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    WTB: pci-e vid for $40

    I've got a MSI 9800GT 512 OC
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    Windows Server 2012 Deduplication Ratio

    I just started playing with this feature today. here is a good article about it: I used the DDPEval.exe tool to run against a few of our 500GB disks in production. The...
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    Confirmed: Windows 8 to include Hyper-V

    The way I see it is the replacement for Virtual PC which has serious limitiations. With VMware jacking up theur licensing costs and the features offered in Hyper-V 3 I think it should be given serious consideration by a lot of people due to its cost advantages.
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    What's the worst disk latency you've ever seen?
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    What's the worst disk latency you've ever seen?

    I have seen those numbers unfortnatuly...... to the point the guest VMs would BSOD. There can be a lot of causes. ESX Top i syour freinds. Our ended up being a combination of front end SAN port saturation and misconfigured array groups. What kind of storage subsystem are you working with? are...
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    lopoetve: need your help sir!

    I also think it BS that documentation like this is so hard to find. I mean after the amount of $$ spent to get one of their top array's....... I can tell you we are using RR on our USP-V(not-VM). The one issue we seem to run into with the HDS arrays is the maximum number of commands per LUN...
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    VMware Converter error

    What OS ? make sure the HDD controlelr is the correct type for the server os.
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    OS doesn't matter, VMware says ..., not so fast!

    What's funny is what is the percent of the OSes being virtualized on VMware's hypervisors ? Microsoft's server licensing model for virtual servers makes their OS and managment products very cheap for medium to large organizations.
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    VMware Converter error

    check your physical servers for a speed/duplex mismatch.
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    TB data archiving

    last year we deployed EMC Centera for the back end storage for e-mail archiving (symantec enterprise vault) We currently have 30TB of storage available and are replicating it to a 2nd data center on the east coast.
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    P2v...Domain controller to hyper V

    I wouldn't P2V a DC anyways. Its much easier and cleaner to build a new one and promote.
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    VCP 410 is no joke.

    I contected them because I passed it in OCT and still haven't received any confirmation or my cert. This is pretty lame. How long does it take to print some certs up.
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    VMware View 4 and vSphere 4 Update 1 availability?

    I hear it's now the 23rd..... Holding my breath at this point.
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    P2V: vCenter standalone converter fails

    I beleive withj 2003 is uses VSS to snapshot the volumes. Do you see any VSS error in the event logs ?
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    More than 1vCPU? For what application, and why not keep it physical?

    If anyone has any question why 1 vCPU VM's should be your default here it is. Users were reporting slow printing at one of our smaller sites. The print srever has about 80 print queues and was configured with 2 vCPU's and 2GB ram. The server admin decided since task manager shows 100% cpu just...
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    VCP 410 is no joke.

    Yep. Passed it last week. No need for the 2nd shot for me.
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    VCP 410 is no joke.

    what part said expired ? The voucher code when you wnet to register with pearson vue ?
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    WSUS not pulling from local server

    I don't know what is worse.....someone wrote this and has an AD environment or the fact its written in btach scripting. for the love of god tatooing the registry on a large number of systems.... bad idea.
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    Desktop Managment Software

    If yoru using novell you already went wrong somewhere :D Another vote for SCCM> And if your not very large you can get the system center essencials
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    WSUS not pulling from local server

    True and you can test with the local policy instead of editing the registry.......
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    WSUS not pulling from local server

    can you post the windowsupdate.log from the client ?
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    ESX disk write caching

    The USP-V won't have any LUCE LUN's. From what I remember they stated you can't create them on the USP-V. I believe the USP-V and USP-VM are diffident subsystems.
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    ESX disk write caching

    I completely agree. Unfortunately most of our issues are political not technical. When that team is under a different Director and VP. It's a political nightmare where the engineers are just stuck in the middle trying to make it work as best as we can. I think at best the USP-V will buy us...
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    ESX disk write caching

    Unfortunately we have a dedicated team to handle or storage. They have little to no interest in performance tuning and don't understand anything about vmware. Believe me the headaches I have had with my physical file servers and the vmware hosts have given me a crash course in SAN technology...
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    ESX disk write caching

    Not to thread jack but we use Hitachi currently migrating from a USP1100 to a USP-V........ and so say we have had issues is a giant understatement. It just seems like the HDS arrays are just aren't built to handle VMware loads very well. Anyone else have any HDS experience ?
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    Re-Staging current print server

    WARNING: Printmig is no longer supported as of SP2 for Server 2003. It will not properly backup your printers and drivers is certain configurations. Such as drivers that include cab files. Its not supported on x64. It has been replaced by PRINTBRM.EXE which requires vista or Server 2008.
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    VMware + Netware 5 = no gigabit?

    There's one of the pitfalls of virtualization. Now people can keep ancient systems around forever.
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    VMware + Netware 5 = no gigabit?

    Ver 5 at that ? :confused:
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    ESX, Diskeeper, and VM backups

    lopoetve, Are there any vmware whitepapers that discuss the defragmentation of the guest file systems ? What your saying makes sense but It would be a lot easier to convince management to allow me to remove perfectdisk from our vm's if there was some documentation out there.
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    ESX disk write caching

    Can you explain why the boot volume does not need to be aligned. Also per microsoft Server 2008 automatically aligns its partitions to 1MB. I assume tahts ok because it can be devided by 32 ?
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    What are your experiences with Symantec CPS?

    Agreed....its just not recommended
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    Recommend my ESX Setup

    Can you provide details on that ? I assume you wouldn't be using a windows guest ?
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    What are your experiences with Symantec CPS?

    Technically not true. Microsoft doesn't support one way synchronization in Server 2003 R2 or Server 2008. You can manually configure it but it isn't supported. Read-Only is a new AD attribute that is included with Server 2008 R2 which is why when 08 R2 is released they will support a one way...
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    What are your experiences with Symantec CPS?

    I just replaced it at remote office with 160GB on the file server. I replaced it with DFSR. I am seeing a 90-97% reduction in WAN untilization using Server 2008 DFSR(same as 2003 R2). I use VSS to have local backups and replace the file shares to our main offcie where it gets backuped to tape...
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    VMware scaling

    We use to have 3 environments. Development, pre-production, and production. Now the development teams want a new environment every few weeks to test. They only take and never give back. We also have two other clusters in pre-production which will be due back for lease in less than 12 months. so...
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    VMware scaling

    Our new pre-production ESX cluster has 5x HP BL680c blades. Quad Hex-core cpu's @ 2.4GHz /w 128GB RAM. ESX Cluster Total: 288GHz / 640GB RAM 196 VM's running. avg cpu 9% / 23% memory used.
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    long-term value of VMware's VCP?

    Pretty much. I wouldn't go out spend the money on my own to get it. If your company pays for it then I say go for it. The accelerated training class is worth it. Since you get a voucher to take the VCP you might as well.
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    Windows Server 2003 - Shares Appear to Drop Randomly

    Setup a perfmon capture. Look at your Kernel memory useage.
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    Buschman's F/S THREAD

    YGPM for cpu/mobo combo.
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    Creed fans ... greatest hits album $1.99 DL on Amazon

    I love creed. To everyone asking "creed has fans?". yes. Over 30 million apparently. My Own prison is one of my favorite albums of all time. They were the first band to have 4 number 1 hits on their debut album.