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    [Guide] How to remove the anti-glare(AG) coating from a Dell U2312HM LCD

    I never got that far. Removing the casing was just too difficult. I don't see how it's possible when it won't budge even with all my strength pulling it and hurting my hands yet the screen will crack if you so much as breathe on it heavily.
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    New monitor - preferably 32'', 1440p, VA

    Phillips BDM3270 easily: +5 year warranty +best 1440p VA monitor reviewed on Tomshardware +no weird Samsung vertical pixel spacing causing blurry text +avoid possibly terrible Samsung warranty support according to some
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    32 inch UHD IPS panel for color critical work and games

    I've narrowed the choices down to either the BenQ PD3200U, Samsung LU32H850UMUXEN or LG 32UD99. The LG isn't available yet but the only technical review is promising albeit slightly higher lag than the BenQ which is the best according to NCX. The Samsung is a VA but has quantum dots and is a...
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    [Guide] How to remove the anti-glare(AG) coating from a Dell U2312HM LCD

    Finally tried removing the Benq bl3201pt bezel following this guide using plastic pry tools. Spent an hour carefully prying and not getting anywhere and causing mintor damage before reading this thread. I used as little force as possible struggling to get one edge to come off and then it...
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    Upgrade 3570k to 7700k or wait?

    Wait or get Ryzen. Kabylake has a major hyperthreading bug. It's so bad that it should be grounds for return if Intel don't fix it soon.
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    Is mixed (DDC+D5) pumps in series a bad idea?

    Run them in series to combine their pumping pressure. It's no different than batteries in a electrical circuit where the waterblocks and radiators act as resistors.
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    My build log and overclocking--i7 7700K kaby lake @ 5.1 GHz watercooled

    Is the Core Temp VID the actual voltage being run through the chip? 1.44V is over the safety limit.
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    OLED 4K 30" 60 Hz - Dell UP3017Q

    The pricing is very similar to the first 4K monitors that used 31.5" Sharp IGZO panels.
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    Anybody regret their 7700k purchase?

    But it's not. Just under 20% absolute and under 10% IPC over IvyBridge is rubbish. It hits 76C at stock under water so you need to add $50 for delidding and there's no guarantee it'll go beyond 4.5Ghz stock without being AVX unstable failing Prime95 and IBT. Waiting for 6-core CoffeeLake or...
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    Anybody regret their 7700k purchase?

    Yes. Going from a 3570K @ 4Ghz to a 7770K @ 4.4Ghz has yielded barely 20% according to IBT from 110glfops to 133gflops which is exactly as I calculated (3% Haswell IPC, 3% Skylake IPC, +0.5Ghz clockspeed). CoffeeLake being released so soon threatens making the 7700K obsolete more than Ryzen...
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    De-lidding without a De-Lidder

    You could try holding the IHS in a vise and using dental floss soaked in alcohol.
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    Is installing "Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Software" necessary ?

    Are the 32-bit .exe's and tray icon necessary? If so I'll be uninstalling it.
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    Help Choosing a MB for an i7-7700k

    Gigabyte. Best warranty service by a mile.
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    What memory is better? G.Skill Trident RGB or Corsair Vegence LED

    Given the numerous reports of problems turning off the annoying pulsing LED lighting and poor reputation of the Corsair Link Software which may be needed to be actively running to control the LED's, I'd avoid Vengeance LED.
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    Does your memory pass rowhammer test?

    Historically mem86 was always a complete waste of time for me. 1 day, finds nothing. Then IBT fails in 3 minutes.
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    BenQ BL3201PT 4K monitor

    It appears to just have dithering support. Nothing special there. Why is this textbox lagging so much?
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    If you own a Fractal Design power supply we'd love to hear your feedback

    Newton R3 800W It failed after a year sadly. The black stealth cables were very good quality. Much better than the stiff braided cables in the current EVGA P2. A waterproof PSU would get my attention. Maybe work on that? Otherwise I don't see how you can compete with Seasonic & SuperFlower.
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    BenQ BL3201PT 4K monitor

    I'd estimate "the glitch" to be closer to once per half-hour than 1-3 times a day. The touch sensitive buttons randomly going on & off is far more annoying. Light from the screen itself is activating them.
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    Panasonic display with contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1

    Plasma is far from obsolete given OLED's uncertain future with only one Dell vapourware monitor in existence. Plasma is an on/off display with practically perfect response and uniformity. LCD's are backlit displays with grey-blacks. VA's are nothing special. They simply "crush" the darker tones...
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    Monitors -- Why have LCD's sucked for so long??

