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    AMD Zen Rumours Point to Earlier Than Expected Release

    Yes they fucking did, hell they were driving that thing. The Pentium 4 was a giant pile of shit, the only reason we aren't running 8 ghz p4s right now is AMD.
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    NVIDIA Back to Dirty Tricks with GTX 900M Series Overclocking

    clock blocking and player hating, they better stay away from my mom.
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    AMD Failure rates

    Glad you called him out on that. It was a ridiculous statement.
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    Intel SSD 750 Review: NVMe for the Desktop @ [H]

    I will be very interested in this type of drive going forward, if for no other reason than pushing the consumer market ahead.
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    Replacing 2tb games drive

    Meh, when the desire hits me I want to game then not reinstall and wait for the game to update. The steam backup only seems to backup the core game data and they still have to update, sometimes those are gigs worth of data.
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    Replacing 2tb games drive

    I like to have my entire steam library available for guests and old school lan gaming. My internet is too slow to DL games as needed unfortunately.
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    Replacing 2tb games drive

    The current drive is a caviar black 2tb, it's been clicking and taking longer and longer to load things. I have been nursing it along but finally think I need to go ahead and clone it and just wait for it to die. Speed of loading and games is really the only concern for the drive, I thought...
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    Legendary Celeron 300A overclocked @ +700 MHz

    I still have mine, rocking a hedgehog dual with two deltas, wish I had a mobo, this thread made me want to build a glide rig.
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    computer for my son---I have these parts(7850k)-opinions?

    I had pretty much the same set up and it would chug on D3 when the enemies got thick @ 1080p. But it wasn't horrible, and lived with it for about 6 months.
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    Antec EDGE 550W Power Supply Lucky Draw

    Antec PSUs have never let me down.
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    Thinkpad E555 with FX APU

    It's just the newest APU, not an actual fx proc like on desktops
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    Are video cards the component most prone to failure?

    I don't know if it counts, but the only component I have consistently had failure issues with over the years has been SATA cables.
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    R9 290, $290 - $20 MIR = $270

    pretty significant one
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    Upgrading video card soon

    the crossfire route isn't a bad idea at all. 270x xfired isn't bad performance, and should be cheap.
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    Tweaktown's AMD FX-8350 vs Intel 4930k 4K showdown. David slays Goliath again.

    There hasn't been a compelling reason for me to spend over 150 bucks on a CPU for a long long time. Kind of wish I did something more cpu intensive, I almost feel like a normal user.
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    Dragon Age: Origins Free Origin On the House

    fantastic game, too bad they ruined the series with the second one. I don't ever understand when devs do that shit. Why dick around with a winning formula for the sequel?
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    R9 290, $290 - $20 MIR = $270

    As someone who generally couldn't care less what my computer parts look like, holy shit that is an ugly card. Ugly to the point it would impact my buying the damn thing.
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    Asus M4A785-M and 960T - not turbo-ing

    I could be completely wrong, but I don't think they will turbo when using the ddr2 controller, I never had a ddr2 machine turbo. I am not even sure the older phenoms 2s even had turbo
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    HP unveils EliteBook 700 series AMD-powered business laptops

    Both of the intel machines run a discrete Nvidia gpu, I looked for where it said it was using the intel graphics but I didn't see it, I did skim though. Also seems the games were dx9 that favored the Nvidia part, and/or reliant on cpu horsepower.
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    R9 290 and VRMs.

    I remember the arctic cooling kit coming with vrm sinks, I just used different thermal tape and it worked pretty damn well. I guess they changed the kit, I bought it within a month of the card coming out. I actually seem to remember it not "officially" supporting the 290 when I did it. Seems...
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    Upgraded to R9 280X

    10-15 percent faster depending on game and resolution.
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    What GPU to replace 290X with?

    high end cards don't generally have vga outputs performance wise you aren't going to get much better than the 290x either wait a while till the new cards come out, if you can live without a vidcard for a while then sell now and wait it out.
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    have you ever seen this celeron?

