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    When does the Windows 10 upgrade go live?

    i thought you could?
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    damn it I did not know it was ending in the morning thought end of the day.
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    Been gone 5 years

    Was looking on AT and see Godaravi benchmarks. So I will assume the older FX series are still faster than these apu's even though its been years since a new FX model?
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    Been gone 5 years

    Can some one educate me on amd cpus? what is the diff between the old FX series of 2012-2013 compared to these apu's? Friend asked for advice on building and I am stumped.:confused:
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    Petitioning for 970 Refund

    I rememeber in the amd s939 days I bought a motherboard from Abit that advertised it's chipset would run x2 cpus. and when the cpu's launched...... it didn't support it after all. I was pretty pissed. Funny video here btw
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    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    Battery life is very good. Very different feeling NOT having to look for a charger through out the day.
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    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    Battery life is pretty insane with this phone coming from a Nexus 5. More than double the screen time on LTE only. 5.5 hours on my first day.
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    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    after the nexus 6 price tag i bought a oneplus one as well and the same case. Can't wait to see how much better it is than my nexus 5. My only concern is NOT getting android L right away and hopefully the camera isn't worst than the N5
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    Need One Plus One invite

    I would give you a free invite but your account is only 1 day old. owell:D
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    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    been waiting for my 3 invites its been about 2 weeks now.
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    I just uninstalled dota 2.

    yea It can be very addicting everyone shouldn't knock it until they try it first.
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    Is it really worth buying a high end gaming rig any more?

    I used to build many computers but now a decent laptop plays everything just fine for me.
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    I just uninstalled dota 2.

    HON is dota 1.5. they have other maps there too. even a nice mid wars only map thats pretty fun and casual but can get very intense . Try it out its free. I only play dota because its associated with steam and its easier to see when friends are online.
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    Is Snapchat Really Worth $10 Billion?

    What I do not get is how these types of companies have a popular product and get high values but they do not make any money.
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    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    yes i got one yesterday. shipped today.
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    Nexus 6 speculation

    I just want a 2600+ mah battery and rf remote thats all.
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    [US] FS eBay Microsoft Zune HD 16 GB *mint* w/ Griffin FlexGrip case

    Damn haven't seen one of these in a minute. Good luck!
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    IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions for Patches

    I don't get it. What "custom" support does it really need?
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    windows 8.1 bug? recent apps invisible

    It switches around just like alt tab does but after the relese of the buttons.Seems normal.
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    windows 8.1 bug? recent apps invisible

    Yes it is on.
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    windows 8.1 bug? recent apps invisible

    Hi Ive been using the 8.1 update for a few days now and i love it. but there is a bug I am having and was wondering if anyone else is having it. When ever I move my mouse to the left side to access recent apps nothing pops out anymore. I see a very small white box outlining where the usual app...
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    Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Disappears

    Damn there goes all my coins and to think when it hit 1000 again after the drop i was too lazy to sell .....
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    Frustration with S4 (ex-iOS user)

    Well to be honest the youtube app is the only app I notice that does take maybe an extra second to load every since the new facelift update it received . This on my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013. But the delay is no where near 5 seconds more like 2 seconds at most.
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    Downgrading from LTE

    If you have tmobile then you should be just fine. I only NEED lte because at work my hspa+ does not penetrate the building as good as lte does. Which is fine because i should not be on my phone much at work anyway:).
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    Frustration with S4 (ex-iOS user)

    Is it really 5 seconds or just saying it takes a long time? because 5 is very long. I also hate people that say " put a rom on it,ect" . He bought a phone he should not have to do extra stuff to make it work the way it was meant to(this is coming from an android fanboy).
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    Nexus-Five thread

    No it just needs to be calibrated . I had the nexus 4 and it was the same thing. Franco introduced a kernel and/or a display settings app to make it look much better. It seems like only official manufacture phones get screen calibration like the lg g2 and the lg optimus G and google does not...
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    Nexus-Five thread

    I really just want all white .
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    Young People Aren't Interested In Cybersecurity Jobs

    What degree do you need for that anyway......
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    PS4 Must Connect To Internet Before DVD / Blu-ray Playback

    Smart , release this information BEFORE everyone pre ordered already. Now if only Xbox did this with the used game scenario then thy wouldn't have had to go back and change it .
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    Windows 8.1 update

    I am getting half the framerate in my most played game right now. And i installed the newest Nvidia driver. Its only beta so hopefully something more stable will come out soon.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Kind of wish the 299 rumor was true but owell I'm still going to pay it.
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    Will we ever see consoles that can push 1080p+60FPS....

    so whats the xbone and ps4 gpu like in todays modern cards? 7870/6950?
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    Windows 8.1 update

    Thank you!!!!:D Windows fail.
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    Windows 8.1 with the Windows 7 look (2560x1600 image)

    How do you get the regular start button like that? I'm mad the start button just shows the metro ui.!!!!!:mad:
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    Windows 8.1 update

    Something is wrong with my image quality now. Its like I am zoomed in and you can see non sharp images (like being on a lower resolution blown up on a higher res screen). but my resolution is set at 1080p . I don't know how else to explain this.
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    Windows 8.1, so far so good

    Man that was hard just finding how to update the damn thing........Mine wouldn't show up until i updated other apps that needed updating (which i never use) . This is a horrible implementation because my mom or dad or regular person would never know how to do this stuff and find the update in...
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    For my 1st smartphone I am considering a Windows phone.

    I assume from your picks your budget is probably $100?
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    JBQ Technical Lead, AOSP maintainer - Quits

    I am confused but i guess post # 2 sums it up for me.