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    Razer's "Project Christine"

    I saw something like this years ago on an old TV show called Beyond 2000 where they talked about a concept in which the motherboard of a computer was in a shelf on the wall and each component was housed in an individual box that sat on the shelf and communicated with it wirelessly. So to upgrade...
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    Retaining command switches through file associations in Windows

    Thanks Demon10000, worked great. It took me a little time to find the correct key in the registry. It was under the publisher's name rather than the extension but once I found it, everything worked great.
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    Retaining command switches through file associations in Windows

    Thank you Demon10000. I'll give this a shot when I get home tonight and let you know how it goes.
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    Retaining command switches through file associations in Windows

    Hopefully I can explain this well enough. I use a program that can be run via shortcut with different switches to perform certain action. I run it using a /c switch which allows me to run custom configuration files. If I open the program via a shortcut then everything is great but if I double...
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    Newegg - $30 AR FS - EVGA 01G-P3-1226-LR GeForce GT 220 1GB 128-bit DDR3

    When I got my cell phone, the rebate debit card actually came with instructions on how to deposit it into your bank account. The transaction is a very specific thing that the bank has to do and the teller that did for me said she'd only done it a few times before but it definitely can be done...
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    Halo 3 out sells Sony exclusives.... combined

    PBR also = Pabst Blue Ribbon, a cheap beer that that's been around for 100+ years in the US
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    Sony Leaked Launch Trailer.......PS4?

    Exactly. I was posting this in the context that people believed it was a teaser for the PS4 in which case it would be a huge marketing mistake for Sony to show a current gen game and not try to launch either a new IP or a dramatically enhanced sequel to a hugely popular exclusive property. As...
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    Sony Leaked Launch Trailer.......PS4?

    Perhaps they have but I really doubt they'd use Modern Warfare in a teaser trailer for future tech.
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    How many systems can i install windows 7 pro on?

    Someone will surely correct me if I'm wrong on this but legally, 1 license = 1 computer.
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    I really hate Game Stop

    While I agree with you, they shouldn't open merch then sell it as new, you can also look at it this way; A game can only be new until someone opens it. If you've checked and the manual, case, and disc are all in pristine condition, does it really matter who opened it, you or them? Unless you're...
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    FFXIII director hints at FFVII remake!

    I've never understood why everyone is so gaga over 7. It was good but so was the Karate Kid when I saw it originally and I don't care to see that remake. Sometimes it's best to keep things nostalgic and not bring them back to the surface. I would rather Square make an HD sequel to Vagrant...
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    Is it illegal to Charge to INSTALL, AVG-Free?

    You say they aren't selling or distributing it but wouldn't installing it on someone else's computer (yours in this case) be distribution? As for the legality, I have no idea.
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    Pronunciation of GUI

    I really don't care what people say as long as I know what they're talking about but for the record I say: Serial ATA (SATA) Gooey (GUI) Nooey (NUI) Sequel (SQL) Scuzzy (SCSI) Wizzy Wig (WYSIWYG)
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    how would i install windows 7

    The ISO for Windows 7 Ultimate is only 3.1 GBs. Are you sure you're downloading the correct file? After you download the ISO, you would burn it onto a DVD using something like ImgBurn, write the key down somewhere, back up anything that needs to be backed up, then format your hard drive and...
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    which old console would you own?

    That's a tough one... Probably either Dreamcast, Saturn (I know odd choice) or SNES. But if I had to choose, probably Dreamcast
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    Best game we've never played?

    Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes for the Nintendo DS
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    Best 5 Console/console peripheral/console game you bought in 2009?

    Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes for the DS was the single best purchase I made this year. It came out late in the year and hasn't garnered much press but it is a great game.
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    W00t: Official! Final Fantasy VI (was III in the US) better than VII :D

    Wow, no love for 9 in this thread? To me 9 was a classic FF game like 4/5/6 but was updated for a modern system (at the time). For me, the ranking would probably go something like 9, 6, 4, Tactics, 5...
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    New Wii - shaky controls

    I have always found that four adults can't effectively play the wii at the same time. The two people on the outside end up with horrible shaky controls because they're right on the edge of the sensor bar's range.
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    Worst Game You Ever Played ?

    Do you mean Sewer Shark for the Sega CD? The Sega CD was a weird system. It had a few gems but it had a ton of 'worst game ever' contenders.
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    Your most epic gaming experience/memories

    I once beat the game with one life. I could routinely beat it with 5 or under but once I did it with only 1. Now, like you, I doubt I could beat with all 30. You could get through the game without the fire extinguisher? I left it in a box in the beginning of the game then thought I was...
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    Your most epic gaming experience/memories

    I remember getting the biggest feeling of satisfaction after successfully installing a 14 disk DOS game then learning that I needed to move 1K of extended memory to the main memory before I could play it. Then it would begin... the hours of running memory optimizing programs and...
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    I just got a Wii. What are some "must haves" ?

