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    [SOLVED] Do I have the correct or incorrect Bios from Factory? ... this is my Conundrum!!!

    Happy murdering! I would honestly do a fresh install of Windows by now. Sounds like your installation is rotten to the core.
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    [SOLVED] Do I have the correct or incorrect Bios from Factory? ... this is my Conundrum!!!

    The Bitlocker warning is just there to remind you to do a backup IF you are using Bitlocker encryption in the first place. Since you are not using Bitlocker you can safely ignore this warning and proceed with the flash.
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    [SOLVED] Do I have the correct or incorrect Bios from Factory? ... this is my Conundrum!!!

    You do need a working Windows installation to use the Windows updater, so I can understand that issue. :) But as long as Windows is working properly I would not hesitate to use the updater. They were problematic 10-15 years ago, but that has improved luckily. Often pre-built computers have...
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    Did I Degrade or Destroy my 5950x? Now with a response from Asus on page 2!

    This is Ryzen Master on my computer, Asus CH8 Dark Hero and R9 5950X. Only enabled PBO and set manual limits. No other tweaks for the processor. Notice the empty MEM VDDIO and MEM VTT fields. Your screenshot says OC Mode: Default. Which would mean stock frequencies with no PBO. Resulting in a...
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    [SOLVED] Do I have the correct or incorrect Bios from Factory? ... this is my Conundrum!!!

    You have a pre-built Asus computer which has model specification G15CE. Hence the bios name and version. Asus has a Windows compatible bios updater for version 2.15, why are you not running that instead of fiddling with bios flashback?
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    SSD takes 35secs to boot in comparison to other people's 7sec

    This is a quite common issue with USB keyboards and modern UEFI bios in my experience. Make sure you are plugged into the motherboard directly (on the back of your computer usually). And preferably through a USB2 port, not a USB3 port. If you still have this issue, unplug your computer power for...
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    Ageia PhysX and Windows 10

    Yeah I get the collectability and novelty aspect of it. I just wasn't aware that there would be any difference between running a GPU or PPU for Physx. If that is true for some titles, it's another field similar to the old Voodoo cards I guess. Anyways, good luck and have fun! :D
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    What Res monitor is "usually" used when getting recommended specs?

    Yeah, assume it's at 1080p unless otherwise stated.
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    Ageia PhysX and Windows 10

    Wait, what? A modern Geforce will out-accelerate any Ageia PPU card so why would you want to run with one?
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    What could be the cause of such disappointing audio quality?

    Have you tried with different headphones? May be as good a place to start as any imho. Just to get a feel for if the problem is in the signal chain or cans.
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    970 EKWB compatible with GTX 1080?

    Not sure I'd want to gamble with a 1080 like that. But I took a quick look at some images of reference 970 and 1080 cards. And the power supply area on the 1080 have more components that require cooling than the 970. So you may run into either clearance issues or contact issues there. Otherwise...
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    SSD takes 35secs to boot in comparison to other people's 7sec

    You need to be in UEFI mode with fast boot enabled to reach those speeds. Otherwise all the good old bios screens will eat up your boot seconds. And what is so critical that you need those 20 seconds anyway? Like was asked above, where do you spend the most time during boot? Black/bios screens...
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    Monitor calibration tool recommendation

    Your calibrator is a decent device. If you start using the ArgyllCMS and DisplayCAL combination, mentioned above, properly you will see great results. DisplayCAL is not a tool that works well out of the box though, you need to learn what settings you need to use for your displays to be well...
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    2 x 200 mm fan yields the same temperature as 2 x 140 mm fan

    Nobody can force the OP to understand the physics of fans. The math have already been gone through, and I pointed out that in the case of the different sized Noctua fans the end result of the math is already in the specs. The simplified truth is that a fan provides cooling based on 2 main...
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    2 x 200 mm fan yields the same temperature as 2 x 140 mm fan

    And if you don't bother with the math you can just look at the airflow figure (which are in the specs) for both these fans. Then you'll realise why there's hardly any difference. They push 146m^3/h vs 140m^3/h at max rpm according to Noctua.
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    Looking for THE 7.1 Headphones!

    Lol! Somebody started April 1st early this year!
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    Don't Forget to Type the "O" When Typing .com or Else

    Learned many years ago to hit ctrl+enter when entering urls. This will add www. and .com to whatever keyword you typed in. So for you just need to type hardocp then hit ctrl+enter and the browser auto-completes it for you. But thanks for the warning. Looks like .cm is going on...
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    Microsoft Wants You Using Edge, Whether You Want to or Not

    Joke's on you MS, I don't even use the Mail app.
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    Am I killing my SSD?

