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    Samsung Foldable Phones on the Way for 2018

    That advertisement is nauseating.
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    F-35 Program Cutting Corners to “Complete” Development

    It's not a bug, it's a feature
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    Judge Jails Defendant for Failing to Unlock Phones

    Fun fact, you can't fire people that aren't employees. Judges are sometimes elected (so that they can be recalled or unseated), but other times those seats are assigned for life. Another fun fact: authoritarians ("I'm in the position of power, you have to do what I say") can come from either...
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    Apple Updates MacBook Pro With Faster Performance and New Features for Pros

    Much of the criticism is accurate. Their hardware is always behind the times! I am seeing a huge benefit from that though: I still get regular updates for my 2009 MBP. I pretty much only do software development work on it these days, but I still sometimes need to do audio/video work. It isn't as...
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    Worst Graphics Card Ever? GT 1030 DDR4 Benchmarked

    You know, I'm not so sure. Hasn't the bottom been falling out of their market from the currency miners? Maybe they bet big and made a lot of 1030s, then none of them were moving. Now, to sell them all (instead of dump them in a landfill), they need to build cards - but there isn't enough GDDR5...
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    Amazon's "Pivot" Program Takes Employees to Court

    Generalization-like typing detected. That's not at all what I have found, working with homeless and folks living paycheck to paycheck. I've found our system is built to maximize profit, and the only times that's not happened is when the workers have a balance of control against the...
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    Smart Devices Being Used for Domestic Abuse

    As you note, we do already have laws that can apply. The problem is in evidence - how does one prove an ex is screwing with their lives? It helps to have laws that specify IoT devices can be weaponized in this fashion.
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    Report: Tesla Battery Reignited Days after Fiery Crash in Mountain View

    FTA: The NTSB and Tesla later realized that the battery should have been fully de-energized. Gee, d'ya think?
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    Cambridge Analytica is Shutting Down

    You know it can take time to do a full investigation and build a solid case, right? Especially when it comes to issues of newer technology, where judges and juries need to be walked through completely new concepts? It's pretty similar to the whole Mueller thing - in fact, they may even be...
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    Budget Cuts Release Date Announced

    This looks like a killer app for me. Really digging the music. Might be time to invest in a Vive Pro.
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    Are More Expensive Motherboards Better Motherboards? - [H]

    I'm going to be that jerk who notes that "better" is subjective, so of course the net result will be along the lines of, "Well, that's like, your opinion, man."
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    Repairing my CAT

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    Repairing my CAT

    Some other things to keep in mind: - Magnetic presence along the cable can cause dropped packets - When running cable, unless it's shielded, don't run it alongside of power cables; crossing is fine. That whole magnetism thing - Conduits are your friend - mostly applicable to new buildings...
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    New Essential Phone an Essential Failure

    The reviewer in the video mentioned the display being a potential issue. How does it work for you? Too bright at night/dim in the day? Does it have sufficient auto-dimming functionality?
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    It Looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Will Have a Headphone Jack

    Who isn't convinced Bluetooth is adequate for audio? I simply enjoy the wired headphones and buds I've got, and it appears to be less draining on battery life.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Flickering? Put It in the Freezer

    Huh. My Galaxy S5 does the same thing. Guess I'll give this a shot.
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    Over 5,000 WordPress Sites Infected With Keylogger

    Update Dec. 8 2017: The cloudflare[.]solutions domain has now been taken down. Also: article was released on DECEMBER 6, 2017.
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    Two Questions To Fix Fake News

    I don't completely agree (I feel it's similar, in that the media seeks news that sells, because profit/capitalism). That said, I compliment highly your use of "I feel" over a definitive "the problem is." I've found this aids critical thinking in all involved.
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    Man Causes Explosion in Electronics Store After Biting iPhone Battery

    A warning sticker in Chinese, perhaps.
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    AMD and Nvidia Must Do More To Stop Shortages and Gouging

    It does feel completely disingenuous for them to send out samples for review at this and other sites, then have nothing available on hand for the enthusiasts to purchase. Like, using site reviews to prop up the price and demand even further, completely unnecessarily. Manipulative.
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    Skylake-X Direct Die Frame Cooling Frame

    Now that's a throwback! I remember using a pencil on my Thunderbird to jump connections on top; worked like a charm. Then I jostled the cooler and chipped the die. Goddammit.
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    BWM Loves the Death of Net Neutrality

    How long until we have to jailbreak our cars? And agreed, not seeing any connection to Net Neutrality.
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    The Cable Industry Greets the New Year with a Flurry of Price Increases

    God I am so thankful I kicked Comcast to the curb. There are many aspects to regulation, and monopolistic regional controls are just one. It just so happens that it regulates local governments, benefiting the companies in the industry.
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    Apple Apologizes and Offers $29 Battery Changes

    I'm pretty sated by this move as well. Wish they'd offer it for old iPod Nanos, too. I'd have to think that would reset upon installation of a new battery, or at least be dynamic enough to handle restoring performance (guessing that's what you intend?)
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    Mini will 3D Print You Custom Trim Pieces

    This has got to do wonders for resale value.
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    Cable TV’s Password-Sharing Crackdown Is Coming

    Yes, but that crackdown really won't improve the value of the service or lower the price point, will it? I bet all of those using shared passwords will do almost anything other than sign up for the service.
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    Eight Games to Help You Ignore Your Family During the Holidays

    Isn't the new Portal game coming out soon? I think I'll go with that.
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    AI System Detects “Deception” in Courtroom Videos

    That was a GREAT show. I'm happy it's still remembered. The writing was brilliant, and Tim Roth's charisma was downright infectious
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    AI System Detects “Deception” in Courtroom Videos

    Sounds like a plan. I think that can still be accounted for in our current jury and policing system.
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    CenturyLink Claims There's no Way They Committed Billing Fraud

    Whew! Glad that's settled. I love it when any organization investigates itself and finds itself completely innocent. Happens all the time. Best feeling of relief ever.
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    Get Grim Fandango Remastered Free in GOG’s Winter Sale

    Thanks for the baller heads-up
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    Ontario Working to Ban Eye Tattoos after Woman Injured

    Give it time. Evolution didn't happen overnight.
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    FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

    You really haven't. Shop your gaslighting elsewhere.
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    FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

    You'll note that I didn't say that monopolies cannot exist even with government regulation. Failed regulations do happen. I suggest you study this topic further on your own, it's not my job to educate you.
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    FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

    Completely agreed. It's actually a control mechanism by the parties on top, an oligopoly (either explicit or tacit) enforced by the first past the post voting system we have. CGP Grey's done a great job at illustrating the impossibility of an nth party playing any significant role until our...
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    FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

    That is quite literally all I needed to know. On this, you are completely backwards and wrong. You illustrate complete ignorance of the actual histories of unregulated monopolies in our country, many of which reinforced the Gilded Age's issues. Breaking up those monopolies is the whole reason...
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    FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

    Ahh, yes, based on the Fraser reports. They represent some pretty seriously challenged surveying, not to mention that they release biased reports with politically influential intent. Also, their methodology is scurrilous at best: "The Fraser report is very deceptive because they add to the...
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    FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

    It wasn't my experience either. While perfectly correct that a handful of anecdotes do not completely represent 33 million, that does not substantiate your "6 months to a year" claim. It's very possible that someone did wait 6 months to a year for health care, I just don't know anyone who did...