    CRT is obsolete for good reason. They emit x-rays and flicker. Eyestrain is inevitable. You'd have to be crazy to risk eye damage and migraines when plasma and OLED are available if you must have perfect blacks. The Dell U3014 is vastly superior to most LCD's too. It has a 3.2ms gaming mode...
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    Best Mechanical Keyboard, Money No Object?

    I don't know. My Corsair K7LUX RGB Red works fine, has no flicker and the software just takes some used to getting set up. YMMY is always applicable. Buy what you like, because it's you doing the liking. Not anyone else. Maybe Corsair upgraded the controller in the Lux series. The flicker is...
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    Best current TIM?

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    Best Mechanical Keyboard, Money No Object?

    Ducky Shine or Das Keyboard. Corsair Link software is undesirable and their RGB controllers flicker. Wish I had got a Ducky.
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    Monitors -- Why have LCD's sucked for so long??

    CRT's were terrible for eyestrain. OLED > Plasma > LCD > CRT LCD's have gone backwards since 2011. Features that improve image quality such as glossy, polarisers, GBr-LED backlighting have quietly disappeared. Now we have ultra-widescreen and curvature as the main selling features at a premium...
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    DOOM's Vulkan update is now live

    Performance is roughly proportional to the die-size raised to the 1/2 power.
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    Are You Jumping Ship?

    I nearly lost faith in AMD but Nvidia might be cheating again: The guy on the right noticed worse image quality compared to the RX480 running Doom. 1:01:00
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    HP Spectre 32" 4K monitor HDMI incompatibility ?

    It's obviously not the screen if it works on the PC. It's got to be the GPU's on the devices that are unable to support HDMI 1.4 properly. I'd never get a Mac as they're crap style-over-substance anyway.
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    Let's make our own AMOLED monitor

    Why not buy 10000 units and start manufacturing "HardForum" branded AMOLED monitors marketed for enthusiasts? Just need $50million capital to get started.
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    Which VA panel, BenQ BL3200PT or Philips BDM4065UC

    The original details are hidden inside the thread that is hundreds of pages long.
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    Which VA panel, BenQ BL3200PT or Philips BDM4065UC

    BenQ without a moments thought. The Philips isn't square. It's a 98:100 rectangle. Something to do with Chinese manufacturing and using the cheapest glass.
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    How long will HDD's remain relevant to home users?

    Hard drive development has become glacial since the Hitachi 4Tb came out years ago. They used to double in size every year. SSD's are already at 2Tb and mechanicals are still stuck at 6Tb. When SSD's were 128Gb, mechanicals were already 3Tb.
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    EVGA P2 or Corsair HXi

    Corsair has the best warranty support by a mile but the H series seems to have coil whine more often than not. Superflower Leadex 850w TITANIUM is probably the best right now. No reviews yet.
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    Honest opinion of ISP, G-sync and 1440p

    LCD sucks in general: -washed out colours due to no glossy coatings anymore -bad blacklevels, uniformity, bleed -IPS glow instead of polarisers to eliminate it. -cheap LED strips instead of full array backlighting -dead pixels, trapped dust, trapped insects, "bruise" blemishes and gridline...
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    BenQ BL3201PT 4K monitor

    January 2015 model has the same "bruise" which isn't classified as a fault.:mad: Also has bad red tint, blue glow in the left and yellow glow in the right-top corners.
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    High quality, < 25-inch, =>8 bit, IPS?

    UHD Blu-rays are speculated to be 10-bit and should offer that at absolute minimum.
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    BenQ BL3201PT 4K monitor

    How did you remove the panel casing? If you put the plastic back on would BenQ notice the AG missing?
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    BenQ BL3201PT 4K monitor

    It is unclear whether glossy screens have a clear film layer instead of the AG film in which case removing the AG film would make the surface very vulnerable to damage. He must have damaged the polariser layer else there'd be photos by now. :(
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    BenQ BL3201PT 4K monitor

    Is there a red tint on yours? The one here has far too much red. It looks washed out compared to my glossy. I tried tweaking it to get the colours more accurate: Red - 95 Contrast - 50 Brightness - 30 Hue - 48 Saturation - 50 Gamma - 3 Sharpness - 5
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    Samsung U32E850R (4K/UHD) - Eye Strain

    How does the IQ compare to the BenQ BL3201PT? Is the coating lighter?
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    Crossover 44K 40" 4k - PWM free - 144Hz@1080p

    Are these crossovers the only glossy 4K available for the near future? I can't stand matte.