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    Seasonic Prime - Gold/Platinum @ NewEgg

    Only if your electricity is real expensive, you're using a lot of it and you really hate the bills.
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    980ti sli ==> 1080ti sli or Vega 10 cf worth it?

    The 980ti is about 20% more powerful than the 980. A 1080 is about the same as a 980Ti. So 1080Ti will probably be about 20% better than 980Ti. And so will SLI. A 1080Ti will probably cost 20% more than a 1080 too. A 1080 is worth about $100 more than a 980Ti. So my guess is that it'll cost you...
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    U.S. Visitors Crashed Canada's Immigration Website

    I think its the US that's (supposedly?) going to impose a 46% tariff on Chinese imports. Maybe you can then import your PC parts from Canada. NCIX will be happy. Then say goodbye to Newegg and Amazon US and Best Buy etc. Maybe even Walmart. Canadian health care may not be all its cracked up to...
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    thoughts on gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti G1 Gaming 4G

    Won't be that much difference from 1050Ti to 1050Ti. They are somewhere between a R460 and a R470 - 1050ti is a bit too new to have comparisons made. Gigabyte, MSI, Asus and EVGA should all be fine.
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    GPU for 3-way 1440p

    "my current setup has two graphics cards connected to three 1440p monitors" Which graphics cards?
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    gigabyte ga ex58 ud3r

    Bit Cruel. The motherboard itself won't use much power - like 10W. But the graphics card and the CPU you plug into it will.
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    Add another 1070 or just buy a 1080?

    SLI gtx 1070 - GeForce GTX 1070 2-way SLI review "As we have seen often, multi-GPU remains to be challenging especially with high-end and enthusiast class cards. There's a lot CPU limitation in the lower resolutions that will effect SLI scaling, in 1080P for example that mostly is negative...
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    Intel's Core i7-7700K @ 6.7GHz On LN2

    And I don't think they stability test LN2 Overclocks. To me, if they aren't stable, they are useless. A bit like a dragster.
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    Red light on MSI Z170 SLI PLUS

    The 12V figure is a bit higher than usual for a good PSU. Can you check it with other software eg motherboard utility? The ram voltages look OK to me. Though I don't use Skylake.
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz 32GB DDR4

    News Article Not Found The news article that you are looking for can not be found or has been moved.
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    Looking for static pressure Noisebloker fans

    You should also have a look at Noctua - Which fan is right for me? They are lower speed and very quiet.
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    How much influence does MHz have in real world applications?

    So look for a reasonably priced card with a good cooler. Look at reviews for temps, noise and overclocking potential. See for more discussion.
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    Best current TIM?

    See Thermal Paste Roundup 2015 - 47 products tested with air-cooling and liquid nitrogen (LN2) - Page 11 of 12 - Overclocking.Guide Kryonaut is expensive. I'm another happy AS5 user (or MX2 or MX4 would be fine by me)
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    Red light on MSI Z170 SLI PLUS

    Can you post your PSU voltages? 12v, 5v and 3.3v If they're OK, then the red light shouldn't be on and you'd be entitled to a RMA. And your build.
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    New motherboard, bent pins (cpu socket)

    They test mobos before packing them. If pins are bent, then they'd fail the test. It's easy to bend socket pins by not putting the CPU in properly. Even if its just a bit out or slightly dropped onto the socket, there's a fair chance of bending pins. I gather you noticed the pins were bent...
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    Red light on MSI Z170 SLI PLUS

    It would help if you detailed your build. Offhand, I think its indicating power problems (near 24 pin connector). Recheck your connections. Check your PSU voltages (eg HWInfo64) Are any of the debug - CPU, VGA, RAM - LEDs on...
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    PC/Games crashing when using 1440p, resolution

    PSU voltages? PSU make and model? CPU temps? GPU temps? Try HWInfo64 for info.
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    Can you use a HB SLi bridge on 980Ti's?

    so its ok for a bridge to use both fingers on each card in a 2 way setup then? thanks - YES
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    NVME (m.2) / RAM Drive / RAID / SATA III SSD Game Load Time Comparisons

    Wonder if a pcie drive would also seem bottlenecked?
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    Monitor Loosing signal

    Please post your complete build list. If you suspect your mobo, have you tried it in another PC? Or another mobo in your PC?
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    Weird Motherboard Problems?

