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    PM BENQ for E2200HD Hard Forum Exclusive DEAL

    has anyone got the promo code yet?
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    BenQ V2400w questions ...

    The BenQ store just further reduced the price to $339($379-$40) and free shipping.
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    A-MVA panels?

    BenQ FP241W and FP241VW were excellent MVA displays. It's sad that BenQ discontinued both models.
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    BenQ V2400W In Depth Review

    I am glad you like it. It's not my first LCD but I still think the viewing angle is better than many other TN LCDs.
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    BenQ G2400W

    BenQ store is selling $379-$37.9(promo coe:thankyou10)=$341. Not as good as NCIX but not too bad. Or get the V2400W it's free shipping.
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    Can you use a TN panel as a TV?

    Quite a few TN monitors offering HDMI connection and claimed can be sued an alternative TV. I would think as long as you are sitting right in front of the monitor most of the time so the not so great TN vewing angles don't bother you, it can certainly be used as a TV.
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    Monitor Recommendations?

    I have V2400w and recommend it to anyone who are looking for a good quality TN monitor. It's $359 free shipping on BenQ store now and if you use the thankyou10 promo code you can get it $323. It's really a steal.
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    BenQ Shopper - Are refurbs worth it?

    If you are considering getting refurbished BenQ products I will recommend you buy directly from BenQ's own store They are selling a bit more expensive ($5 more) than BenQ shopper but with more reliable service.
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    Need Avise To Buy 24" LCD Monitor

    BenQ V2400W.
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    G2400WD or E2400HD?

    i have V2400W and it lives up to its promise. I will recommend it to anyone. It's $359 and freeshipping on BenQ's site now.
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    Advice on choosing a 24" monitor...

    V2400W you can find an in-depth review: $359 Freeship on BenQ's website
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    New monitor

    I would rather to pay the difference for FP241VW. VA panel not only allows better viewing angle but also color reproduction rate. I have a V2400W and FP241VW. I love my V2400W and used it for gaming. However, when I place them next to each other, I have to agree FP241VW has better and more...
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    $450-500 budget, narrowed down to 2 monitors. promo code: E2400HD BenQ's own online store has a much sweeter service and return policy than the egg. If you choose E2400HD take advantage of this early black friday sale.
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    BenQ E2400HD Review

    Maybe you can get 2 X 22". BenQ is offering extra 5% for dual monitor set up. promo code: buy2save
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    E2200HD Review, Part I

    I would not. Maybe it's just my bad luck. I had bad experiences - not once but twice - on ebay. One time I got a fake purse for my wife and 2nd time I got a refurbished LCD which was described "NEW" on ebay. I swear to God I will NOT be tempted by the cheap price on ebay any more. Don't listen...
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    E2200HD Review, Part I

    Since the E2200HD itself can only tilt 5 ~ 20 degree and no height adjustable function if you require more stand flexibility you would need to attach your monitor to an artificial arm like Ergotron. Some people are not that picky and the arm might not be such a big thing to them. IF YOU ARE IN...
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    BenQ E2400HD or V2400W ?

    E2200HD was awarded as the Bronze Editor's Prize, I would be willing to give it a try. V2400W was also a very good monitor and search V2400W here you can find many good reviews. Both can be good choices and it all comes to what...
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    Looking to get a new 24" or 26" monitor primarily for Gaming

    I believe I have read about people remove the stands and attach the monitor to an articulated arm. After all, this monitor is VESA compatible. Maybe you can look up the official FP241VW thread.
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    E2200HD Review, Part I

    the availability is US seems ok. At least you can get it from BenQ directly and they have pretty good customer service that you have real human beings answer your questions about products.
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    Official BenQ FP241VW (not FP241W) Thread. Reviews and Pics

    10e and Sanfam if you have any picture of FP241VW after stand amputation, please share with us. I have no problem with my FP241VW stand( In fact I think it's kinda cool among other uniform black framed monitors) but will be interested to know how flexible it can get after amputation.
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    24", No choice but a TN screen, but some questions about the monitors

    I have a BenQ FP241VW. It is a MVA panel, better color reproduction, better viewing angle. You can get it $449 from BenQ directly. Promo code FP241VW50.
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    24" Rant

    how about FP241VW? It's a MVA.
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    Opportunity to Test Drive BenQ Latest Full HD 16:9 LCD

    I found a flash site about BenQ full HD 16:9 series. Kinda funny.
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    best 2-300 dollar 24inch slightly higher than $300 you can get refurbished FP241W or FP241VW
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    BenQ FP241VW owners

    When I purchased mine, it was like 2 months ago, I called BenQ and they told me this model is exclusive to their own store. I had no choice but got it from them. Good thing is their service was very good and I am very impressive. BTW, this will certainly makes you feel better I got mine at $699...
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    BenQ FP241VW owners

    But I just checked Newegg. It seems that this sku was deactivated on Newegg.....?
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    BenQ FP241VW owners

    Why not just get it from BenQ? They have much better return policy than newegg.
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    BenQ FP241VW owners

    As long as you don't mind the huge stand FP241VW is awesome. Fantastic picture quality and not bad input lag. Plus I happened to like its unique look. It's one of the kind monitor on market. You can use thankyou10 to save about $50 to buy from BenQ.
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    A few questions about 24"

    it's free ship now and don't forget to use the thankyou10 promo code!
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    Is the V2400W right for me?

    the service should be the last thing you need to worry when you buy from BenQ store(at least compare to many other online retailers I have been dealing with such as's how I felt. Since you are dealing with the manufacturer directly and they care more then resellers since this is...
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    1:1 pixel mapping - what is it for?

    1:1 Pixel mapping means capable of displaying a digital signal transmitted at its native resolution without scaling the image.
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    Look for a good 24 inch widescreen LCD

    If it's $450 most likely you can only get a TN 24". BenQ is a good brand to go with. V2400W/G2400WD and even FP241VW are all good choices for gaming. You can find threads here of thorough product reviews for the 3 above models...
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    V2400W from BenQ online store - Free "Standard" Shipping

    BenQ store is pretty good at customer service and return policy. You have 30 day return policy(you can return for any reason ie 1 dead pixel but just need to pay the freight) and the v2400w comes with 3 year warranty.
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    A little help with BENQ FP241VW

    Most likely a GPU problem, you can test for artifacts and stability( link below). also try from secondary device I.E. PS3 / XBOX360 or any other device with HDMI or DVI or VGA to rule out the monitor 100% and then probably call ATI if it displays no problems and test does not give any clear...
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    Please help me decide which 24'' to get

    Or V2400W, I heard that they are pretty similar(except the look) and it's free shipping on BenQ now.
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    Official BenQ FP241VW (not FP241W) Thread. Reviews and Pics

    If monitor is working with Mac drivers at all supported resolution then you are not missing anything.
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    Best 24" Gaming Monitor for Under $700?

    Actually, it does have VESA compliance...though it seems very difficult to mounted it with the stand
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    Which of these four 24" LCDs is best?

    I think they have 90 days warranty for their refurbished monitors. I don't have any experience buying refurbished from BenQ but since they are the manufacturer(normally they would care more about their brand and service) I would feel a little more comfortable buying from BenQ than buying...
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    BenQ Store Labor Day Free Shipping

    come on! I got mine when it was $599 and I paid for shipping too... $449 for a VA monitor like FP241VW one should be pleased.
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    BenQ G2400W

    I heard that V2400WD is using the same panel as G2400WD, if you don't want to wait maybe you can buy V2400W instead. Other than that, FP241VW is a popular model here. I have one and very pleased with it. Someone here said that it has blackout issue but mine works perfect.