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    Voodoo Omen rebuild complete!

    I've really missed VoodooPC, and their forum. I had a EGAD and an OMEN and loved them. It was a sad day when they sold out to HP. I still wonder what HP really got out of the deal as they really only use the name on one or two occasional items and while Rahul & company knew their stuff, but HP...
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    Need Monitor Advice (1440p vs 4k)

    What is the actual res for 2k?
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    Need Monitor Advice (1440p vs 4k)

    Huh, interesting. I'll have to look into those as I am not familiar with them. As for my budget, I'd like to stay below $1000 USD, but would probably go up to $1500 or so if there was a good reason to do so.
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    Need Monitor Advice (1440p vs 4k)

    I have long planned to step up to a 1440p ultrawide with my next PC build, preferably 32-36". Well, I've started planning my next build, although the build will be delayed until I can get an RTX 3080 at it's retail price. 1440p ultrawide always seemed like the sweet spot, it's not only a higher...
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    Anyone know of atx cases with Window on the right?

    I've just started figuring out the parts for a new build, but since my pc has to sit to the left of my desk I've been looking for cases that week take a full sized atx board that has the components and window on the right side of the case. I'd prefer just a reverse build, but even a reverse...
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    Need advice on new build

    Hello, it's been awhile since I've been in the forum here, and boy do I miss the website, but my current rig is finally showing it's age so I'm going to build myself a new PC but need some advice. I can't fund the form that we used to be asked to use, but I'll try and post any off the items I...
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    New build form?

    Yeah, I'm in the same position, it's been ages since I've visited the forums and was just looking for that form myself before posting to ask for build suggestions
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    Vulnerability Note VU#584653 - CPU Hardware Attacks Solution

    This begs the further question, replace my CPU with what? Unless the newest Intel or AMD CPUs don't have this issue how exactly can you avoid it?
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    Question About PCIe Lanes On CPUs

    So why is it that such pains seem to be taken to avoid sharing pcie lanes, and the need of various sockets and configurations to share lanes always seems to be stated as a negative? That's what made me curious.
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    Researcher Gets Threats Instead of Bug Bounty

    Do you really think US companies are any better at protecting your privacy? First we have our own government being hacked, including the NSA & CIA are two among many, not to mention IRS workers loosing laptops with millions of taxpayer's data on them. Then we had retailers like Target & Home...
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    TIME Names iPhone X One Of The 25 Best Inventions Of 2017

    This reminds me of how the media praise Apple's innovation in the late 90's when they started offering their all in one imacs G3's in.............................. different "flavours." For some reason all these outlets thought having one panel on these old CRT all in ones a selection of a few...
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    Question About PCIe Lanes On CPUs

    It just seems that more and more the issue of shared lanes is being raised in discussion on builds, be it in forums or videos, it used to be limited to SLI builds and/or builds where a lot of add in cards will be used, but it's coming up more frequently now due to more and more people wanting to...
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    Question About PCIe Lanes On CPUs

    With PCIe lanes being at a premium in current systems, especially with the advent of the m.2 nvme drives, which were first developed, produced and promoted by Intel, why hasn't Intel increased the number PCIe lanes in their mainstream processors, hell for that matter a few more on the i9s...
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    53-Year-Old Nuclear Missile Accident Revealed

    An interesting read, although it's easy to understand why such information is kept quiet, I mean any problem with anything related to nuclear weapons and people immediately think we were a heartbeat away from a terrible nuclear explosion, as they seem to think of warheads as these fragile things...
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    Need Help On An Unexpected Build Of A New Gaming Rig

    Okay, small glitch, my wife is pushing me to start a YouTube channel, not for money but as a hobby (I've been all but home bound for the last two years due to a couple back surgeries and she knows I love computers, gaming and a few YouTube channels) so when if comes to the differences between...
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    Need Help On An Unexpected Build Of A New Gaming Rig

    Awesome, thank you very much, my last AMD rig was an Athlon64 3400+ 100 years ago or so, and when it comes to Intel/AMD or nVidia/AMD I have no brand loyalty and in fact prefer when they leapfrog each other in performance, so as to push each other to produce more advanced platforms (although...
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    Need Help On An Unexpected Build Of A New Gaming Rig

    I built my computer two years ago, it has a i7 6700k, a 980ti, 16GB of RAM and two SSDs, a 256 GB 840 Evo as the boot drive and a 1TB 840 Evo for storage (I have a NAS for bulk storage) and am driving a 24" 1080p monitor. My son has a i5 3750k with a GTX 670 and 8GB of RAM and SSDs for storage...
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    Four Apple Manufacturers Launch Antitrust Complaint Against Qualcomm

    So, couldn't what Apple did here be considered a conspiracy, especially when in the end the actually finance the other companies legal actions?
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    Monkey Takes Selfie, PETA Says He Owns the Copyright

    My question on a case like this is how does PETA have any standing to supposedly sue on behalf of the animal unless the themselves own the animal in question?
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    Ashley Madison $11.2 Million Settlement: Users Eligible for up to $3,000

