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    Just got a receiver...Couple of questions.

    woah woah woah, get some polk audios or if you enjoy more bassy sounding speakers get klipsch orr, a more pleasant speaker under klipsch, energy. this really isnt something you can ask people, its .
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    Screen problem

    your motherboard is faulty, unless the video card was tested in a different machine youre probably going to have to RMA the mobo
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    Can you plug in sata 2.5 hardrive while computer is running?

    yes that is how esata works. technically you can take a cable from the inside and run it to the outside and plug the hdd there. you run a program and check if the hdd has any errors that can be fixed otherwise you might want to get a new one
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    Dead Power Switch?

    also, unplug your usb slots as they tend to overload your computer but that was with more outdated computers
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    Help; I keep crashing

    try updating your graphics card drivers and update the game, there maybe be a fix released soon to cover this issue like there was with grand theft auto 4
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    got $2,000 to spend. help with build

    niceee, but why not ssd.
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    What's holding me back?

    To be honest, theres nothing that should be holding you back from playing a good game of CS:S unless you're running it on full settings in which case I might tone it down a little. My friend has an older setup than you and he runs TF2 and CS:S just fine, with a AMD 3800, 1gb of ram, some...
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    System fried?

    I'm pretty sure your fan controller was saving your motherboard in regards to running that fan. Most likely the fan had some sort of problem where its wiring or motor was not in working condition which shorted your motherboard. There really isn't a way to fix this unless you know how to build...
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    Quad Core or SSD?

    go with the SSD, just OC your processor if you havent done that yet
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    Mouse and Keyboard stopped working after year of use

    No one can help me on this one? Seriously?
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    Pulling My Hair Out...

    Boost your voltage in your bios, i personally do not like evga mobos, but check for everything set to auto, and put it to manual setting it to a relevant value.
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    An absoutely, amazingly frustrating issue...

    Try updating your drivers or setting up a profile in the nvidia cp specifically for this resolution. Or try to run with a different cable.
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    Mouse won't work.

    Sounds like you need to plug in a ps/2 mouse and install the drivers for that mouse.
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    Mouse and Keyboard stopped working after year of use

    Thats what I thought, maybe thats the reason why evga stopped making amd mobos =p I was thinking, I have a usb expansion i could pop in and plug into the mobo. Although saying the motherboard is faulty is very easy, but I think theres more to it, everything else that uses usb works perfectly...
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    Mouse and Keyboard stopped working after year of use

    So I built a computer for a friend a year ago, and just recently it became cluttered with spy-ware and such from poor treatment, which caused the wireless card to stop functioning properly, anyways, I decided to clean it up and ran some antivirus and unlocker on it while in safe mode to delete...
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    GTA IV leaks video memory even with patch

    Try keeping the video memory usage low in the settings, atleast below 512mb if yours is 1gb and see if that works.
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    How much is your Steam Account Worth?

    $0 because my friend got his account banned for hacking and told him he could use mine, and the bastard got me banned =p
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    Finished Fallout3

    haha a week? I did it in 6hrs using noclip =p
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    Retail version of Spore, help please.

    Ouch WinSock errors are horrible, usually end up reinstalling windows because of them. If you have the Vista disc try repairing it, otherwise I got nothing for you besides saying the game isnt compatible with x64 and youre either going to have to switch to 32 bit or waiting for a patch.
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    Which Mouse?

    Deathadder all the way. As for the weight on the G5, it is actually really nice, I prefer to run the sensitivity high and the weight heavy so that theres more precision but if you want a solid mouse I would agree with mooseontheloose and get the Deathadder.
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    Burnout Paradise

    I want.
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    Anyone know of any games that use dual monitors?

    Bioshock has a feature to enable multiple monitors I believe.
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    Computer Crashes while playing games

    Also the rails on PSU might not be giving enough juice to the GFX card although 9600gt isnt that power hungry, or reinstall windows, so besides a memtest I dont know what to tell you.
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    Games to buy for 1920x1200 GTX 285 SLI i7 4GHz setup?

    Check out NFS Undercover and the oldies, they should look unreal. In addition to NFS you could try GRID, thats a good game.
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    How to RIP/copy HALO: CE onto HDD/DVD?

    I dont understand what you mean, if its on a disc why do you need to rip/copy it. If it comes to burning/building an image I would use ImgBurn. For the ripping, go with Alcohol 120% if that doesn't work and its not protected try opening the drive with the cd in, highlight all the items then...
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    Realistic Online FPS?

    If you have an Xbox 360, get Battefield Bad Company that game will rock your socks.
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    Half Life 2: Fire Drill simulator?

    It cant be that bad running through a burning door as long as you dont stop in the middle.
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    Opinions: Which of these games should I buy?

    Fallout 3 was great and now with the new expansion its going to be better. Although the only drawback to fallout 3 was that when you finish the game, its literally finished and you have to start over. OrangeBox is great TF2 will def keep you busy with the ranks and all. And Far Cry 2, thats a...
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    Subwoofers making noise

    I had gotten this 5.1 surround sound system from my dad. It is pretty generic but has powerful bass. When I play bassy songs the sub woofer gives off whistling noises if its too loud. Is there a way to modify the box assuming the port is too small or something other? Thanks in advance
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    Someone please tell me what case this is!

    Seems like a version of a server case, if those are all hdd slots...
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    Need Help dusting the inside of my case ?

    Personally every year or so I just take my computer outside stick some thing in the fans, to prevent rotation, and just use a leaf blower on it, it works quite well and no need to clean up afterwards since your outside.
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    E2140 OC

    True dat :) Switching from a P4 to a C2D is really something but I guess you get power hungry when you feel it has more potential. What does the X10 or X8 multiplier have anything to do with the drawbacks of vdroop? Is it honestly going to give me more speed if it has a higher multiplier...
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    E2140 OC

    Damn, I looked it up and it seems I either need a new mobo with a droop mod or just get a liquid cooling system and hope to get the temps lower so the cpu isn't as stressed
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    E2140 OC

    Alright I had it at 100% OC for half a year now and stable. Idling around 32-33C. I've always wanted to push it more but last time I tried it was slower somehow and I couldn't comprehend it. I used Super Pi and tested at 1MB, results were: 3.2GHz at 19sec 3.4GHz at 23sec with some rounding. I...
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    Will not play video files, when I install codec pack it locks up

    Dude i had this thing happen to me too, but i fixed it by reinstalling a different XP cd, I was pretty pissed cause i couldnt do anything and VLC was not working either. Seems to me that when windows was installing one of the files didnt install correctly. BTW- What ver. of windows are you...
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    Dual Screen Questions (Windows XP)

    Dude resolution definately has an impact because if your play a game windowed it has to rescale the resolution because it not meant for a smaller area, change your resolution everytime you window the game, or just play fullscreen. Becides that consider upgrading the video card driver, they might...
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    will "Vista Activation" work on a hd upgrade ?

    Ive dealt with something like this before, if your upgrading your hdd just keep the system on the one you have now and hook up the new one as a secondary, its going to be larger than just having one. But if your not in the mood for doing that the hdd should still work just as long as your not...
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    Quickfind for XP?

    Google desktop search or the Nero Search that comes with Nero 7 Ultra... goes into your start bar. Id do everything manually though.