    I have no idea why but I miss dip switches on mobos. Bring back dip switches!
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    Kaveri IPC

    you are still looking at something around 15 percent increase in performance on the low end when factoring in the ipc improvements and the clock speed. There is nothing to say you can't hit 30 percent or higher if you are willing to eat a couple more watts in power usage. and factoring in...
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    New workstation with AMD Radeon 8570

    I would think an hdmi to dvi adaptor paired with a vga to dvi adaptor would be the easiest way to do it.
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    It's official, Nvidia will not support Mantle

    I think I would be pissed off at NV if I was an Nvidia fan, AMD brings out Mantle and all of the sudden Nvidia can write a driver that offers performance gains like a mofo. Why did they wait till Mantle? Seems AMD did NV card owners a favor, but won't ever get any kudos for pushing the...
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    help upgrade video card

    your power supply is going to dictate your possible upgrade. I would go with a radeon r7 265 if your powersupply can handle it. If you are going to upgrade, get the very best card you possibly can, don't try to save a couple bucks, spend to your absolute budget limits as far as your...
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    It's official, Nvidia will not support Mantle

    I fully expected that response from you. It's like talking to a green colored wall.
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    It's official, Nvidia will not support Mantle

    "While Huddy didn't say how closely OpenGL Next might mirror Mantle, he repeated the contention that Mantle shaped DirectX 12's development. We expressed some doubts about that contention when we addressed it earlier this year, but Huddy was adamant. Development on DirectX 12's new features may...
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    Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone - $39.99 FS at Amazon

    Works fine, att just restricts which data plans you can tether on.
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    Richard Huddy interview @Techradar

    never going to happen
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    Is it just me or what ?

    the people that went balls out and got in early made a ton of cash, easily recouped the hardware costs and were making profits pretty damn fast. The late to the party people that went balls out didn't do as well. Anyways that goes balls out now is probably not making a smart decision.
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    FX-6300 with stock heatsink

    whiny more than loud, if that makes sense. The hyper 212s are dirt cheap and offer awesome performance for the price. Hmm I know I bought a few for 15 bucks that were refurbed from coolermaster, looking at prices it looks like 30 bucks. May not be worth it in your case. If I was back home I...
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    Upgrade Opteron 2216 for gaming?

    The L3 doesn't seem to matter as much as you would think, the difference in clock speed would most likely more than make up for it. Either choice is good one, imo. Article about l3 on phenoms, should apply:,2416.html
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    FS: Radeon 7950 - Corsair HX1050 - Silverstone 850W - 3x P67 motherboard

    Video card arrived just fine, thank man.
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    Upgrade Opteron 2216 for gaming?

    based on your improved performance, it would seem to me those 2224's for 30 bucks linked in the second post would turn that into a decent little rig. Assuming they are compatible. The ddr2 ram thing isn't that big a deal, I did some testing with ddr2 versus ddr3, granted not with opterons...
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    AMD..."Oh crap", Intel

    Well doing some reading and it appears they are going to be pairing x86 cores with ARM cores, so it's not ridiculous to think Keller is going to be tweaking the x86 cores. I am going to cross my fingers.
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    AMD..."Oh crap", Intel

    Meh it wasn't likely they would knock the gorilla out in the first round like they did in the netburst days, but they did. Intel has since adopted a number of their innovations. Don't fool yourself, Intel has the money to throw at foundries, that isn't innovation. Everyone should be pulling...
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    New FX chip?

    I really wish they would just update the 990 chipset. Pile on the features and make the platform desirable. They seem to be focusing solely on APUs. Don't get me wrong the 990 is a decent chipset, but it's basically an updated 790. I love AMD, just wish they would throw some weight at socket...
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    AMD..."Oh crap", Intel

    Yes, we must all root for the 800 pound gorilla to win the fight. How dare we pull for the little guy.