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    Steam Winter Sale

    Had $20 in credit on steam for 12 months now... finally picked up a couple games: Out Of The Park baseball sim... pretty fun if you enjoy sports sims (I spent 2 hours the first night trying to trade CJ Wilson to dump his overpriced contract, still no luck! haha) Legend of Grimrock 2 I have...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    This! I haven't played all summer and I'm glad I dropped it after that asshat puked all over the gaming community. The gameplay was fun... the game fell apart in the last expansion and there are other things to do for fun.
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    Onkyo Home receiver $179.99. Down from $299.99. 19 hours left!

    Agreed. Purchased one about 4 years ago, died due to caps after a year... bought a Yamaha and happy ever since... and less heat, better performance in general. Do some research on the Onkyo's and hdmi failures due to cap's, etc. Not good.
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    USB Caddy for gum stick SSD recommendation plz

    Hey Now everyone... I'm supporting a decent sized population of MacBook pro's with my new company and today I have a failed/new MB pro that has a gum stick Samsung SSD: MZ-JPU512T/0A6. Any recommendations on USB caddie/adapters that I can purchase to hook the drive into to try and access...
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    How 'Destiny' Lost Support Of Its Biggest Fans

    I feel the same, first dlc was ok... this last one is a joke, pvp focused junk. After this neckbeard moron's comments, I'm not purchasing anymore bungie crap. Too many other things to enjoy my free time with. The gunplay in the game was very fun... the hamster wheel and really poor content...
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    BLOODBORNE - Gamescom gameplay trailer

    Bummer! I did try a summons in on the first attempt, was happy... but the person helping died within a minute of the start of the fight. The best I've got the boss down is to the second stage and the raining swords crap happens... Rom and the Chikage sword guy were tricky in their own ways...
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    BLOODBORNE - Gamescom gameplay trailer

    If you have Tonitrus, use it on Rom, it's strong against him with the lightning effect. He was a bitch to fight, first run I did really well... then took another 10 plus... that last phase is tough to hang in there on but it's a good victory when you get through it. I'm still getting my...
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    BLOODBORNE - Gamescom gameplay trailer

    F! Logarius... so damn frustrating... he's either machine gun spamming his magic and I can't get close or he spam's the other attacks and dodges. May just forget about this side moron. haha
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    Logitech G910 Mechanical Keyboard

    My G15 finally died on me a couple weeks back and I'm looking for a replacement. I bought the original for backlit keys and never really used the Macro buttons but enjoyed the features of the board for a lot of gaming. I just demo'd one of these at Best Buy, very nice feel. Was hoping I would...
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    BLOODBORNE - Gamescom gameplay trailer

    It also keys off you killing his "friends that have turned" down below. If he see's you doing that, he will kill you... if you come up from behind without any kills, he's neutral and you get the dialogue option. :D
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    Valve Removing Paid Mods.

    +1000 points to you sir for the funny!!! :cool:
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    BLOODBORNE - Gamescom gameplay trailer

    I'm at Rom on my first run through, pissing me off... I have Tonitrus as my backup and main is Rifle spear... close a few times and others just getting WTFpwned... I'll try again later this week. It's been a fun run. I'm following EpicNameBro's play through on youtube and the lore he uncovers.
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    BLOODBORNE - Gamescom gameplay trailer

    Just curious as I've played souls 2 on PC (some of souls 1). Do the enemies stop spawning after a certain number of kills (like in Souls 2) to prevent farming?
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    Why do you dislike Battlefield Hardline?

    Agree with chibe, I bought BF3 and BF4... they have turned the franchise into the yearly cod crap machine and I did not enjoy playing BF4 all that much. Hardline comes off as dlc for BF4 and I'm done giving money to the machine for these bad yearly launches. Watching some videos and ads online...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    For those of you new to Raids or just looking for some good groups I found some streamers this week that are cool and speed run the raids with viewers with a positive attitude. I'm not affiliated with these dudes, but ran Hard and Normal Crota for first time this week with them and it was...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    The zones you can get to are at your level so you are just facing too many mobs at once. Follow the story line for now, don't explore too much until you get a hang for the controls and game mechanics. You'll figure out how to bounce around the areas soon enough. The open world areas are...
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    Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm beta.

