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    FS: 4P and Misc Parts

    Everything is sold except for the for the 2 nvidia 560 cards
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    FS: 4P and Misc Parts

    These haven't been running for a while so I don't really have any PPD numbers but they should match up with others of the same spec. There's a google doc floating around that has PPD numbers in it for various configs and project types.
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    FS: 4P and Misc Parts

    Things have changed recently and I no longer have the space for keeping my farm running so, pretty much everything must go: 4 x 6180SE: $750 4 x 6172: $450 4 x 6166HE: $500 (oc'd to 2.2ghz w/o issue) 2 x SuperMicro H8QGI+-F: $450/ea 1 x SuperMicro H8QGI+-F: $450 - this board has the [H] bios...
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    WTB: Supermicro H8QGi/6, H8QGL or X9QRI

    PM sent
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Hit the 600M mark!
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    FS: 6166HE 4P system ready to go

    this is very temping, do you have the rails for the server?
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    Lets Catch Default

    I finally found some time today to get one of my 4P's back in the loop. Still have a few other boxes to check - may have the full farm running again by days end.
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    Bigadv with v7 Windows client?

    Is it possible to get bigadv units on Windows with the new v7 client? I had to switch over one of my Linux boxes to Windows and I've added the follow flags: client-type bigadv and max-packet-size big and still only see regular smp units. Is there a flag I'm missing?
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    Musky - 1 Billion points

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    Nvidia GTX Titan

    If only we could get a Kepler optimized core....
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    FS: NIB EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores Classified Ultra

    I have two new in box EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores Classified Ultra cards to sell. These are factory OC'd see here for details. Everyone Price: SOLD [H] Folders Price: SOLD
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    Nvidia GTX Titan

    Wonder what sort off ppd this will do once QBR goes live for GPU:
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    big beta 8103

    I'm seeing quite a few of these 8301's now - processing 4 of them currently. I like these things - just got one on one of my 4P's and qd reports: 530247.56 ppd
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    hit the 400 million pt mark!
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    big beta 8103

    I haven't seen one yet.
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    Crashes while folding

    If things are crashing at stock speeds/voltages than I'd suggest testing out the ram with memtest would be a good place to start. If that checks out as others have said it's probably an issue with the psu or mobo.
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    Update to loss of 4p WARNING UGLY HiRes PHOTOS

    Wow that's pretty bad, I'd be surprised if the board survived. That's really crappy.
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    Why only 8101?

    These seem to be getting scarce again. I've also noticed that I've been getting quite a few 6901s lately which is fairly strange.
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    Q19D Spicy Xeon Motherboard

    I think ND40oz has the right idea, some of the early steppings only work in single socket boards.
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    EVGA Overtake

    My production is down a bit due to lack of 8102's. I haven't seen one in almost a week now.
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    Q19D Spicy Xeon Motherboard

    I've had good luck w/ spicy chips and the Supermicro X9DAi. Having said that you should really double check that post code to rule out anything else being the issue.
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    AMD unveils Opteron 6300 goodness

    So, has anyone gotten a hold of any 6300 series chips yet? Kinda tempted to look at upgrading my 2x6272 box but it has to be a pretty nice improvement to be worth it.
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    GTX 460 dead (again). 30k ppd -> 10k ppd. I'm sad

    I still think you should look at getting new (and bigger psu). Per nvidia specs 450W is the min. psu size for the 460 and your OC is only going to increase that power draw
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    GTX 460 dead (again). 30k ppd -> 10k ppd. I'm sad

    If you are OC'ing it - you might want to look at pulling the OC back a bit on the next card. Also with that many cards dying in the same system I'd really think about replacing the PSU as well.
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    Top 10 PPD [H] folders, put your specs in here

    Let's see: 4 x 6166HE @ 2.2ghz 4 x 6172 4 x 6180SE 2 x 6272 2 x E5-2660 2 x E5-2660 2 x E5-2620 2 x E5-2643 3 x 560Ti 448 core Plus a few other random boxes that don't add much to my ppd.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Looks like I passed the 300 million point mark a day or so ago!!!
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    Linux GPU update

    That's certainly pretty interesting, especially since most of my 2p or 4p boxes have at least a couple x16 pci-e slots....
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    6282 ES CPUs won't oc

    How are you trying to OC the chips? The easiest way to OC those ES chips is by changing the multiplier, this will be a setting in the bios.
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    Teaser time

    or just run Ubuntu Server edition and don't even have a gui.
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    20bn pernts

    Yay us!
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    Jumping back into the [H] fold

    Yeah going caseless is really the way to go especially with multi gpu setups. Lots of heat to dissipate and the more airflow you can get them the better. I've actually been pretty surprised by the temps - as these cards are factory OC'd: 85 C, 83 C and 70 C. Also I highly recommend the...
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    New PPD values for 762* GPU units.

    Wish they had given new base credit to the 8054s - these things suck.
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    Cannot get new GPU core 15 to install

    FahCore15 is only supposed to be for Fermi or newer if I recall correctly. Sounds like Stanford servers giving out incorrect WU/Cores to the wrong hardware. Try removing the work folder and the cores and start the client again. See if it picks up a WU/core combo it can actually process.
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    Jumping back into the [H] fold

    Not really, though I did just add a 3rd 560ti too my new dedicated gpu folding rig and a snapped a quick pick of that:
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    Suddenly I want to upgrade...

    The AMD GPU's themselves aren't bad it's the folding core they use that's the problem. Also, I believe the Nvidia folding core is still reliant on CUDA - which means it wouldn't be possible to use them in a setup like this for folding.
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    Suddenly I want to upgrade...

    You are missing the fact that the current amd gpu fah core sucks and wouldn't be able to take anywhere near the advantage of that beast.
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    New PPD values for 762* GPU units.

    7623s - seeing ppd of 31K on a gtx 560ti 448-core - think it's running core @ 850mhz. tpf is 6:30
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    Attention GPU Folders: Make sure you are set up for QRB units

    Just brought online two 560Ti 448-core cards. Will probably add a 3rd at somepoint, but want to see how it runs with two. Also want to see what the power usage is like.