    You are in theory correct. This would depend entirely on the configuration of the VM host. Since you can choose if the virtual drive will identify as a hdd or ssd in the settings (at least this has been the case with all the host setups I have used before). But like you said, if this is a modern...
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    Watercool Heatkiller IV Pro Water Block Breakdown @ [H]

    Looking good! And well designed. Will be interesting to see how this performs in testing.
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    Subwoofer Questions

    30Hz is a 30Hz sine wave no matter what size the speaker is. So yeah they have to produce the same wavelength. And the 8" will have to work harder to do so than the 12". But there are plenty of 8" subs on the market that will do 30Hz. Personally I'd lean towards something in the 12" range...
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    I Just Literally Spent 30 Minutes Looking For.....

    Kyle also found his palm attached to his forehead shortly after.
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    Removed a drive from raid, trying to use it as a data drive

    Since you are in Windows, use diskpart to clean the drive. Then set it up as a new drive. This will get rid of any left-over raid information.
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    SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch Happening Now

    That was awesome to watch.
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    Cheapest way to get a really fast cross-platform external SSD?

    You can also find msata/m.2 ssd usb 3.0 enclosures if you got any of those laying around. And the bonus is they're smaller than the 2.5" options.
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    Secure wipe/sanitize SSD

    Modern SSDs have firmware support for secure erasing. Just use a program that can properly use this feature.
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    Faking a fan's rpm sensor

    The PWM pin in the fan wiring is for sending a PWM signal to the fan motor, to control the speed of the fan. The fan rpm is read from the blue wire, like you thought, and this is where you need to fake your signal. The fan rpm signal is not a PWM signal either, afaik.
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    Flashdrive Question

    I don't know the specs on that exact pendrive. But generally speaking the best you can achieve on usb 2.0 is about 20MB/s. And sadly there are plenty of usb 2.0 pendrives out there that only do in the area of 5MB/s at the best of times. So you may have one of those. What you can do to try and...
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    Modding 2.4ghz wireless mouse to use Bluetooth

    That's not how this works I'm afraid. You can't take a random 2.4GHz wireless sender/receiver, tinker with the firmware and magically end up with a bluetooth unit. They're different technologies.
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    Identify the weak link in my gaming PC!

    Yes it should. I ran mine at 512 min, 2048 max for years. Got it set at 2048 min, 4096 max now. And I've never seen it increase past the min setting. But at my old min I would see it increase sometimes which is why I just said to heck with it and went with my new settings instead.
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    Identify the weak link in my gaming PC!

    Yes it does. Many programs, especially games, will assume you have a pagefile available and try to use it without checking if one is actually present. And not having a pagefile will cause issues in the programs that do so. My personal (and professional) advice is that you always have a small...
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    Steven Soderbergh Says He Only Wants to Use iPhones to Shoot Movies

    There're stupid people everywhere!
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    AM4 HSF on a AM3+?

    "Obvious" to you does not exclude the fact that it most likely had to be changed for engineering reasons. If they could've kept on using the same mounting hardware and preferably even the same coolers they would've saved a ton of money doing just that, instead of re-engineering a new mount and...
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    need help: keep losing sound from my ZxR on my PC (software problem)

    I have a similar driver problem with my ZxR on Windows 10. If you look in device manager under sound, video and game controllers you should see 3 Sound Blaster devices. Ignore the 2 ZxR devices, they should be fine since you installed the latest driver package. But on my computer Windows keeps...
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    GT218 [GeForce 210] multimonitor question

    I seem to remember that these old cards only support two active displays simultanously. But I am unable to find any information to confirm this right now.
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    World of Tanks enCore results

    Ultra settings: Native resolution:
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    Server Board question - Asus KCMA-D8

    If they specify a serial number that usually indicates they did a hardware revision at that point. And in this case it sounds like the power delivery sub-system were upgraded or something like that. To support newer CPUs. So basically updating the bios to the latest version on a old serial...
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    Re-using a hard drive with a failing sector?

    One failed sector is the first of many to come. Just be happy you had no lost data and chuck them in the bin. Unless they're still under warranty, then RMA them. Sure you can play around with them for non-essential stuff. Just know they're basically a ticking bomb now and use them accordingly...
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    Name the Swiftech waterblock

    Open iiiiit! Then post pics.