crap when you can wait just a few months for your crypto to be worth crap? Now that's progress.
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    Destiny 2 Free 11/2 - 11/18 on Gift Page

    It is a multiplayer-centric game, so you will hit a wall sooner rather than later, however the single player campaign is pretty lengthy. There are lots of stuff to do if you are a "solo" multiplayer gamer though. It's really only the top end raid stuff that you need to coordinate with clans.
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    Destiny 2 Free 11/2 - 11/18 on Gift Page

    It's been over a year and two DLC's since release so no, even if it did bomb (it didn't, kind of surprisingly), it wasn't quickly. But it's basically what others have said: just a way to get people hooked so they buy the new expansion (not DLC), which is the price of a new game. It's basically...
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    Apple Revitalizes the iPad Lineup and Announces New Mac Mini and MacBook Air

    News flash: you just deployed your reality distortion bubble. If you somehow don't believe quarterly reports from Apple about increasing margins (with no mention of decreasing overhead, because they actually increased, which means they simply charge more for everything) that they just had today...
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    [DEAD] Noctua NF-F12 iPPC-3000 $18.39, NF-A14 iPPC-3000 $21.91 -- FS @ Newegg

    I feel like years and years ago, someone told the industrial designer at Noctua, "PCs will be mostly black. Black goes with anything," and he just replied, "Challenge accepted." I actually like the old beige/brown color scheme when looked at in a vacuum, but when put in any case I have ever...
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    TCL 55" HDR 4K TV for 450 (costco members)

    Not enough FALD TVs out there. :( I am still baffled with LG insists on edge lit local dimming when IPS needs that FALD more than any other panel type. Coming out with a really good FALD solution could make their 8500/9500 series not junk.
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    Pixel Density and Your Delusions

    A lot of you are equating higher PPI to UI real estate. It's not. The discussion should be in two categories: 1) Why are all desktop OSes shit at higher PPI in one way or another (especially Windows, and yes, even OSX)? 2) At what point is higher PPI simply not going to affect viewing...
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    Best Buy Stops Some Sales of New iPhones After Pricing Backlash

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Best Buy is doing quite well. It is one of the biggest "success" stories of a traditional B&M company battling against the onslaught that is Amazon. Their revenue and stock price has been on a pretty crazy upward trend since 2012. Don't ask me how they...
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    ME: Andromeda Dev Chalks Up Some of the Game’s Problems to a Lack of Diversity

    Found the disconnect. The issue is that Andromeda cost more and took longer than any other Mass Effect game yet was worse than any previous game on nearly every level. When you have character animations that look worse (or at best, about the same) today than a previous game in the franchise ten...
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    Glass-Bodied iPhone 8 Shatters Repeatedly in Drop Tests

    The convenience of wireless charging is kind of difficult to convey to people who haven't experienced it, especially since most are super close-minded to it for completely irrational reasons (e.g. the iPhone hasn't had it for years therefore it's useless). It's like trying to convince someone...
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    Apple: The iPhone Is Guaranteed to Last Only One Year

    LG G6 warranty is two years as long as you register the product (which is free). G6 specifically though. I don't think even the slightly newer V30 has a two year offer yet.
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    Tesla Is Offering up to $30,000 in Showroom Discounts

    I did a test drive last year and they did offer me coffee. Let's do a write-up on it. You can share the by-line.
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    The Reign of 3D Is over in US Cinemas

    All of you sound like cranky old men. Did we get a refund for betamax or HD-DVD? Or a more direct comparison, Virtual Boy? So unfortunately not. What would be really cool is if studios offered a heavily discounted conversion of 3D discs to HDR streaming options, somewhat similar to how we...
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    Tesla Owner too Stupid to Buy New Tires

    In strictly Tesla terms, the AWD Teslas do go faster than the RWD Teslas, just not for the reasons he thinks. The reason the AWD Teslas go faster is because they have an entire second engine powering the two front wheels. For instance, about 470 HP vs 691 HP for the P85 vs P85D, respectively...
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    Best Buy’s New Weapon against Amazon: a Try-Before-You-Buy Option

    This is a great way to run any business into the ground or set yourself up for a huge scandal of playing hide the debt. One really important thing I have learned in the many hats I have worn over the years is that the people/companies that get myopic trying to "win" at something are the first...
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    Tom Hardy to Star in "Venom"

    I'm not at all concerned with Hardy playing any number of muscular villains or heroes for that matter. I am very, very concerned with Sony continuing to make comic book movies. If they can't get A-list, really high profile comic properties to last more than one or two movies without a reboot...
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    Apple: Exploding Headphones Not Our Fault

    On the one hand, she isn't some bum looking for a giant handout, and it would have been a gazillion times cheaper for Apple to have just reimbursed her the stuff than have had even one of their lawyers take the time to type up the announcement. On the other hand, it would set a precedent that...
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    Netflix Blocked on Rooted and Unlocked Android Devices

    Because you're still looking at it through YOUR point of view. It is not YOUR coupon. It is their's. It is an example of how many people of this forum have this ridiculous notion that everything is all-or-nothing. Just because they cannot exert more control over your PC does not mean...
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    Netflix Blocked on Rooted and Unlocked Android Devices

    Lots of companies do not have an all-or-nothing approach. If they can exert more control over one aspect of their business, in this case mobile, then they will, even if they cannot exert more control over all aspects. Think of it this way: you're buying toilet paper and paper towels from the...
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    LG Launches 32UD99-W 32" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor with HDR10 and FreeSync

