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    "Ghostbusters" Director Faces Backlash after Promising to "Hand Movie Back to Fans"

    I honestly I don't see how his specific post is related to any of that.
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    "Ghostbusters" Director Faces Backlash after Promising to "Hand Movie Back to Fans"

    I'm not challenging your authority or whatnot, but I don't think you're addressing what he was saying.
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    Samsung Unveils a Folding Smartphone

    FTFY. Careful - you might piss off Apple's marketing team. I'm all for the cutting edge-tech being offered for cutting-edge prices. Let those that can afford it help usher in the new tech. That notch is FUGLY though. And though I've been a loyal Samsung owner since the Note 2, touchwiz...
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    Chucklefish Claims Sony Turned Down Recent Crossplay Requests

    Things like this are always disappointing, but Sony is *always* looking for ways to create an exclusive community in most everything they do. This shit goes back to betamax.
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    Only Plebs Use Office 2019 over Office 365, Says Microsoft's Weird New Ad Campaign

    Outlook/Exchange still stands alone when it comes to doing a lot more than just sending/receiving email. Also there is no alternative to MS Access. What's funny though is that MS is still thinks they are Apple and can 'command' their users to switch to something just because they say so. They...
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    Chinese Telecommunications Hardware Is About to Be Banned by Executive Order

    With the near constant flow of embarrassing nonsense that comes from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, I support this 110% and hope it happens.
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    YouTube Is Trying to Prevent Angry Mobs from Abusing "Dislike" Button

    Like mobs are likely much better for business than Dislike mobs.
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    "Criminal Conduct": NYPD Asks Google to Scrap Waze's DUI/DWI Checkpoints

    I would think their goal is to reduce drunk driving as much as possible by any reasonable means. However, DUI offenses bring in a whole lot of revenue IJS.
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    "Criminal Conduct": NYPD Asks Google to Scrap Waze's DUI/DWI Checkpoints

    Waze has steadily started working poorly as an app since Google took over. Back to the article, there are plenty of online resources to see where checkpoints will be, that even if the NYPD is successful in shutting this feature down (I highly doubt it), it won't make a difference.
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    Tesla Rival Nio Causes Traffic Jam as Software Upgrade Incapacitates Smart Car

    And in both companies' defenses, it only affected a limited number of users.
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    Smartphone Manufacturers Slow Production as Global Demand Weakens

    Demand roughly mirrors innovation.
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    Amazon Enters the Ground Delivery Robot Market

    Gee, what could go wrong? AI is absolutely NOT yet ready for real-world use. It's a toy for the naive and/or reckless at best.
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    773 Million Records from Massive Data Breach Uploaded to Have I Been Pwned

    I call BS on that website. It said my email address was compromised on Disqus as part of a 2012 data breach, but I didn't register until the end of 2014. It looks like a slimy way to get people to signup for
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    Apple Allegedly Replaced 11 Million Batteries Following CPU Throttling Scandal

    I loathe Apple as a company, but their products are more consistently good than any other manufacturer. The majority of android phones are garbage.
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    Microsoft Edge Is Still More Power Efficient than Chrome and Firefox

    More power efficient - because it makes you want to spend less time on the internet.
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    PNC Testing Fraud-Busting Credit Cards with Rotating Numbers

    So if the algorithm is running on the card, wouldn't that make it easy to reverse engineer?
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    China Is Considering a Law to Make Forced Tech Transfers Illegal

    So much easier to save themselves the trouble of hacking foreign-based data by giving companies an incentive to bring that intellectual property into their country willingly.
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    FCC Panel Suggests Taxing Business Internet Usage to Pay for Rural Broadband

    Gasoline is stupid expensive in California - I say we tax gas in Oregon to help offset the cost.
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    FCC Votes to Classify Text Messaging as an Information Service

    I'm curious, besides enabling telecoms to combat spam, what benefits do they gain that they could exploit and abuse?
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    FCC Votes to Classify Text Messaging as an Information Service

    I get all kinds of bullshit. Usually banking related. Calls are far more common of course.
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    Linux Kernel's New Code of Conduct Results in F-Word Being Replaced with "Hugs"

    Regatdless of what Freud would or wouldn't think, the bottom line is that it's entirely unnecessary - it's called being an adult. While an adult shouldn't let some language ruin their day, an adult should also be able to communicate witbout such language.
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    Facebook Documents Seized by UK Government

    Fortunately some countries see the dire need to protect the average person from the the surreptitious ways that this data is harvested, stored, and sold. I agree that the UK can be a bit of a nanny state but the tech industry as a whole generally screws this world at least as much as it makes...
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    Silicon Valley Wages Are Shrinking for All Except the Top 90th Percentile

    Well, one argument is that the country as a whole was way stronger when the rich took care of those that their empires stood on. The system works when the wealth circulates and flows, not when it is funneled and tucked away. People get rich because they sell something that others need. But...
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    Official Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Livestream Features Cursing and Employees Getting Fired

    Mr. Torvalds, I thought you took your recent training seriously??? That doesn't preclude this manager from having to act like an adult and a professional. This event, and most importantly this manager's behavior, are a clear indicator of a major cultural issue within this team. By your...
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    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    In their defense, quality control has never been great. Like literally, never. I take that back - minesweeper and solitaire were pretty fuckin solid.
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    Google Sign-In Page Requires JavaScript Be Turned on for Security

    It would take me a few days, but someone who knows their shit, a couple hours, give or take how much caffeine is in their system?
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    Homelessness Tax Would Target Rich Tech Sector in San Francisco

    I'm sure someone has already touched on this but it's less of a homeless problem and more of a mental-health problem. The mentally ill are the red-headed stepchildren of society. Medical care is far more expensive than propping a sick person up with a sandwich and a blanket.
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    Amazon Workers Lose Monthly Bonuses, Stock Awards as Minimum Wage Increases

    So the 'merit-based' pay was bullshit? Sounds like typical corporate games, not socialism. But yeah, in too many places, sadly, the reward for working hard is more work, not more pay.
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    WIndows Interrupts Chrome and Firefox to Promote Edge

    That's very true, but they've earned their shitty reputation time and time again. "Fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."