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    Cooler Master Cosmos II MbK

    Fantastic work, moar photos!
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    Wanting to learn web design, where do I start?

    No. Reason: Above poster made the point, heres the proof
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    Flex help....

    Definitely no expert here, but I did just do this in my prog lang class, so maybe I can try to help a little (not sure about the second problem). So the pattern of the grammar is something like declarations -> VAR variables variables -> VarString COLON vartype SEMICOLON variables...
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    Borderlands 2 Launch Date Trailer

    Shut up and take my money Gearbox!
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    Advice for a 19 year old?

    Agreeing with everyone else. There is a giant gap between CS and IT at my school (FSU). CS teaches you to think and reason beyond anything that can be taught in IT. I even took a few IT classes to see what it was like and needless to say I ran away... quickly. That being said, I don't...
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    Free Anti-Virus Needed for Parents

    Yeah scratch what I said, it might be better on scans but it has been nothing but a pain in the ass on our virus scanning VM's. Guess I'll check out the beta, thanks
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    Free Anti-Virus Needed for Parents

    Going to break the cycle and suggest Avira. MSE has gone downhill in its detection and scan scores. See: Avira is the highest rated free AV, and it is what I'm going to switch all of my home machines too. I know...
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    Nasty new Virus out in the wild

    I just ran into this one 2 days ago (or one very similar, the SST rootkit) on XP and I didn't have the option of wiping the machine (usually with these redirecting rootkits I just wipe/reinstall). Here are the steps I used to clean it completely: 1. Remove Drive and scan MSE>MBAM>SAS. Let me...
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    New Virus this week - Nasty Nasty Critter!

    I work at a university and luckily we have a site license for Win7 Enterprise so when we get virus's that are anything more than just the fake AV's I just wipe the machine. Saves so much time and usually everyone is happy because their machine is running so much better.
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    Networking advice (hub BEHIND a router?)

    I believe places like bestbuy and compusa have a few switches but you are much better off getting one on newegg/amazon.
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    Project: Silent Element!

    Fantastic, can't wait to see more!
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    300$ Build

    lol @ 1 hour later post on xmas eve complaining about no replies. however on a budget biostar mobos are plenty for your needs but so is the gigabyte 740g
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    Permanantly zero out hdd

    You can boot from UBCD and use Darik's boot-n-nuke. It is the DOD approved 2/5/more pass wiping method. Burn to cd, boot to cd, go to HDD > Wiping > Darik's, should be fairly straight forward from there.
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    Trying to help build my parents a budget PC

    Just move it to the bottom or the top. Or take it out.
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    Antivirus for XP

    ^this. MSE will run fine on an older system, its very light. The real problem is that you are infact running XP still. You may want to consider upgrading to Win7 if security is a concern of yours. You can only fortify XP so much...
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    I can't believe I fell for this.

    YDI for pirating not only a shitty quality movie but also a shitty movie. Anyways, MSE + Mbam (+ possible combofix if they don't fix it) should set you straight.
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    Black Ops worth $?

    A stand up job? Releasing a completely unplayable piece of shit is a stand up job? How about next time they want to release a mediocre COD game they spend a few weeks beta testing it so early adopters don't get completely fucked for trying this game that everyone is raving about.
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    Bought Black Ops but will be going back to BFBC2 for a while. Anyone else?

    I was an early adopter of BO and I was one of the unfortunate souls who the game was completely unplayable. Even when I was able to play it for a bit it didn't seem all that great. Seemed like the graphics weren't on par with WAW. After raging about wasting my $60 my friend convinced me to...
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    CoD: Black Ops Issues

    This game is a piece of shit and I wish I never spent the money on it. First COD game I've bought since COD4 and I was hoping this one would be good. Not only is it unplayable but the gameplay is just... mediocre at best. BF:BC2 is 1/3rd the cost and 5x as fun (and the graphics are also much...
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    Black Ops worth $?

    I asked steam for my money back. Not because of the content but because the game is fairly unplayable and has a rediculous amount of problems on release (as in they didn't even beta test this shit at ALL). I know I won't get my money back but I have made sure to tell everyone to not waste...
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    Black OPS release going disasterously on the PC

    Yep that is a big oversight on their part. And also +1 to the 360, and I'm a hardcore anti-console gamer, but yet my roommate's gameplay is much smoother and actually looks better than mine... and hes on a 360.
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    Black Ops fixes thread

    Another odd problem I noticed is that for some reason I hit level 9 and 10 like 3 or 4 times. Is it part of the game design that you lose your level if you leave the game after you level up? Is it one of those things where you have to finish the level to get the level up you got during play...
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    Black Ops fixes thread

    This. Take your $60 and buy a few pet rocks. They will be more entertaining than this piece of shit.
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    Stick with Windows XP on gaming computer?

    Sorry bro but that sounds like user error to me. I think you need to quit telling the OP to not switch just because you have trouble with Win7 because everyone else will tell you (and the OP) that Windows 7 is the only Windows OS that should be running on a non-server computer.
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    Ubuntu IM client

    When I started using Pidgin on Ubuntu it became my chat client for all of my OS's (including Win7). So another +1 for Pidgin.
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    [H]appy [H]alloween

    Hahaha NICE. Don't forget to take some cell phone pix and send em to [H]ard for posting on the front page!
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    Realistic timeranges for CompTIA certificates and...

    Fuck compTIA certs, they don't mean anything and most likely you won't learn anything. Any competent employer will know that they are meaningless, plus you have experience in the field, which negates what I've seen most people get the certs for (a placeholder for experience until they can get...
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    PAV rogue imitating Microsoft Security Essentials

    This is the one time I'm glad my department uses shitty McAfee instead of MSE. These fake AV's are our main source of "omg halps I has a virus" and now this one looks extremely legit... Here's to hoping we don't have an outbreak... /crosses fingers
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    My actual workstation (at work): Left monitor is running backtrack, middle and right are win 7, sorry for shitty quality (cell phone :( )
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    MBR malware on the return

    Thanks for the heads up, luckily most of the infections we get at my department are just fake AV, lol.
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    Antivirus IS help

    What have you run? Did you run Malware bytes? Did it complete? Did it find anything? Can you post the log of the scan? What OS? Be sure to check the Service Pack (SP2/SP3, if it is XP, which I am assuming). Most likely from what you said in your first few sentences I am guessing that...
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    CM The Reform 1.0

    Awesome work, are you planning on putting the 460 on the loop?
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    A list of do it youself *nix router distros

    +1 for sticky, thanks for the guide, I'm going to play around with them on some VM's just like the poster above
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    Is running Windows XP from a memory card on the EeePC 900HA possible?

    No offense man but that is a giant freaking wall of text to read just to ask a question :o
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    Can't get Win7 laptop to connect to home wireless network.

    Just an idea but try removing the security on the wireless, connect to it with her laptop and see if it will even connect without it.
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    Continue the VCDX quest....

    Nice job, just caught up on your blog. Sounds like quite the experience :D
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    Facebook Usage Causes 20% Drop In Exam Results

    Haha seriously, I just had a flash back.
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    Budget gaming pc: help!

    Newegg has them for $50 right now with coupon. Linky
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    $1300 Build. Need some assistance

    +1 for this build, but if you WANTED to spend the max $1300 I would suggest upgrading to a better GPU (5870/GTX470, etc)