    Besides some of the ones already mentioned, my favs are: Okami Resident Evil 4 Trauma Center Klonoa If you're going to go for GameCube games as well then my favorites from my collection are: iNinja Beyond Good and Evil Paper Mario Mario Sunshine Def Jam: Fight for NY Mega Man Anniversary Fire...
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    Creating Flyers and making them innovative and eye-catching

    Let's quickly get some terminology out of the way. Adobe is the company that makes the product and CS4 is akin to the version number. As such, there is no product called Adobe CS4. That would be like saying you have Microsoft 7 for an operating system. I am going to make an assumption and say...
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    Xbox Live arcade games on disc question

    When you start the game, it tells you an update is available. When you say yes to the update it tells you that the update requires you to redownload the entire game then it takes you to the page where you purchase the game. Normally, since you already paid the 800 points to buy the game you...
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    Xbox Live arcade games on disc question

    Today, I purchased the recently released controller pack (Controller + 4 arcade games) and have a question about the games. It comes with Lumines, Geometry Wars 2 and Bomberman on a disc and a code to download Ms Pac Man. Seemingly you cannot install the games on the disc onto your hard...
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    xbox 360 is a joke

    My second one just RRODed on me. It RRODed, so I shut it off. Tried it 10 minutes later still RROD. Sent in a request for a box so I could get it repaired then remembered it had a disc in it. Turned it on to get the disc and it worked fine... for a week. Now it still has the normal green...
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    FREE Music Mojo Nixon's Near Complete Catalog on MP3

    To promote his new album, Whiskey Rebellion, Mojo Nixon is offering most of his entire catalog for free download at Amazon...
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    SNES Refreshes

    Not a SNES game but since things like Professor Layton seem to be doing well on the DS, I want to see a new Adventures of Lolo game. Also not SNES but I'll add a +1 to the Shining Force 3 idea, I never got to play the second and third scenarios. Hell, and while I'm off topic, redo Panzer...
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    Opinion about Ads

    Here are a few small things I noticed: #1, 2, and 3 - None of these distances are the same, #1 is 2 pixels, #2 is 4 pixels and #3 is 5 pixels. All of the margins should be the same. #4 - I would left justify this text but if you're going to keep it right justified then move the second line...
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    24" dual or 27"?

    Since both monitors run at the same resolution, I can't really see how three inches of extra diagonal space on the 27 beats doubling the resolution by having two 24s. So my recommendation goes with the two 24s.
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    The amazingness that is Mirror's Edge.;title;2
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    The amazingness that is Mirror's Edge.

    I just finished this game for the 360 last weekend. I thought it was really great. I got it for $30 and knew about the length before buying it so that aspect didn't disappooint me. My biggest issue with the game was that unfortunately it gave me a really aweful headache everytime I played it...
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    Duke-Nukem-Forever in game video!!

    A former employee of 3d Realms posted some pictures of his Duke art here: if you all are interested. Sorry if this has already been posted, I didn't see it.
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    Pls Rate video

    All in all it's pretty great. The visuals are really nice, the biggest point of critique for me would have to be the sound production. The mixing on the sound effects and vocals was vastly out of whack. I couldn't hear the guy talking so I'd turn it up but then the sound effects were waaaay...
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    Advice on creating simple animation?

    I understand this is a computer forum but wouldn't the easiest solution be some legos and a video camera? Then you could even narrate.
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    Post Your Portfolios Websites! (photography, job, design, anything)

    I'm working on my site right now but I have my most recent demo reel up for viewing. I primarily do work for corporate clients so that is what's represented in my reel. I mainly do presentations but also do some print, interface, and video work as well.
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    first attempt at a business card design

    I'd be interested to know as well. I posted a few different ideas before the database went south but would love to see what you've come up with.
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    1080p HDTV's and PS2. What's the secret?

    Original PS1 games had a native resolution of 320*240 so 76,800 pixels. If we make your TV into a 4x3 ratio, it would be 1440*1080 or 1,555,200 pixels or 20.25x the resolution of the PS1 games that you're trying to play. Even if the PS2 had the best upscaler on Earth, I don't think it is going...
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    Post rarest console game in collection!

    I was drawn to it by the 2d animated cutscenes and the the fact that it was published by Working Designs who in those days went all out with packaging and making the gamer feel like they bought something special by having full color manuals, little insider tidbits in the manuals, interviews with...