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    Microsoft Introduces Surface Pro 3 Docking Station

    Exactly, they could have sold me on thunderbolt docking station. That would have allowed an external high end video card for gaming. Maybe the SP4 will get it right.
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    John Romero's New Shooter Plans

    I think he should keep it simple/basic. Gameplay first, **** story, haha. Get the community evolved, show what your working on, get feedback. Ignore the praise, take in all the criticism. The Doom and Quake maps are great, and are still fun today. Make some new maps, put them out there...
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    Legendary Sierra Entertainment Rises Mysteriously from the Grave

    Oh snap, maybe they will make a Hellfire expansion for Diablo 3?! :D
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    How I Screwed Myself Out Of A Job At Insomniac Games

    Although I think this comment is maybe a little off from what the original post was about, I do very must agree with what you are saying. I had a really bad experience for a job interview where HR made me do some pretty insulting activities as part of the process. For instance, rewrite our...
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    Sony Stops Shipping PSP: Farewell to a Landmark Handheld

    PSP + monster hunter I pretty sure it did really well in japan.
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    Devil's Canyon Running At 5.5GHz On Air

    Yea thank you for pointing that out, I was trying to find what heat sink they had used, if it was custom or whatnot.
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    The FCC May Consider A Stricter Definition Of Broadband

    No way, I completely disagree with this. We should be setting the bar as high as is realistically possible.
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Performance Review @ [H]

    Sure, certainly we all play games for fun, and I agree, it trump's all. It's just that when a new triple A game comes out we really want to see what it can do with high end pc hardware.
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Performance Review @ [H]

    Yea I think that is a really good observation, I picked up on that too from various keynotes and such that he gave. But later on (maybe even at the last Quakecon) he seemed to have reflected on that not being the best direction to have taken.
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Performance Review @ [H]

    I can agree with just about everything Kyle said in his review. I'm not having the texture pop-in issues that a lot of people are describing, but then again I'm not running it on ultra settings or anything. I do think its worth noting that the game is a ton of fun, I'm about 3 hours in and...
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order PC Technical Issues

    Quakecon 2014 Steam Sale coming up in July no doubt.
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order PC Technical Issues

    Hah, well, thank you for making my day and not shaming me into a hardware upgrade :D
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order PC Technical Issues

    I'm pretty sure I'm using catalyst 14.4
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order PC Technical Issues

    I was playing it this morning before heading out to work, seems to be working great for me so far. However, I only played it for like twenty minutes. my system is nothing to brag about 8150 7970
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    Is Your Internet Connection Slower Than Advertised?

    Charter Advertised: 50Mb/s down Actual: 30Mb/s down (at best) $55/month
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    Open Source Hand Made Laptop Goes on Sale

    It's just a little bit expensive, otherwise I think its really interesting.
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    Google Spent $14M Lobbying Lawmakers In 2013

    Politicians are dirt cheap.
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    Game Dev Says Sales Screw Your Fans

    link to the author's blog post:
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    SimCity Offline Mode Coming

    How is the game these days? Last I heard it was still kind of broken with the traffic AI and what not. I might give it a shot if its patched up. I would even be willing to pay a premium for it if they put it up on steam.
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    NASA Plans to Stretch ISS Program Until at Least 2024

    So much grief towards the ISS. We, as human beings, have built a space station....A SPACE STATION. How is this not an amazing thing. It should be kept running forever, if for nothing more than a historical monument.
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    Best Melt Down of CES 2014

    Oh snap! Ha ha, great response. All the same, I do kinda feel bad for the guy. He must have had no idea what he was going to go on stage and talk about. If anything he could have just bullshitted "well the teleprompter went out so I'm just going to talk about film" and the crowd probably...
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    Gamer Specific Chairs: Are They Worth Buying?

    I've always wanted a A Star Trek TNG captains chair.
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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    Until they get their search feature working better, windows needs a start menu. I'll type in a program, and it will point me to the most obscure things, over a program that I load almost daily.
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    Microsoft is Back on the Chromebook Warpath

    Haha, as someone who does quite a bit a javascript coding, mostly with browser IDEs, I don't know if I would call them useless. Definitely limited in their functionality at factory settings though. Throw a linux distro on the acer c720 and you have a pretty decent $200 haswell laptop. I will...
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    Even Yahoo Employees Hate Yahoo Mail

    Yea, that's really true. It sounds like the're trying get their staff to just use Yahoo's browser based web service.
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    World's Most Elaborate Bitcoin Mining Operation?

    But how fast does it run Quake 3?
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    John Carmack Departs id Software

    Yea, you make a good point.
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    John Carmack Departs id Software

    *facepalm* You do realize there are 200+ employees at id software.
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    Pirate Bay Founder Urges Sweden to Stop His Extradition

    *mortal kombat 2 voice* Toasty!
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    Microsoft Opens Windows 8.1 Preorders

    I really think they should just have a flat rate for the OS. Its weird that the price can vary so much from one source to the other. Have a .edu email address..only $40 Have windows 7...upgrade for $82 Want the full oem version...$100(ish) preorder it from Microsoft..$120 The price...
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    Using An "Iron Man" UI To Make Rockets

    Haha, well you kinda have a good point. I thought stuff like this was already around too, and commercially available.
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    Using An "Iron Man" UI To Make Rockets

    Hah, well what did you want to hear?
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    R.I.P. Windows?

    Hah, maybe I have nostalgia goggles on, but wasn't windows CE just windows95 for moble devices, or was it NT based. I'm not saying it was great, but I do miss the simple UI of windows 95/2000
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    John Carmack Joins Oculus VR

    Wow, first Todd Hollenshead and now John Carmack. I demoed the Rift at Quakecon last year, was amazing. I figured it would be some gimmick until I actually put it on, blew my mind. I'm really looking forward to the consumer release of this. Also, I'm excited to to hear that Carmack is going...
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    Microsoft Stock Takes A $32B Hit

    and the same person that was in charge of office when it starting using the ribbon interface is now in charge of xbox... i stopped using msoffice when the ui switched to ribbon...still pisses me off.
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    RIAA Wants Infamous File-Sharer to Campaign Against Piracy

    Loud Noises!
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    Microsoft Rolls Out First Windows 8.1 Bug Fixes

    I thought I noticed something weird like that, I'll have to check those settings when I get home.
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    5 GHz FX-9590

    So, anybody plan on trying this out? Hah, it sounds like its going to run at 220W. That is a massive amount of heat to get rid of. Any thoughts?