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    iPad Finger Painting Portrait of Morgan Freeman

    Have to agree with the BS statement: Here's my layered version over the HD youtube clip. Minor ration issue I'm guessing from my screen cap. Image is full size so just click the link below.
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    US Dept of Defense OKs Social Media Access

    Being active duty USAF with 17 years service I'd say it's got it's good and bad things. Some of us can use it to tap experienced minds from around the world where a quick question can be answered by many and not by one guy who might be wrong. Many of us already do this with our cell phones...
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    Transparent Laptop

    So much for privacy.
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    Man Mods Missles onto Motorcycle

    FTW! :cool:
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    Galaxy - 8 Weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 3

    22 pages and 849 hopefulls. Plus 1.
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    Cool CG Car Video of the Day

    So that's where all the folding cycles have been going.
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    Defense Department Partially Lifting Flash Drive Ban

    Guess comm is finally getting sick of the massive boost in email traffic since they stopped letting us store files on our personnel thumb drives. When they started this ban we'd have to email files to ourselves to use on different computers because they can't figure out how to create a folder...
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    Ham Radio Enthusiasts Hope to Bounce Off Moon Today

    I have my ham license - KD0DNT. I use my radio to relay information to the national weather service since I am a local Skywarn storm spotter/storm chaser.
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    Are these XBOX 360 game prices insane or what?

    Yea it's gotta be a error in the search results. Still insanely funny though. Thank God one-click buy wasn't turned on.
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    Are these XBOX 360 game prices insane or what?

    Ok so I'm sitting here next to my 10 year old looking at games for his XBOX 360 on Amazon. These prices are retarded, just look for yourself.... Transformers $128.97 Madden 07 $107.97 Tenchu Z $128.97 Call if Juarez $141.97 I don't think he clicking the obscenely rick snobs link for...
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    Pc gaming chair

    My chair is very close to that. Except mine has microfiber suede and a waterfall designed seat cushion to help blood flow so your legs don't fall asleep. Very very comfortable. Got it at Sam's Club for $99 and I like it better than the all leather $200+ chairs they had there.
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    Secret Photo Embedded On Vista DVDs?

    Got it on my Ultimate 64 OEM
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    ASUS Commando @ [H] Enthusiast

    Anyone know how to disable the Press any key to continue.... prompt at the CD detection stage when booting up?
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    Asus Commando, post problems? Read inside.

    I just got my Asus Commando with a E6600, 4 gig of G.Skill DDR2800 and Ati HD2900XT to upgrade my current system. So I assemble the new setup and everything is working great. Speedy and fast. I clean up my cluster around my desk and push the tower back into it's spot with all my USB cables...
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    8800GTX or HD2900XT?

    I don't know but a bunch of guys over at Rage is saying they are not having the same problems as in the review. I got a 2900 coming, shoot me, it's my money, if this don't work, I'll RMA back to newegg.
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    Ban On Monthly Internet Access Taxes In Danger

    I think if we all vote the opposite that they vote on this bill we'll be a happier bunch of people. :cool:
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    discussing the warez problem

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    Lian Li V2000 issue (big pic)

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    My Friend Has $4000 to spend on a laptop

    I wouldn't spend much over 1500 on a laptop. Because you can't really upgrade these things. Sure you might be able to get a new video chip installed, hard drive, and add more memory but I wouldn't expect the standard to be the same when that time came. I bought my Acer Ferrari 4000 early in...
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    You can help make longhorn better!

    Oh God yes Kill the Floppy! The only time I have ever needed to use the damn thing is when I reload with my SATA drives.
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    Best AGP supporting board?

    I plan on buying a new processor. I generally retire the entire system except this time where I'm sort of stuck with the X800XT. I can't justify getting a PCI-E card of comparible performance on my budget. :( I'm trying to stay around $500 for a CPU and motherboard and maybe a bit more for...
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    Best AGP supporting board?

    I've been out of the scene for a while since things have been rather boring in the pc world to me with the slow speed increases. I sold off my 2.8Ghz intel system since I had too many computers. Then my parents house burned down and I had to give up my 3.0Ghz Intel computer and send it to them...
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    Keyboard virus?

