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    Need advice on finishing this build

    You should use an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler like the Corsair H100i or a comparative cooler with a 240mm (2 x 120mm fans) or a 280mm (2 x 140mm fans) radiator.
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    how does this build look so far ?

    I didn't realize that the 2TB WD Blue was 5400 RPM. My bad. I thought that the 2TB WD Blue has the same spindle speed as the 1TB WD Blue, which I've now discovered has two model numbers. (The 7200RPM version of the 1TB WD Blue is WD10EZEX.) Disregard my earlier recommendation. Let me...
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    Need advice on finishing this build

    Overclocking is not difficult these days. There plenty of good overclocking guides on YouTube, not to mention the good folks here at the [H]. You can stick with the i7-8700K and the Asus Strix Z370-H. I still recommend the Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM (DDR4-3200) to prevent any clearance issues...
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    how does this build look so far ?

    I believe that your spending is a bit out of whack. If you're spending all of that money for case fans, I recommend that you instead spend some of that extra money on a better CPU cooler (like the Corsair H100i or the Noctua NH-D15). Additionally, the NZXT S340 comes with two 120mm case fans...
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    Advice wanted on a pre-built 4K gaming rig

    If you plan on overclocking your i7-8700K, swap out the Corsair H60 for the H100i (or one of the 280mm AIO coolers).
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    how does this build look so far ?

    Here's the direct link:
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    Need advice on finishing this build

    Do you want to overclock? If yes, how far do you want to overclock your processor? I ask because you can save some money by choosing different parts that aren't "optimized" for overclocking. For example, you can buy some DDR4 2666 RAM for considerably less than DDR4 3200 RAM. While an SSD will...
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    how does this build look so far ?

    NewEgg has a GTX 1080 on sale this weekend for $580: $579.99 - MSI DUKE 8G OC GTX 1080 (sales price, expires 5/20) If you buy it this weekend, you'd save $100 from what you could buy from SuperBiiz. As for the hard drive, since it's not your primary drive, you can save some money with a...
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    Am I missing anything?

    What are you going to use for the CPU cooler?
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    Building Budget Gaming PC Need Advice

    How badly does your friend want to game? The prices on mid-range cards have ballooned to the point that they can easily cost upwards of half of your budget. Add in the inflated cost of DDR4 RAM and you may need to increase your budget. For example, the following build is what I would consider...
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    i7 9700k or Ryzon 7 2800x

    I haven't heard of any confirmed dates for either platform. Then again, the skeptic in me believes that Intel won't release its new platform before mid-2019 at the earliest. I believe that AMD will never reach the level of Intel's single-threaded performance, but historically, AMD's claim to...
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    Time for a new build :)

    Ouch. My condolences to you and your hard drives. Usually, a new power supply shouldn't kill your old drives. Usually....
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    Time for a new build :)

    Do you have an external hard drive enclosure or a USB-based drive dock? If so, disconnect and remove your drives from the computer and use the enclosure or the dock to test them individually. If not, maybe you should consider buying one. I recommend a USB 3.0 dock as USB 2.x would take too long...
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    Time for a new build :)

    What are you using as a video card? Are you overclocking your processor? Your video card?
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    $600 Build Help

    Which specific games do you want to play? What's the brand and model of the monitor? Were you planning to buy from NewEgg or Amazon?
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    Help with new 8700k upgrade

    Briefly browsing through the Scan website, it seems to be the Vengeance LPX RAM or nothing. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, as Corsair is one of the better RAM vendors, but I didn't see other low-profile RAM like the Crucial Ballistix Sport, the ADATA XPG series, or the Kingston...
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    WTB ps3

    I have a first-gen PS3 (originally with a 20GB hard drive but replaced with a 1TB drive) and a still-new-in-box DualShock 3 controller. The first-gen PS3s are noteworthy because they had the physical PS1 and PS3 CPUs allowing them to play PS1 and PS2 games. I may also have some games, but I...
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    Christmas Gaming Build for Dad - Planning to build on 16 DEC!

    Fort Belvoir? You should head to Micro Center in Fairfax. It's worth the drive. The key thing is that Micro Center sells its processors as "loss leaders" to encourage you to buy the rest of your parts there. That, and you also receive a bundle discount when you buy the motherboard and the...
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017 Build

    Save the GTX 1080 upgrade for when you can afford both the video card and the new monitor. The GTX 1060 is fine for 1080p gaming. Were you able to find an i5-8400 or an i5-8600K this past weekend? Do you plan on overclocking your processor?
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    New PC build, last one was in 2011, any help appreciated

    One caveat, though this may end up being "do as I say, not as I do".... You don't need 32GB for gaming. No, really, you don't need it. More memory would help you for content creation (or, in other words, 3D graphics or video editing), but gaming is still largely a GPU-centric task, especially...
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    New PC build, last one was in 2011, any help appreciated

    The retail versions of Windows 10 (non-Pro and Pro) come with a USB flash drive (instead of a DVD), but they cost more than their OEM counterparts. If you decide to stick with the OEM version, there are also many guides online that show you how to install the Windows ISO onto a flash drive you...
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    VGA docking station to DVI KVM and display adapter?

