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    Blizzard Hiring Spree Suggests Diablo 4 Is Being Fast-Tracked

    For me the next Diablo entry needs to be at least as good as Path of Exile. Anything less and I don't even consider buying it.
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Dismisses the Radeon VII as "Underwhelming"

    As a proud owner of a R9 390, FreeSync display and a custom watercooling loop I'd say the V7 is pretty impressive. Does nVidia offer more performance, and better efficiency at a higher price? Absolutely. Do they have a total dick as a CEO? Absolutely. Do I care about PR of companies I buy...
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    The Walking Dead: The Final Season Is Now an Epic Store Exclusive

    You're going at this from the wrong perspective. Large AAA publishers and devs care mostly about revenue, if the number of sales doesn't deviate much Epic will win simply by taking a smaller cut. Once you're talking millions in net sales the choice of store becomes a simple math exercise. And...
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    Mozilla CEO: Microsoft's Adoption of Chromium Is "Terrible" for the Web

    I've been a Chrome user for quite a while ever since I switched from Firefox and Opera before that. Opera kinda fell apart back in the day, Firefox got really bloaty, hence the switch to Chrome, and now I've switched to Vivaldi for it's customisation options. While I can see the need for...
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    Huawei is in Trouble

    Whoops my bad, I guess my reading skills are declining. Edit: are they implying Huawei products made in the US? Because I couldn't find any U.S.-origin products from Huawei as all of their U.S. property seems related to sales, customer service and marketing.
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    Huawei is in Trouble

    I don't want to stop your groove here but a chinese executive get's arrested for selling chinese products to Iran which goes against US sanctions. Also, the US really doesn't have much leverage on China unless they want to start WW III. I agree that China is into some shady stuff but I'm...
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    New Anti-Tamper Tech, Valeora, Debuts in City Patrol: Police

    Going to depend on what game ships with it I guess. Given that it's some new holy grail tech I'm pretty sure crackers will go nuts, gonna laugh real hard if it's bypassed in a couple of days. I used to pirate games before the easy return policy on Steam, after demos went away I just didn't want...
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    Top Three Memory IC Vendors Are Generating Record Profits in 3Q18

    Still hoping China catches up or prices drop before my next upgrade...
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    Google News May Shut Down over EU Plans to Charge Tax for Links

    The issue is that people arguably won't visit newspaper websites and instead just read the snippets from Google News, thus cutting into the profit from said newspapers. I call bullshit on that but I'm swiss so I hope the EU trainwreck finally dies and we survive.
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    AMD Comments on DirectX Raytracing Support

    Given there's no 1050/1060 equivalent RTX card I'd argue it's DOA for now. Raytracing is a feature for the top 10-15% (maybe even less). Yes it's nice and everything but it costs money to implement and a large part of your customers wont even be able to turn it on and given the teasers it will...
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    Chiplets Are the Future, but They Won’t Replace Moore's Law

    I'm not an expert by any meassure but I'm pretty sure that most non-gaming software can profit heavily from just throwing more cores at it. The other thing is when it comes to gaming, how much more singlethreaded performance do we need? When will GPUs start to level out? Yes you might see some...
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    The NVIDIA RTX 2080 Experience Signs RTX Off

    Well graphics cards don't usually explode in your face if you screw something up badly at manufacturing. To be sure you'd have to boot up every GPU, get the drivers loaded up and start a game, that would take a lot of time even if it's automated and it's probably usually cheaper to just replace...
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    Evidence of Supermicro Infected Hardware Found at U.S. Telecom

    I really wish they'd show some pictures of that connector/chip. I realise that the chip embedded in the PCB would be hard to show off but an unusual Ethernet connector should be easy. Can't find a reason not to disclose some hard facts unless there are none. 0/10 - still not buying it. Third...
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    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    And here's me wondering why sensitive data is stored on devices that have a physical connection to the internet...
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    DLSS Performance Gains Explored

    Pretty sure nVidia will do their best to ensure devs of major titles choose DLSS. Added benefit is that it's proprietary tech that could hurt AMD a whole lot more than HairWorks did. Hell we could even end up with AAA games not being playable at 4k/60 on AMD cards because the lack of DLSS giving...
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    Take-Two CEO: Game Streaming’s Latency Problems Will Be Over in a Few Years

    Let's assume a bad case, you live around San Diego and the servers are located on Long Island: Distance ~4'000 Km Speed of light in fiber optics: around 70% light speed so ~210'000 Km/s (4000 / 210000) = ~19ms one way pure transfer time Obviously there's some more latency along the way inside...
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    HP Introduces Metal Jet 3D Printers

    I'd really love to see printed bioengineered hydraulic manifolds that don't blow up into my face when put above 250 bar. Until then printing is off the table unfortunately :(
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    Corsair T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair Build and Size

    Yeah I hope my Steelcase lasts 10 years, not because it's expensive but because it really fits well. I'm not saying racer chairs are bad btw but they lack some adjustments I need (seat length, recline function that doesn't suck) and my back doesn't play nice with those lumbar cushions. The...
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    Corsair T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair Build and Size

    I personally went with the 1000$ variant this time after I've went through 5 chairs in the sub 400$ range. Can't say much about the durability yet but comfort is at least 4-500$ better than what I've had before. My posture and back just don't work with racing chairs, at least not for The Long Haul™.
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    Tesla Opens 10,000th Supercharger

    My girlfriend and I did some math and googling and we found out that when we travel from Switzerland to France (~950Km) our break interval and time fits the range and loading times of a Tesla S perfectly and there are plenty of superchargers along the way. We might not have much endurance on...
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    AMD Wraith Prism Stock Cooler Eye Candy

    I just wish they had a non-cooler option right from the start. Not saying the stock ones are bad but what am I going to do with it when I'm running a custom loop...
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    Windows Embraces New Space-Squeezing Photo Format

    Pretty sure high traffic hosters like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. care about every KB saved because it sums up over time. Traffic and storage aren't cheap either, consumers might not care much but companies that host content do a lot.
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    Now BMW is Recalling 12,000 Diesel Cars Over Emissions

    They don't actually need to cheat to pass the NOx tests they just need more AdBlue®, but that would require bigger tanks for that and more frequent refills which would drive up costs too much. Most "professional" models like the Crafter for example tend to be fine but they gobble up more urea...
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    German Court Says Facebook's Real Names Policy Violates Users' Privacy

    Given that I mostly use FB as a tool to communicate with people I've met and don't have their phone numbers I actually liked having real names. Well now all I'll be getting is a ton of sweetgirl89 and powerboy23 I guess given the track record of earlier social websites. Don't get me wrong, I...
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    Verizon’s New Prepaid Plan: 500MB of Data for $30/Month

    Meanwhile in Switzerland, which is notorious for high prices, you get a unlimited 4G flat for ~$63 or 3GB for ~$40. And I still think we're paying too much...