    Haha! The USB keyboard was ar rubber GrandTech Virtually Indestructable keyboard and it failed first. I wash that thing in the sink with soapy water! I still think it might have been a virus to have effected the keyboards in the BIOS as well. It's working good now though.
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    Why did you choose Intel?

    I sold my P4 2.8Ghz off for cash since I had a shuttle system with a P4 2.4c running at 3.2Ghz. I then sent my shuttle to my parents since their computer was destroyed in a fire. Now I am stuck with my AMD 3000XP and it's got plenty of quality ram and storage but runs like crap compared to my...
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    Keyboard virus?

    I just tried a brand new el cheapo keyboard and it's working now. I didn't dare let the computer load windows and went straight to a full format. Odd how I had 3 keyboards USB and PS/2, all go bad with the same problems on this system . Boggles the mind.
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    Keyboard virus?

    Sorry the forums were going down when I was trying to edit my original post. This happens even in the bios. The Up Arrow, Enter Keys, and number pads on all keyboards are inop in the bios. I also checked the region settings for the keyboard. I tried for format and reload but the keyboard...
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    Low on hard drive space - weird

    5 gig is realllly tiny even for a super clean well maintained system. I figure 20 gig is about right. Oh just look at my c: and I got a meer 1.2 g/20g left and I got about 650G of space partioned out. Oh also go into the windows add and remove programs and uninstall all the junk you don't use...
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    Any way to change my name?

    Heck charge $10 give me 25% and I'd do all the name changing. I could really use the cash to by a new computer next week. :D
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    Keyboard virus?

    First of I'm not quite sure where this belongs so mods move as required. There's a always someone writing a damn virus for everything under the sun. I just replaced my kids motherboard because the keyboard(s) weren't working. I tried 2 PS/2 and 1 USB and none of them worked properly. 15 or...
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    Keyboard not working USB or PS/2??

    Well I've tried both USB and PS/2 keyboards and the results are the same. Anyone have any ideals?
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    Keyboard not working USB or PS/2??

    This is a odd problem I have a older Soyo Dragon Plus SY-K7V with a XP1900. The USB keyboard I was using had a bunch of keys stop functioning. I figured the keyboard got damaged since it was on the kids computer and it was one of those rubber foldable Grandtec keyboards from plycon. I then...
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    Getting a Shuttle XPC SN45G2V2!

    Yea remove the rear grill and if you don't need to floppy remove the cover plate to allow more air flow. Also change out the crap loud fan they give you for something better. I gotta buy me a new shuttle since I sent mine to my parents cause theirs burned up in a house fire. :(
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    Best portable mp3 for working out?

    I used to have a Creative Zen 20 GB I sold it and bought a Rio Forge 128M (edit I got the 128M not the 256) and upgraded it with a 1G SD card. The player is fantastic for working out. It comes with a arm band that's comfortable and the ear buds sound great. I can easily skip tracks and adjust...
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    Project: Evangelion

    Very nice work! :cool:
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    Walmart 17" LCD 15ms...$228 good deal?

    £133 is right at $250 so yea that's even a good deal on this side of the pond provided it's got a descent name and warrenty.
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    I busted a kid at work today trying to steal a game part 2

    No wonder I missed Part 2 it's been hiding in the other forums. Say does Colt have a GenMay account?
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    Multiprotocol on a wireless network issues?

    I'm trying to upgrade this inventory control program at work that recently went to a multiprotocol encryption. I'm running into a ton of problems getting it to run on my D-Link DWL-7000 AP and Linksys WMP54G wireless nics. My problem is all computers will see, ping, and browse each other fine...
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    Project Necromonger

    Yea I was going to do my V2000 with this same theme a while back but changed my mind since there wasn't anything released like reproduction helmets and props. Yours seems to be coming along nicely! Wish I had the time and patience to do this level of detail. Keep the updates coming
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    Bondo Bucket

    Very interesting. I bet that front bezel weighs a ton. :cool: