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    New Steam concurrent user record set.

    Who would have thought PC gaming would see such a resurgence, it's really cool though :) Did some googling but couldn't find any comparable XBL or PSN stats, the ones I did find were really old from 2009 - 2M XBL concurrent users.
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    WTB: 20" - 24" monitor

    PM with what you've got...I'm looking for a price somewhere around $100-$120. Thanks in advance
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    Alienware m11x

    Love the look/sound of this, but I'm a bit concerned about the CPU. Currently my main PC is a dell studio XPS 13 Core 2 duo P8600 @ 2.4Ghz. Are there any benchmarks of this CPU so I could compare it to what I'm using currently or can anyone reassure me about the performance? I've been looking...
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    ugh...iTunes: Worst software *EVER*

    iTunes hasn't been that bad for me honestly it never crashes, I have a managable 2500 songs, and I manage the music on my ipod manually. I'm using Windows 7 64.
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    Microsofts Operating System Names ...?

    In judeo-christian religion 7 is a number of completeness, 7 days in the week, etc etc. This is obviously the last version of windows before the apocalypse in 2012. :D
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    Even worth it upgrading to windows 7 from vista 64bit ultimate?

    Why don't you just get a new DVD for $5-$10 that includes SP1 ... hell if you called them I bet you could wrangle one for free. Look how many of us stuck with XP after Vista's release... I didn't switch to Vista until SP1 and I'm perfectly happy with it... There's really no reason to...
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    I think the non-traditional fantasy is what everyone loved about Morrowind in the end, and missed in Oblivion! I tend to honestly not play Morrowind much, but I enjoy tweaking it and getting it to run with new graphics mods to see how far it's come. The modding community for morrowind is...
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    I always stay up to date on the morrowind mod scene because it's so interesting to watch! First off I'd like to KISS TIMESLIP'S FEET FOR THE AWESOME MGE Now that that's out of the way for all you graphics people out there check out Vality's Mods, I mean how awesome does this look. The...
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    Adobe CS4

    If you work with huge images the fact that it takes advantage of hardware graphics acceleration is very cool.
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    Need a recommendation for a gaming mouse

    I've always found logitech make the most functional gaming mice... Any of their high end units (sans the wireless) do great IMO
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    When will video cards be obsolete with the CPU taking over that function

    It's simply a cost issue. Most computer applications today do not require a powerful video card, and by keeping them as separate entities it allows us to sell CPUs cheaper. Not to mention most computerized tasks do not require the same type of processing power as GPUs provide, such as quick FP...
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    In in in
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    Is this even possible?

    Depends how much you want to rig it. Could set cookies to never expire in the browser and use them to store info, thats really the only way though. Best way is to use .NET or something. C# is really easy.
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    Should i keep my 8800gt and use as physics?

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    Crysis Warhead Already Suffering Spore's Fate

    I just went out and bought 80 copies of spore and warhead for the 79 people who have an issue with their DRM. It's cool guys argument settled.
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    Compressing data on hard drives

    Using partition magic would be the easier way there. I doubt you could compress movies down to that size as they are probably already compressed.
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    Really Happy with Vista 64bit

    Vista has been great since SP1, I think it's extremely stable and the only problems that pop up are issues with applications created for Windows XP/2000. The same kind of stuff happens in every new release of windows IMO. With XP it was less noticeable because of the fact that 2000 was out for...
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    Fingerprints on "New" Asus p5q pro

    I don't understand why you're in here bashing online stores, we would all rather go to a brick and mortar store if we had the option and if the prices were the same. However, for me, the only store close to me is best buy and I really have no other options - and I'm not paying $200 for an 8600GT...
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    I just dont understand quadro cards :( Research research research!
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    Zalman vs PALiT Cooling

    Honestly if you want to squeeze more out a volt mod is always the best route for the mid range cards IMO.
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    Best OS for web server?

    you wont be able to host your website unless you have a plan that does not block incoming port 80 connections, like a business plan. Personally i've always been a redhat man since 7.3 - great OS. but ubuntu is good if you're unsure of what you're doing.
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    WEIRD: Computer stutters EXACTLY every hour.

    I think he's making a nasty joke :) Look at mine, I can drink and buy hookers.
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    What phone do you have?

    Blackberry Pearl!
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    Another, can my power supply handle this system thread:

    Its the theory that if your system draws 450 watts, a 500 watt PSU will be at 90% load, which means that it will produce more heat than a 1000 watt system running at 45% load.
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    Question about applying thermal paste

    Some people spread it evenly across the heatspreader, some pop the heatspreader off, some put drops, some put swirls. Honestly it doesnt really matter to much because it gets pressed so hard your pretty patterns dont matter anyway. Some people are weird about it touching other parts of the chip...
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    Toshiba Announces 240GB 1.8” HDD

    You must be talking about the new iPr0n. Only such a device could require such a high capacity, small form factor drive! Expect an anouncement soon from samsung concerning their new screen, codenamed PinUP
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    Google & Others Bringing Internet To 3 Billion People

    Seconded. Can I ask which one of you recently invested your life savings in HFH (habitat for humanity)? In a capitalist society, investing in an NPO is not. smart. business. You can choose to either live with this, or move to china. I hear they provide a lot more government hand outs, and...
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    All the issues you just described can be caused by a faulty power supply..:rolleyes: Just assure us you don't have some goober unit like rosewill and we'll get off your back :)
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    Does the ATI really have better Image Quality?

    I'm not sure what those screens were I scrolled past them all but yeah I hear nvidia has smaller jaggies.
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    Worst video card ever...then best

    I really loved my ol' nvidia 6800GS. This was back when you could unlock everything up to the 6800GT. I also volt modded the card and had it to GT speeds. Very fun stuff! Now I'm to lazy and would rather just throw money instead of time :) My worst was this old knock off integrated crap I had...
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    Can someone tell me what's so good about Half Life 2?

    If you missed this game back in 04 when it first game out, I feel bad for you. It's exceedingly tough to enjoy a game that is more than a couple of years old IMO, as we are blessed with an ever higher quality bar in the video game sector. Make no mistake, this was a milestone in game...
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    Upgrading to 8GB Woes

    Sorry to hear that bro... I personally have never recieved ram from newegg in that kind of packaging, but unless one of the chips was physically damaged I would not blame it on the packaging. Unless the boards were cracked or something was chipped off how else could it be damaged inside the...
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    So I went to Intel...

    I'm confused about a couple of things... 1) are you regretting your decision 2) I believe you just listed that all your CPU intensive apps are faster yet you dont notice a difference maybe I'm confused :lol: Well anyway you shouldnt expect a bump in something like opening firefox - a PII...
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    FS/T: Complete Gaming Rig (QuadCore, SLi mobo, etc)

    bump for ya :) Let me know when you part out.
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    FS: OFFICE BLOWOUT networking/computing

    Trying to clear out the IT storage closet at the office a bit. All of this stuff is best offer so if you don't think it's worth the listed price feel free to at least inquire about it. Everything has been tested to be working unless otherwise stated. Dell PowerConnect 2310 switch - $90 SMC...
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    Vista and Outlook = High resource usage?

    Nah, outlook doesn't use polling to update itself lol. That's what a POP client would do, it just has a socket connection with the server which means communication runs both ways, if the server receives a new message it just sends it to the client instead of waiting for the client to poll the...
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    How many people do you know properly takes care of their PCs?

    For me personally I do not use anti-virus or anti-spyware programs because they are resource hogs - plus I don't really require them because I don't do anything stupid on the internet. For clients however I normally use AVG and spybot to keep them clean but normally they manage to mess it up...
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    The web - 10 years old.. still looks like a baby

    Lets see where to start - You're asking why an internet of freedom, created with open standards and simply formatted information, an open, easy to parse standard that has allowed everything from search engines, big corporations (microsoft), and open source developers (firefox team) to have the...
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    Why no black bars when playing blue-ray content on my 24''

    You could probably buy a capture card with the inputs you need, input the video to that, then take the video out from your PC into your monitor and play that way... Dunno how much lag that would add.