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    Zuckerberg Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger

    That'll be a no from me dawg. Facebook who?
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    Bluetooth sucks, period. I use a dongle :( I hate dongles. bring back the headphone jack stupid fucks
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    Vitaminwater Offers $100K to Quit Smartphones for a Year

    I work with a woman in IT security that only uses a non-smart flip phone. No sms, nothing. LOL
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    Apple Revitalizes the iPad Lineup and Announces New Mac Mini and MacBook Air

    meh.. its all overpriced consumer crap imo
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    Science Confirms That Bluetooth Headphones Are "Mostly Terrible"

    bluetooth speakers suck period, bring back the headphone jack on smartphones
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Processor Shortage Hits NewEgg and Amazon

    I like my 2700x build as well. Works great, less filling :) Suck it Intel.
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    ASRock Phantom Gaming Motherboards to Feature 2.5G Ethernet

    and no decent SOHO 10G switches available
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    WWW Inventor Unveils Plan to Decentralize the Web

    let me know when they have the New New Web up and running
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    Three Young Hackers Get Light Sentences After Assisting the FBI Fight Cybercrime

    Crime for them does pay, look at all the cool shit they get to put on their resumes.
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    Amazon Web Services to Enter Networking Equipment Market

    I just want decent managed lower cost 10gbe switches that I can use for my home lab which isn't crap from ebay.
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    Malwarebytes Update Released to Fix High CPU and Memory Usage

    There are just too many issues with this product that keep happening year after year, making this software almost more trouble than its worth. I ended up ditching it last year. They need much better QC and a stronger dev team.
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    Total coincidence: Intel Vulnerabilities Exposed and Stocks Sold

    The fallout from Meltdown and Spectre hasn't even been realized yet.. these peeps are just hedging their bets and keeping their wallets safe. Just wait until the shit really hits the fan. There will be blood.
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    Intel Plans To Have Spectre & Meltdown-Proof CPUs This Year

    AMD will be my next solution going forward. I am done with Intel
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    Google Poaches Another Apple Chip Engineer

    Apple's marketing is their tech. Turds into gold, slapchop, slanket, etc. Billy Mays at a massive Corp lvl.
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    Even Mark Hamill Hates the 'New' Luke Skywalker

    I give SW TLJ a solid meh/10. Disappointed in the direction and how they treated Luke's character and Disney/director just didn't care about the past franchise at all. It should be a fun, campy, space opera with a good story with the protagonists. Mix in some hope and the audience should be...
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    What the Hell California?

    swamp gas
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    Waymo’s Fully Self-Driving Cars Are Here

    Motion sensors are way too pointy. Would not let self drive.
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    Adobe Issues Security Advisory For 52 Security Flaws

    Totally agree.. Flash and also Java are huge piles of smelly garbage and time to take out the trash.
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    Low IOPs using LSI adapter

    SAS 2.0 drives run at 6 Gbps. SAS 3.0 supports up to 12 Gbps. That card should be just fine.
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    2 node Vsan 6.1 cluster - Anyone have this running?

    Just setting up a new 2 node Vsphere cluster and wondering if anyone has setup a 2 node Vsan 6.1 using the stretched mode ? If so, wondering what drive configuration you used, if you'd do it again and how it performs. I have the licensing through Vmug., Was hoping to have around 2-4 TB per...
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    New build ideas

    I can't seem to find the HCL for the memory of this board yet? If I do VSAN I am looking at SSD's, more than likely the EVO's. Any reason not to get EVO's over the pro's? I am probably going 2 x 512GB SSD per machine.
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    New build ideas

    Any ideas what memory you are going use and case? I am trying to find the lowest wattage PS I can find.
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    New build ideas

    Hmmm, the Xeon D's look interesting. I could afford to get 3 of them and put them in a cluster with 32GB of memory each and then use vsan for my datastore. I would love to play around with 10G right to the desktop but the prices are still too high for my likings (switch wise). I am...
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    New build ideas

    Yep, already have the evalexperience subscribed to. I am actually running dual hosts right now and this is a replacement build. I throw the kitchen sink against mine and I am maxed out on Ram and Iops like you but really not so much on CPU but I would rather have more to use than not. Its not...
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    New build ideas

    Ok thanks. I am going to go with the same CPU and Motherboard that you picked out. The 1813+ can't do 10G which sucks so I am probably going to go the SSD route. Gearing up and licesning for VSan is gonna be too rich for my blood. Not really gonna have extra add in cards except for...
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    New build ideas

    Hey all, I am looking for a new build for my lab. I want to go with two systems and probably a Supermicro build. My budget is around $5000 for everything. Not sure if I should go DDR3 or 4 but I wanting to go with ECC. Hoping to get an Intel 6 or 8 core processor and minimum 64GB ram per...
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    How big is your Windows 10 pre-load folder?

    I have two install folder but it won't install (Windows 7 64bit Pro) $WINDOWS.~BT (only a few files in it) and this folder: $Windows.~WS (this folder is 5.76GB in size) Hmmmm..what is going on?
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    ESXi Image Profile question question after upgraded from ESXI 5 to 6

    I figured out how to fix the problem. I was using image profile update (which didn't update the profile fully) so I ran the image install and it worked. Now my image profile is also up to date. It also fixed the sluggishness I was experiencing with my vm's. So I guess I was running version 6...
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    ESXi Image Profile question question after upgraded from ESXI 5 to 6

    when I run this I get: [root@esxi01:~] esxcli system version get Product: VMware ESXi Version: 6.0.0 Build: Releasebuild-2809209 Update: 0 Patch: 11 [root@esxi01:~]
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    ESXi Image Profile question question after upgraded from ESXI 5 to 6

    Sorry, not sure what you are saying? The host is up and running. I am just curious why it says the image profile is 5 while the host is running 6.
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    ESXi Image Profile question question after upgraded from ESXI 5 to 6

    I upgraded my ESXI 5 host via command line to ESXi 6 and currently running build 6.0.0, 2809209. Vsphere client is showing for the host: Image Profile: (Updated) ESXi-5.5U1-1623.... should the Image Profile not be the same as the build I am running? eg. version 6? Anything I...
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    Esxi 6 Host Cache benefits?

    Ok, thanks both. I will use it for something else. cheers!
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    Esxi 6 Host Cache benefits?

    Are there any benefits to using a SSD for the Host Cache in Esxi 6 free edition? My config is one Esxi 6 host (32GB ECC ram/Intel E3-1230) with a datastore on a synology 1813+ box. I installed a Intel 300GB ssd on the host(which esxi can see). Would I see any benefit from using the SSD...
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    Microsoft Lists Upcoming Versions Of Windows 10

    There should be only 2 versions: Windows 10 Windows 10 Mobile get rid of the rest