    What's the model number of the laptop? The docking station? There are numerous DVI-to-VGA adapters and cables you could buy from Amazon or eBay. In terms of visual quality, however, Display Port is better as it is a digital output like DVI. It may make more sense for you to connect your KVM...
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    New PC build, last one was in 2011, any help appreciated

    If you don't plan on overclocking the processor heavily -- do you? -- you can save some money by "downgrading" the RAM and the motherboard. For example, a cheaper board like the Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 has most of the same features as the more expensive Asus ROG Maximus X Hero, including...
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017 Build

    You'll be fine with the i5-8400, especially now that you've purchased your motherboard. What monitor are you using? What are the brand(s) and model(s) of your 4TB drives?
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    Micro-ATX build

    To clarify, are you planning on gaming at a 1080p resolution right now? If yes, then you don't need the GTX 1080 Ti.
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    Micro-ATX build

    If you want a micro ATX case designed for noise reduction, then I recommend the Fractal Design Define Mini C instead of the Silverstone TJ08B-E. When were you planning to buy the 4K monitor? If you were to wait over six months before upgrading your monitor, I suggest that you buy a cheaper...
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    HDD problem

    At first glance, changing the drive letter shouldn't cause the syncing problems that you're having. Unfortunately, I haven't dealt with a problem like yours before. All I can do is offer some troubleshooting ideas. 1) The easiest option is to try a different media player like VLC to see...
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    HDD problem

    Your post is confusing... 1) Do you have two SSDs or one HDD and one SSD? 2) What are the brand, model, (storage) size, and age of each drive? 3) Why did you change your E drive to F? 4) Are you watching a streaming movie, a downloaded movie, or a movie from a DVD or Blu-ray? 5) What...
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    Lost chosing usb adapter type c to type a for Dell Latitude 5175 M5

    I agree with DanNeely; you shouldn't look for no-name cables you could buy in eBay. Look for cables from AmazonBasics or Anker. The latter brand is what I trust for USB cables.
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    Dropped my machine, what can I salvage?

    If you don't like your case, you don't have to reuse it. That said, do you want to stay with a micro ATX tower or do you want to "upgrade" to a regular ATX tower? You can stick with a micro ATX for your motherboard, but you can find lower-end ATX motherboards with fewer on-board features for...
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    Gaming build for friend

    I have a few questions myself: 1) What does your friend want to use his computer for? Some of our recommendations would make better sense depending on, for example, whether he's pursuing a gaming rig or one that's more suited for video editing. (If he wants "something that could do everything,"...
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    New 1st time build, research not enough, advice requested.

    Any SSD would work, including the Samsung 850 EVO, but it won't feel as fast as you expected due to the motherboard's limitations with its SATA 3Gb/s ports. I'd recommend Samsung over other SSDs because the Samsung Magician software is better (IMO) than other similar competitors. Out of...
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    Decent laptops for the basics

    Do you have the laptop brand and model? Where can you buy it? How much does it cost?
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    Mobo suggestion?

    Questions for you: What's your budget? Do you plan on performing any heavy overclocking? How many (and what types of) hard drive are you using? USB devices? What case do you have? Absent your answers, any "mid-range" motherboard between $140 and $200 should suit most of your needs fine...
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    Been out of the loop for a bit. Want to build sff system.

    As an alternative, if you're unwilling to wait for Coffee Lake or you want to build something as cheaply as possible, consider going with the recently-released AMD Ryzen processors. The Ryzen 3 processors are all quad-cores and the Ryzen 5 processors each have six cores. Both sets of processors...
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    Upgrading to the 8700k after 7 years. Advice on this build please. $2,000+

    Nothing's been confirmed other than October 5 being the likely release date for the processors and motherboards. Most of the news that I've read seem to "confirm" that the Z370 chipet is "mandatory" for the Coffee Lake processors. (Yet, strangely, the socket remains LGA1151.) I don't believe...
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    USB2.0 PCI-E Cards?

    What "legacy devices" do you have?
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    New gaming build need advice

    Why did you pursue the i7-6850K setup instead of the GTX 1080 Ti? Or did you plan on upgrading to the 1080 Ti after buying the setup?
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    $2000 build request for blueprint-viewing pc

    If you must stick with Windows 7, then you need to "downgrade" to Intel's 6th-generation Skylake chipset. Windows 7 isn't supported on the 7th-generation Intel Kaby Lake processors and, as I mentioned earlier, AMD Ryzen doesn't officially support Windows 7. Here's an "updated" build with...
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    $2000 build request for blueprint-viewing pc

    n00ti, what are you currently using to review the digital blueprints? (Please list the full specs, if possible.) Would you (or your boss) prefer a 28-inch monitor or a 32-inch monitor?