    I haven't logged into game this weekend but you have to enter the game and search the bundles in the shop there, hopefully that starter bundle for 5 bucks is still on sale.
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    I've only raided once recently, ran a Normal mode Crota and scored Hunger of Crota and arms for my Titan. Hunger is a jr Gallyhorn. The Crota raid gear goes to light level 36. I did easily hit light level 36 with vanguard gear and one exotic piece, helm on both my hunter and titan, which I...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    I tried the trick myself since I grinded rank 5 last time... logged out of game for a few hours to do something else after spending the weekend grinding 25k glimmer.... tried to logon about 10 minutes before reset and was pwned by Sony releasing a console patch that took too long to install...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    Yes it ended at reset, bummer and know how you feel, very tough to complete rank 5 and get the glimmer needed. However, when the next IB comes up, probably next month, there is a glitch if you log on just before the reset happens (before IB starts) and go to orbit, wait about 3 minutes then...
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    Shadow of Mordor I don’t get it.

    From what I've read in other posts on the game, getting information on the boss weaknesses can help. Some bosses need certain attack styles for any success. I agree it's a little to open in the beginning to keep my attention and I moved on to other games but plan to pick it back up soon and...
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    Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale (Feb 18th - 24th)

    I missed out on the damn one day sale for Lords of the Fallen (was $9) not sure if I want to get anything else other than season pass for Mordor which I haven't played in months.
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    Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm beta.

    I've played a bit more and went ahead and purchased the Starter bundle for 5 bucks, also received a mount bronco Billy or some thing like that. I have about 8kgold now just leveling the available heroes to 5, three so far and I'm at player level 9 or 10... it seems to take about 9 to 10...
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    Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm beta.

    The starter bundle priced at 4.99 looks like a good deal, Raynor/Malfurion and Muradin with an armored mount. After a bit of playing today and yesterday, I have over 5k gold and got LiLi to level 5, working on ETC now and will try to get the other freebies leveled as I'm learning and will...
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    Shadows of Mordor

    Is the Season Pass for this game worth it? I haven't put much time into the game since purchasing... go sucked into Destiny and other real life stuff. But plan to spend dedicated time on this soon.
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    Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm beta.

    I barely played dota 2 and did not get into it at all so I'm like you. This game however is very easy to pick up during the tutorial play sessions, it walks you through the basics quickly... then I played a few practice rounds with AI team/opponents and learned a bit more. The past two times...
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    Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm beta.

    Looks like I already have Valla when I search the store shows no price. I have 2500 gold now, looking over the rest of the 2k gold heroes, I'll pick one up this weekend to play around with.
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    Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm beta.

    I played through a few matches last night as solo coop against AI (still learning the game) and found it pretty fun and enjoy the quick matches. I don't have time or need to deal with immature moron's flaming in games like LoL or Dota, this game seems quick/fun and easy to learn. Plus I enjoy...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    They are random but seem to come up more frequent if you turn in a lot of bounties in the same day or a few days in a row. I had the Thorn bounty for a long time (still do on my hunter) but my Titan suddenly had two come up in one week, since then I've received at least 5 more between the...
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    Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm beta.

    I just played through the tutorial and it's pretty fun and easy to pick up. I didn't care much for dota 2 the few times I've tried it out. I did see that there are a few deals going on for the bundles, not sure what is good or not but wanted to give a heads up if it's not already known.
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    Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm beta.

    FYI - I just received an invite to the closed beta, not sure if it's open for all, but if you're interested, check your account online and download.
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    Nice strat and looks much easier than having 6 players and some dying causing oversoul! lol Interesting how this games Raid's/Nightfalls have spawned so many strategies, one of the things that keeps me interested in the game to this point.
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    Sword Coast is coming in 2015. D&D fans can rejoice!

    Thanks for the heads up on this, added to wishlist. Hope it all pans out as it looks in the vid, will buy/play this for sure.
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    If they are the "Don't Touch Me" gloves, then you can have fun soloing the first phase of Crota with a bladedancer build, purchased a pair for my hunter this week to do this and other things in solo nightfall's as well. I've also noticed that the Engram purchased gloves can roll higher...
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    Crytek's Ryse Son of Rome coming to pc

    That's a pretty good price, tempted.
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    Steam web browser cookies

    Yes, done it in the past to remove age restrictions, believe searched for steam cookie or valve... or just check by date.
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    Check your PSN email, Sony's getting sued.

    FWIW - Just received the email today.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    That's classic, haha.
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    Microcenter tustin CA

    I live about 10 minutes from Tustin store. They usually show it is out of stock online (or at the sale price) but when I go in, there are several in the glass case... about $20 more than the online price. I bought my 4790k a few weeks ago and still got the $249 price I would have argued with the...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    Iron Banner is locked to certain maps from the dev notes this week (I believe that's what I read) so if you are running IB, that may be why you are not seeing those maps... check the reddit posts on this and you'll find out a lot more. FYI - Iron Banner rank 4 sells gloves that are light...