    All I could think of was "so will their ex wives be entitled to half of it since it was "earned" during the marriage?
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    14-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted after Cell Phone Incident in Bathtub

    Yeah I mean for example once my wife and I got phones getting a third one on the line cost next to nothing.
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    14-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted after Cell Phone Incident in Bathtub

    Or maybe if people realized they aren't that fucking important and can be out of contact with others for 5 minutes or more without needing check their messages or FB posts she would still be alive.
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    Earth Has Entered into a Sixth Mass Extinction Event

    Well sadly a very valid scientific case could be made that by interfering with natural selection we have doomed ourselves as a species as in general the more money, education adn intelligence within a family, the less likely they will have children, and it's even less likely they will have...
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    Earth Has Entered into a Sixth Mass Extinction Event

    As was pointed out earlier, without immigration the population in the US would be dropping, as a society advances, their birth rate decreases, but good luck convincing countries where childhood mortality rates are spo high that up to 20% of children don't make it to 5 year of age. Beyond that...
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    Revisiting the Intel i7-930 and Nehalem Microarchitecture

    Yeah I have an 930 paired with a Radeon 5870 and used that rig until Nov 2015 and right up to the end as long as I turned off shadows it handled everything fairly well.
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    iPhone Faces Potential Ban in Italy Due to "Walled Garden" Software Approach

    Well accept the ones in charge of this walled garden, that claims anything else is dangerous, are the same people that are in charge of the wall around that garden
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    Wall Street Cheers Replacement of Cashiers with Digital Kiosks

    I was just saying that just because it worked in one big city doesn't mean it will work in the rest of the country (and being as I'm in WNY I picked NYC as an example)
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    iPhone Faces Potential Ban in Italy Due to "Walled Garden" Software Approach

    Just guessing a password? Or did Apple's software allow unlimited guesses so virtually anyone could use a simple brute force attempt to access an account, which someone did and gained access to huge number of accounts?
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    US House Pushes for Creation of Military “Space Corps”

    Ah so, let me see if I have this right, Congress thinks the Joint Chiefs and the Pentagon don't know what's needed to defend our assets in space, but Congress does? LOLOLOLOL Give me a break, I bet the first thing that's needed is a multi trillion dollar program, headed in the Chairman and...
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    German Police Are Raiding Homes over Hateful Postings on Social Media

    Keep telling yourself that the Constitution protects us, but do some reading and find out how little many politicians think of the Constitution and how willing they are to ignore it when it suits their political agenda
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    German Police Are Raiding Homes over Hateful Postings on Social Media

    I agree, but the problem is, when talking of freedom of speech the simple fact that it's groups on the left trying to curb it, while those on the right are trying to defend it, sort of a roll reversal from the 60's. Just compare Berkley in the 60's where students marched in support of freer...
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    Wall Street Cheers Replacement of Cashiers with Digital Kiosks

    Things like this come up now and then, but you also have to realize, the entire country isn't Seattle, the $15 minimum might work in NYC, but it would kill a lot of places in the rest of New York State.
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    Wall Street Cheers Replacement of Cashiers with Digital Kiosks

    That would make sense at someplace like a bakery, but if your asking the kid behind the counter at McDonald's "what's good today" you might have an issue. While I agree I would like to point out that these kiosks were coming, one way or the other, it's just that the push for $15 has sped up...
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    iPhone Faces Potential Ban in Italy Due to "Walled Garden" Software Approach

    Or their nude photos get sent all over the world........................................ oh wait sorry, that inside of Apple's safe and secure garden. :oops:
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    German Police Are Raiding Homes over Hateful Postings on Social Media

    You are 100% correct, if people remember it was the left wing media that championed Trump during the primaries and virtually excluded all other candidates from receiving any coverage, and also during the primaries I saw many prominent democrats suggesting people in open primary states vote for...
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    German Police Are Raiding Homes over Hateful Postings on Social Media

    I hope the people above ranting for or against President Trump are being sarcastic, but I doubt they are. I wish there was a way to require people to read and UNDERSTAND the story before commenting. As for my thoughts on the story, if someone is inciting violence I could see them being...
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    CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered Game Case Revealed, Could Be Available June 20th

    Yeah, same with me. I'd pay $40 for the entire 3 episode series remastered into a single game or bundle, maybe even $50 because I did love the campaigns on them, but not anything more than that.
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    steam sale leaked

    Well obvious it was a love hate sort of relationship. :LOL: A lot of us always felt the same, but by the same token it also got me to buy many games I would have never given a shot to that I ended up absolutely loving so it's a double edged sword.
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    HTC Vive and VR Used for Pain Management

    Yeah, my first reaction was this that is a high tech high cost version of a mirror box, and while it's surely worth studying there are much cheaper solutions, although since not each method works for everyone this might work for a few people that the mirror box and similar devices don't, who knows.