    Fitted an internal speaker? Do so and get a post beep code per Computer POST and beep codes to see whether your hardware is OK. If it does fire up, install and run HWInfo 64 and post the results - CPU temp, 12v, 3v, 3.3v readings. Try a GPU.
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    EVGA Classified SR-2 (question)

    1. Look at the mobo CPU Support List 2. A raid card will hardly draw any power. If the nVidia card is also low power then you'll be fine. 3. 1000W will be overkill. Depending on the graphics card.
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    Will Nvidia do away with the DVI port?

    The Indian market will want DVI-I for VGA - for a long time still. And India is a big and growing market.
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    Dead Skylake 6700K - Was Motherboard Accomplice?

    Reliability - Most Reliable PC Hardware of 2015 Motherboards - have about 2 1/2% failure rate CPUs - about 0.3% So I'd suspect the motherboard caused the 1.9v Vcore eg bad VRM. You should be able to RMA both the motherboard and the CPU.
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    i7-6700K vs i5-6600K + GTX 1070 help please

    To get most use out of the newer video cards, I'd aim for a better CPU as well. A gtx1070 will be fine with an i5 for lower demanding games, but I'd recommend an i7 for more demanding games.
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    For gaming 6600k or 6700k

    There's a noticeable jump in performance from 1st to 2nd gen and then to 3rd and up for i7's - Intel & AMD Processor Hierarchy
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    Fix Fried Hard Drive? Pics included

    I think you'll have to buy a complete new drive and remove the pcb from it.
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    CEC Drafts Regulations for Power Usage in PC Components

    According to IT now 10 percent of world's electricity consumption, report finds - IT accounts for 10% of global energy usage.
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    Does LGA 1151 mobo mean automatic Kaby Lake support?

    Googling finds eg Intel's 7th Generation Kaby Lake and 200-Series Chipset Platform Detailed - Compatible With LGA 1151 Socket, Enthusiast 95W Options Included You need the right chipset/mobo just to start.
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    Change PSUs?

    12V shouldn't go as low as 11.64 or as high as 12.36. On an Intel mobo, your mobo utility software should be accurate enough. Or use HWInfo64.
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    evga 970 dual 4k options

    Maybe a 1080 for 4K games. Not a 1070 though.
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    Memtest86 7.1, bandwidth goes down when clock rate goes up?

    Is your ram on the Memory Support List? Who told you :"at 3600 the board disables 2 of the 4 memory channels"?
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    [???] use USB C monitor without USB C?

    Its only made for connecting to: Compatible devices ASUS G752 notebook (17.3-inch) ASUS UX501VW notebook (15.6-inch) Apple MacBook (12-inch) Chromebook Pixel (12.85-inch) Compatible motherboard ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard ASUS Z170-Premium motherboard Use another monitor for...
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    "silicon lottery" i7-6700k 4.7 cpus?

    Depends a lot on the cooling you're using. Water cooling will help.
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    Watched case review videos for 2 days, nothing grabbed me. Flexible budget, recommendations please?

    I've got and recommend an Enthoo Pro (from Phanteks). See
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    not a lot of E-ATX case that has a few 200 mm fans

    My Enthoo Pro takes eatx mobos. And has a 200mm front fan. I don't use fan controllers. I use the motherboard. See The Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case Review
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    Best Custom PSU Cables?

    Googling what you want would find eg
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    Change PSUs?

    Check the PSU voltages with HWInfo64. If the 12v, 5v and 3.3v rails are within 0.2V of target then the PSU is OK.