    I believe the HDR spec requires local dimming; but it doesn't matter. Even if it had natively good contrast ratio, which it doesn't as IPS doesn't pretty much ever compared to the world of TVs, LG for some reason loves edge-lit displays even on their highest-end LCDs, so the local dimming...
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    LG Launches 32UD99-W 32" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor with HDR10 and FreeSync

    If it's anything like their TVs, the HDR isn't going to do much due to the mediocre max brightness, mediocre black point, the backlight bleed, the uniformity issues, and, worst of all, the edge lit backlight. I do own and actually like their UH8500, but yeah, the HDR10/Dolby Vision on it is not...
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    [HOT] USED Herman Miller Embody

    My office has a wide array of Steelcase and Herman Miller among other stuff, so I've tried practically everything, HOWEVER, it's really hard to say what I prefer, because I just can't say I trust a chair with my ass for certainty without putting some serious hours into it. I've sat in a chair...
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    Echo DOT is down to $49 !

    Seriously. And they've had a chance to revise the old design multiple times now. Compounded with less value with each major wave of full size Echos, it's like Amazon is trying to kill it's own product. (First wave of Echos had a remote + magnetic dock, second wave had a magnetic dock but no...
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    Ugliest Tesla You Will Ever See

    This "elsewhere emissions" hypothesis is a myth. If you think your diesel engine vehicle is more efficient than a coal or oil plant + distribution requirements of an electric car, you are misinformed. Car/truck engines are extremely inefficient for actually moving the vehicle. Even Diesel...
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    Most Netflix Customers Would Be Willing To Pay More

    So you would consider HBO a monopoly on Game of Thrones or any of their other dozens of original series? Both Netflix and HBO original series also eventually get Bluray releases, so you could get it from other places, if you are really patient.
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    Biggest Air Cannon In The World

    According to the video, 100m = 360 feet, heh.
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    Ugliest Tesla You Will Ever See

    I feel like all that extra junk is going to increase the car's drag coefficient for no benefit (certainly isn't for cooling the break pads and doubtful it'd do much for down force). Seems entirely form over function.
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    “Star Trek” Reveals Title, First Look At U.S.S. Discovery

    Yeah but the Firefly was purposely an ugly/plain ship (due to being a smuggling ship). I don't think this ship is ugly on purpose, just lack of time/effort (which kind of makes me worry about just how much time/effort they're putting into important things like concept and script and casting and...
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    “Star Trek” Reveals Title, First Look At U.S.S. Discovery

    CGI from Enterprise was way above this teaser.
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    AMD Gets An "F" On Pricing

    The problem is this is what AMD has been doing in the CPU segment for years. Can't go after the high end so they sell ten CPUs at $200 instead of 2 CPUs at $300 (or scale to however you see fit). Hasn't been working out too well for the past what? Near decade? The least worst route is the...
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    RAM pricing looking good right now?

    There was also a smaller gap between introductions of the new gen. SDR to DDR, DDR to DDR2, DDR2 to DDR3, the time between any of those was what? A bit less than four years? But DDR3 to DDR4, the former was available 2007, the latter just 2014.
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    Asus R9 Nano @ $438

    I recently bought the Gigabyte version of this card (really is there a difference with all these reference cards anyway?) along with a significant portion of my sig from Jet. Packaging was pretty beat up when it got here, but I kind of ship the blame more onto Newegg, as that was the name...
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    G.SKILL NT 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 2400 SDRAM $61 shipped @newegg

    Math doesn't lie, but myopic opinions are just as bad. What if Dell were to advertise the "best gaming computer evar!!!11one" because it has a 4.0 GHz CPU (a.k.a. a 6700k). Anyone who has been on this site for more than 0.2 seconds would immediately point out that a good CPU isn't the only...
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    Critics Of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Blast New Film

    Me too... me too.... It's like some people forgot to have fun.
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    Apple Now Selling $800 Lightning-Based Headphones

    I like how the vast majority of the posters in this thread obviously not only did not read the article, but didn't even read the entire news blurb. They just saw the words "Apple" and "headphones" and "lightning connector."
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    Square Enix Struggles To Calm Fans As “Final Fantasy VII Remake” Goes Episodic

    In terms of Japanese RPGs, it tended to be on the larger side. As other people have said, art assets, but also just gameplay length was quite long. A casual player tended to take around 60 hours to complete it, a more experienced player could take 40 hours. Doing the bonus end-game...
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    Amazon is having a Blizzard sale.

    Definitely. Blizzard put a lot of effort into the single player mode. Whereas Starcraft I and Brood War was more or less just a collection of 60 custom maps, HOTS changes a lot of the actual gameplay for single player vs. multiplayer. Plus it's about as long as both SC + BW combined.
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    Acer 4K G-Sync Monitor $599.99 FS @ Newegg with coupon

    Obviously, the solution is to have (at least) one of each. :)
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    4K Monitors: Everything You Need to Know About Ultra HD PC Displays

    A few reasons: 1) 4K monitors are hard to drive for gamers at native resolution, and sometimes even for non-gamers for everyday tasks for el cheapo PCs. You have to have a powerful enough GPU plus the right connectors, especially if you want 60Hz. Sure you could scale, but, why have a 4K...