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    3D Printers Will Cost Less Than A PC by 2016?

    They definitely need to get a lot better before they get more mainstream. The Makerbot machines getting a lot of the spotlight lately are poorly designed,inconsistently manufactured, finicky to use pieces of junk. Until things get more plug and play, 3d printers are going to stay strictly in the...
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    AM3 processor on AM2/AM2+ board, DDR2

    Using that exact sort of setup right now, works great, have had the board since 2009, was running an X2 5200 for a while on it. The only thing it leaves me wanting is more RAM
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    AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    I've been a HardOCP reader and ATI user since before the Radeon 8500 was released. The new 77xx cards are my dream cards: Performance, Quiet, and Efficient.
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    Check your accounts

    I'm really disliking this "single player" but you have to be connected to a blizzard server to play, and it likes to d/c. Seems to dc most when using the hearth stone, and the last i played it froze when i tried to go further into the cathedral
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    Check your accounts

    Blizzard has sent out invites to Diablo III beta for folks who opted in.
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    ASUS M5A99X EVO Motherboard

    @oobumblebeeoo what HDD/SSD are you using on that build?
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    UPS OR Spike Guard - Getin Bad Sectors !

    Honestly, I haven't had an HDD go bad on me since putting UPS's on both machines in the apt. I've found we get minor power bumps/drops quite frequently in this building and the last. UPS is a good piece of mind. Costco usually has a decent price on APC UPSs
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    What CPU intensive task do you use?

    Handbrake, and PS3 Media Server
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    Ace Combat Assault Horizon Demo

    Tried it out today, not a fan so far. The DFM is neat at first, but I don't play Ace Combat to have the computer more or less fly the plane for me. Ace Combat to me was always about full control and sometimes insane difficulty.
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    iMAC Have Tiger 10.4,worth buying a new MAC?

    I've got several of that same gen of iMac at work, and can also confirm Apple support is feeding you a load of crap about Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard will definitely install on a 10.4/10.5 or blank HDD. Backup your stuff because any upgrade has the potential for disaster. Ram + Snow Leopard...
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    How To Carry Your iMac

    Given how many of those old G5 iMacs have bad capacitors, there should definitely be a "place imac in the trash" line in there.
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    Looking for a Android Phone

    The xda wiki is pretty good for the info about rooting it. As for CM7, get the latest nightly, it's pretty stable right now. Only thing I've really changed with it so far has been the keyboard and launcher.
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    Trying to like Android?

    The Cyanogenmod 7.1 nightlys are pretty speedy on my Desire Z. I didn't care for the default "ADW Launcher" though and switched it back to the stock Gingerbread launcher. If the gingerbread keyboard isn't your thing, try out the HTC IME keyboard it's pretty decent.
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    wireless gaming adapter

    Slim ps3's don't have Wireless N, wish they did but they don't. I've got at D-Link DAP-1522 bridge hooked up to my ps3 to get a wireless N connection to my DIR-655, and *most* times i can stream 720p HD, but not always. I'm seriously thinking about going back to ethernet.
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    Only 2 gigs out of 4 showing after installing Win 7 64 bit

    before reinstalling Windows, try Memtest86, it really does sound like a stick has failed/is failing.
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    Who wants a new Wing Commander or Freespace game?

    I blame Starcraft II's cantina/armory/lab/bridge setup for making me remember and miss the WC games :(
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    Who wants a new Wing Commander or Freespace game?

    I'd have to go with Wing Commander, WC 1,2 and Prophecy were my absolute favorites. 3 and 4 were ok, but they focused too much on FMV.
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    D-Link DIR-655 - Best Firmware?

    Sticking with 1.21 here, tried 1.34 and shareport wasn't worth a damn. Shareport works "ok" with 1.21
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    Firmware 3.21 who updated

    Updated, had no desire to use yellowdog on any platform
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    Lego Rock Band

    The Rock Band/Guitar Hero instruments are not cross platform. PS3 instruments will not work on a Wii.
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    What are people using for sound with thier consoles?

