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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Announced

    What do you mean by VPN unlock?
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    ASUS GTX670 $400 Ending Jul 03, 20120 3:00:04 PDT
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    ASUS GTX670-DC2-2GD5 GeForce GTX 670

    Brand new ASUS GTX670. Bought it from Newegg and the very next day found a TOP version elsewhere and didnt want to pay restocking fee so listing it on ebay.
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    MSI : Operation Las Vegas & 3DMark11 Giveaway

    In it to win it
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    MSI : Operation Las Vegas & 3DMark11 Giveaway

    In it to win it
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    For The [H]orde" Boxen giveaway 2.0" Signup Thread
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets!!!

    To block out the world around me to better concentrate on my WoW addiction
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    Need some help

    Ok gonna try to disable core 3 today and see if it comes back. Is this perhaps a problem related to XP that would be easily solved by going to Vista and running the smp client or notfred's vm?
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    Need some help

    Running window xp 32bit on a Q6700. 4 instances of F@H as a service on the quad. The only thing that changed is the video card. Before installing it, I removed the nvidia drivers and removed the gpu client. Installed the new card and reinstalled the newest drivers and reinstalled the gpu client...
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    Need some help

    yes uninstalled and reinstalled. using the gpu2 client
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    Need some help

    I recently upgraded to a GTX 285 from an 8800GT and for the past 2 days my ppd has been roughly 2k-3k LESS than what I was getting on my 8800gt. The log files for the GPU client report no errors. Core is 694, shader clock at 1620, and memory at 1296. Any ideas?
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Count me in
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    Bose Lifestyle 48 Above link has some very good info on Bose marketing, quality of their speakers (or lack of as I see it), and towards the end has a link that has some alternatives and links to many other forums that will warn against Bose.
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    Official Moola Invites Thread

    Ill take one if someone has one left. Email is animal982 AT AOL dot COM
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    Silverprop FusionHL on 6800 series

    It works. See
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    Audigy 2 ZS Platinum $100 AR @ ZipZoomFly

    Looks like Creative is trying their best to clear out the old Audigys before their new cards come out around October.
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    Which two GPU waterblocks would you recommend...

    Im not sure if it will fit on the 6800's (but i think it will since people have got the Maze4's on) but check out the Silverprop Fusion HL video card blocks. They have a copper base and more importantly a brass top which wont corrode like aluminum parts can. I try to keep any aluminum and copper...
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    Determined to purchase the Koolance EXOS-AL

    Actually I believe it's 99.5% of the time that people bash Koolance is because they either know or have built a custom watercooled setup that usually costs less and cools better than a Koolance setup. I have no problem with Koolance. They have to make a great product for as many great reviews...
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    Determined to purchase the Koolance EXOS-AL

    You will probably be able to buy extra tubing at somewhere like Home Depot but the longer the Exos is away from the computer the more its going to hurt the already pitiful flowrate the Exos units have giving you the performance of a $50 heatsink for the >$200 you spend on the Exos. I could go on...
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    Stick with Nforce2 Onboard sound or get Audigy Z2

    Id say stick to the Nforce2 onboard audio. My guess is that the new Soundblaster cards will be coming in a couple months that will be much better than the current Audigy2 ZS if you really need a PCI sound card.
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    Pure Gaming Monitor (CRT/LCD)

    Sign up for Dell email updates and every once and a while they send 10-25% off coupons which can be used to purchase the NEC 2141FP. I recently got the 2141FP from Dell at 25% off and free shipping which beats the hell out of Neweggs price. However 25% off coupons are very rarely sent and its...
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    Getting new radiator - Danger Den or Innovatek?

    I dont know what CPU and GPU block you have but you could probably upgrade your entire loop to 1/2" ID and buy a dual heatercore from DD for about $50 cheaper than either of those rads. Its you money though so if you want to waste it I'd go with the Blace Ice one.
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    PCI Express for socket 478?

    As far as I know PCI-E is built into the Northbridge chipset of the 915 and 925 chipsets of which no board Ive seen plans to use socket 478.
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    My performance isn't as good as expected...

    Im assuming you have the fans on your rad pulling air out of the case? If so you are pulling hot case air through the rad instead of cool outside air being blown through the rad which is going to effect water temps. Also you have two 90 degree fittings on the res and 90 degree fittings really...
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    dual pci express boards.

    There will be both P4 and AMD Fatal1ty boards which are being announced this coming this Saturday at Quakecon.
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    dual pci express boards.

    Its PCI-E thats going to support Nvidias SLI. PCI-X is an OLD 64 bit pci slot which is only used on old server motherboards. Also there isnt any Nforce3 thats going to have dual PCI-E its going to be the Nforce4 which is due sometime in the 4th quarter of this year. The Abit Fatal1ty series of...
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    whats a really good pump?

    The MCP650 is probably the best pump you can buy right now for PC watercooling besides an Iwaki MD20RZT which are more than double the price of the MCP650.
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    Abit IC7-Max3 i875PE: Next Gen? The above is a link to Abits motherboard roadmap for Q3 and Q4 of 2004 for both AMD and Intel based boards. You'll see that there are no more socket 478 boards being released in the future from Abit.
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    Looking For 21in New Gamming Monitor!

    I have to agree on the NEC 2141 that was posted in the above link. The viewable image is 20" which is the same as you'll see on 21" monitors and depth wise its actually shorter than some 21" models. I just bought my NEC 2141 and absolutely love it even after only using it for 2 days. You dont...
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    new DangerDen Block, 125$$?!?!

    I am a little disappointed the block is going to cost so much and I doubt performance is going to be that much better over just a waterblock on the GPU and ramsinks on the RAM. From what I have been reading clocking the core higher is going to get much more of a performance increase than...
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    Anyone see Decisive Battles on THC?

    I did it was pretty damn impressive. For those that want to see it or other Rome: Total War vids register at and then head to their download forums.
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    Best CRT monitor for DOOM3?

    If I was going to spend $5000 on a monitor I would do multiple 20" LCD displays or maybe just one of the new 30" Apple Cinema displays. However I would never spend that much so a single NEC 2141 will be fine for me and will probable be more than acceptable by most people who do gaming. The only...
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    FP2141 22" in NEC

    All Aperture grille monitors like the NEC 2141 will have the lines. Most people generally accept them and dont even notice them after a while. If you absolutely cant accept the lines you need to find a shadowmask tube based monitor instead of an aperture grille monitor.
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    Doom ]I[ Pre Orders and EB Games ...

    I think you have Doom3 confused with Everquest 2 which I dont know how. Everquest 2 is either 10 cds or 2 DVDs. Doom 3 is cd only and I think its 3 or 4 cds.
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    New water cooling system...I think temps are too high

    Only 1 120mm fan on the rad? Do you have a shroud in between the fan and the rad? If not add one and if you arent using 2 120mm fans in a push pull config consider doing that as well.