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    Is Apple making an 'iPad Pro' with a stylus?

    The iPad Pro is targeted towards professionals. A few of our designers are really interested in the product (and we are an Apple ecosystem company). Price isn't really an issue for business expenses; it's actually reasonable if you compare it to Wacom's offerings (that is if you are an...
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    Best place to sell a macbook pro?

    Never had any issues with selling items on CL, especially many Apple products. Just meet at a public location such as a coffee shop. And take cash only.
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    Apple "Spring Forward" Event

    When the first Air came out it was more expensive and the specs weren't great. Funny how the Air was released as one of the more expensive MacBooks, but is now representing the lower tier. This new 12" is in a similar situation, I think. It wasn't until the second generation when the Air became...
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    Apple "Spring Forward" Event

    I think as time goes on the cost of manufacturing of the new 12" MacBook will go down and the style will start to trickle down at the lower price points.
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    Apple "Spring Forward" Event

    I think they are positioning themselves to merge the Air and "Pro" lines.
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    T-Mobile Unveils Data Stash

    You might be interested in this new plan they announced last week:
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    OS X 10.10 broken animations/UI interactivity

    Odd. Have you done a clean install? May be a bit drastic, but it'll probably address all the issues you are having.
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    iMessage + Android

    90% of the people in my social group use an iPhone. iMessage degrades nicely for non-iOS users, so there isn't much of an issue.
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    dead MBA :(

    Did you use a credit card? Check to see if it has the perk of extending warranty on purchases. For example, American Express will extend warranty on electronics up to one year.
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    Can Money Buy You Happiness?

    Money buys you a level of freedom. That freedom can potentially create happiness.
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    Can't install iOS 8.1 on iPad mini

    Have you tried rebooting the iPad?
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    I finally handled an iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6

    I'm getting a little under two days with moderate use. Charges pretty darn quick as well.
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    Rumour : New iMac to have 5K Display & AMD Graphics

    Ditto on the 5k iMac. Received mine two weeks ago. Side by side with the other iMacs in the office (every generation since Mid 2010), the screen is clearly a huge improvement. The text sharpness is very apparent and a joy to work with (I do a lot of coding and photography). Only problem is my...
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    I finally handled an iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6

    Had my iPhone 6+ (with the Apple silicone case) a week after launch. I came from using a 5s and a Galaxy S3 before that. Took some time getting used to, but I am able to use it one handed (I have small hands). I do agree it is awkwardly weighted at first, but it took me a few days to adjust. A...
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    Apple artificially restricting handoff features?

    I saw this over at Mac Rumors. Can't vouch for the tool...
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    Apple Pay Experiences

    Went to Whole Foods on Monday. Payment was easy-peezy. Plus I got a free apple out of it for using Apple Pay...
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    Where do you like better to buy apple products? Online stores or physical stores?

    Online shipped to the business address if it is a BTO. If I am unsure of the product or if it is baseline, I'll check it out at the Apple Store, which is only a 5-10 minute drive.
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    Rumour : New iMac to have 5K Display & AMD Graphics

    No gold iMac??? Joking. Placed an order for a BTO (maxed out except RAM) the moment they hit the online store. Just in time before the tax year ends :) Will report later on my impressions.
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    Lost backup password

    I think she is SOL. Passwords for encrypted files are suppose to be unrecoverable for a reason. If she didn't remember setting the password, it could be just "1234". From Googling, apparently it works for some people. Some other...
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    Website Forums?

    Open a subreddit on Reddit. Doesn't provide much in terms of being customizable, but it is easy to set up and maintain. Plus many people already have Reddit accounts. For your use case this is probably the best way to go.
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    Rumour : New iMac to have 5K Display & AMD Graphics

    I can see Apple offering retina and non-retina iMacs due to large costs, similar to when retina was introduced to the MBP line.
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    Rumour : New iMac to have 5K Display & AMD Graphics

    I hope they release it soon. Been holding out for the next big iMac upgrade at work.
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    it is official iphone 6 plus is too big for my wife

    Phablets are the in-thing the last few years in Asia. I've only travelled to Hong Kong, Macau, China, Japan, and Taiwan, but they all had one thing in common: a good amount of them are phablet users. This is very apparent when you are riding in the trains/subway. I imagine the 6 Plus is to...
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    Now that you got your iPhone 6 ...

    I love my iPhone 6 Plus. White silver + White silicone case is the way to go. Camera focusing is noticeably faster.
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    iPhone Pre-order

    Interesting. I ordered a T-Mobile iPhone 6 Plus 64GB off of Apple on preorder night. Got an Oct 1-6 estimate. Just received a text saying it has shipped with an expected September 24 delivery. I'm happy :)
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    1Password for iOS free for a limited time (normally $10 IIRC)

    The password archive is stored locally or in the cloud (specifically Dropbox). If you forget your master password you are pretty much SOL. I've been using 1password for the last couple years to store unique 50 character (or whatever the website max is) passwords for every account I have. Have...
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    WTB/TF: R4i Gold & R4i Gold 3DS cards (or similar)

    I have a R4i Gold 3DS (RTS) that I bought from RealHotStuff. Used it once. Realized it didn't do some of the things I expected it to do. Didn't do my research. Pretty much in new condition. If you give me a reasonable offer, it is yours. I haven't been active trading on HF, but you can find my...
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    Hype about Apple Pay

    Google Wallet has a reasonable amount of security and I am sure Apple Pay has a good amount of security as well (especially considering they are working with the CC companies). Credit cards comes with fraud protection for the cardholder. It costs time and maybe a little headache to fix...
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    Hype about Apple Pay

    This killed Google Wallet for me back when I had an Android phone. I have a bunch of cards that give 2-5% cash back...
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    iPhone Pre-order The preorders made are doubled from Apple's preorder record of 2 million (iPhone 5) o_o
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    Transfering multiple files from Ipad to Ipad

    Great file manager Couple that with your cloud storage of choice.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Haha, yep. That was the idea.
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    The largest I could find is 1280x800. I removed the Arch Linux text with Photoshop. If you can find a larger image with minimal garbage on it, I'll clean it up for you.
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    Google Image search does wonders :)...
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    Couple of questions regarding an iMac purchase

    Any external CD/DVD burner that uses a USB connection would be suitable. They can go for around $30. If she has any other Apple computer that has a drive, you can use the Remote Drive option. If you are looking for convenience for the lady friend, I'd just get the external drive. I would...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Regular grocery plastic bags is sufficient. Don't have enough money to spend it on the fancy Glad scented bags.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Hahaha yeah. We gave our coworker (the one that will be using the Mac Pro) a lot of shit for it.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    I guess I'm the first one... The BTO came in last Friday. I think we ordered 5 minutes after orders were allowed. The Mac Pro is for video work at the office. - 3.0GHz 8-core with 25MB of L3 cache - 32GB (4x8GB) of 1866MHz DDR3 ECC - 512GB PCIe-based flash storage - 2x Dual AMD FirePro D700...
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    Coding on Macbook Late 2013 13'

    Coding on the 13" MBPr is okay on 1400x900. If you have good eye sight, I would suggest installing RDM and set the resolution to 2560x1600.