    Have the PS3 and Xbox360 hooked up to a Sony HTCT100 sound bar/sub, via HDMI. Works pretty good for games and blu-rays
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    World of Warcraft Patch 3.3.0 Released

    For the Occulus haters/dislikers, they nerfed it a bit in the hopes that it gets a higher success rate.
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    PS3 exclusives worth checking out?

    inFamous and Ratchet & Clank are definitely worth checking out, demos for both up on PSN
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    Looking for AM3 mobo w/ ddr2

    I'm not overclocking anything, but so far my Asus M4A78 Pro seems to be working out quite well, possibly the most stable motherboard i've ever had
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    Running VPN inside of a VMWare Session...

    I've had really bad luck with Shrewsoft VPN 2.1.4 on many machines, go for the latest RC of 2.1.5. For those of you BSOD'in, try disabling the "Shrewsoft lightweight protocol" if/when you get into Windows.
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    Cisco QuickVPN and Windows 7

    I've found v2.1.4 of the Shrewsoft VPN to be crashy as all hell on x64 Vista machines, but 2.1.5 rc 3&4 have been ok, have you guys tried the rc's?
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    Buying D-Link Xtreme N Game Router, Is the USB-N DBAND Wireless better, or PCI-E?

    Well, first thing to note, the DWA-556 isn't a dual band N adapter. Also note, the 5GHz band has a shorter range than plain old 2.4GHz I'd say get the PCI-E adapter, and maybe stick one of D-Link's bigger antennas on it, for example : But really, if...
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    Beatles rock band rant(dlc)

    Look at it this way, to buy the the stand alone game it runs around $50 right? If you were to buy all the songs from the game (all 45 of them) as DLC, you'd be paying about $1.99 each... also known as $89.55. The DLC that has been announced are the complete albums, but note that some of the...
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    Question about AMD boards and Ram

    Either seems good, the 785g board is newer, but seems to have a crappy layout if you're going to use Crossfire (look at the SATA ports)
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    Question about AMD boards and Ram

    I'm fairly certain that the X2 6000 only has a DDR2 controller, so you're going to have to stick with a DDR2 board. I've got my X2 5200 in an Asus M4A78 Pro and it's been ok so far
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    Wow losing ground?

    I have to say, was kinda excited when they announced Cataclysm, but sad that it won't be around until sometime next year. The current content just isn't that interesting or useful. Also, the guy who invented the 'jousting' needs to die a painful death
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    Good flight combat games?

    Not a sim by any stretch, but check out "Secret Weapons Over Normandy", it's semi old now, but was a bit of fun to play.
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    No external power connector on my 4850 ? (Connect3D)

    Catalyst Control Center (even 9.7) has always shown my Diamond 4850 as "4800 Series". You might try CPU-Z, which does seem to show the complete name.
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    vista64 inst won't take raid driver files on floppy or usb (sez they're unsigned!)

    Have you tried the RAID Driver directly from AMD?
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    ASUS, why would you do this to yourself?!

    Of course I find this thread, after ditching MSI to go ASUS (K9N Platinum to a M4A78 Pro)
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    University Wide chat client?

    It's kinda a catch all product (chat/remote assistance), but our university is looking at Bomgar for some of our support needs. Check it out at
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    PS3: Play ISO movies

    I'm inclined to agree with that, either that or Sony has a really crappy buffer set for streaming on the PS3. On the same crappy AP (D-Link WBR-1310) I can usually stream without any issues to my 360 (MS wi-fi adapter), yet the PS3 rarely if ever makes it through a 40 minute video.
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    D-Link DGL-4500 Firmware Fiasco

    Silly question, but did you try disabling "DNS Relay" in your router settings? On the DIR-655 forums it's seemed to get folks a bit more stability. I suspect the DGL-4500 is a close cousin of sorts to it
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    ASUS M4A78 PLUS sata/raid drivers for XP

    I think the RAID driver you're looking for is at: , bein that you've got an AMD 7xx series chipset
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    ATI HDMI Audio Broken for DX10 since 8.6: Anyone with fix

    I don't use the HDMI audio personally, but I've heard the drivers directly from Realtek work much better: Edit: I see you've tried the newer realtek drivers. Why not just...