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    cyber/black Monday is coming up -- 4K 60"+ tv?

    I'm in the exact same boat as you. Looking to get Samsung JU6500 or 7100 during black friday sales.
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    Seiki SE50UY04 3840x2160 50" TV ($1300)

    Radeon 6990 does not support 4K. It's maximum resolution is 2560x1600 per display
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    Don't buy the hype on using a 4K TV as a computer monitor

    This made me lol. :D I just copy pasted an article I read online. The link is given in the opening post. I've asked the author to come here and respond for his benefit. May be he will..may be he won't.
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    Don't buy the hype on using a 4K TV as a computer monitor

    When unknown television maker Seiki released the world’s cheapest 4K TV, many programmers jumped at the opportunity to gain a cheap 4K monitor. Early reports touted vast screen real estate and sharp picture as a massive productivity boost for developers. The trouble is, it’s not all it’s cracked...
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    Worth the fix AVR 254

    I have the HK 247 and it stopped working couple weeks ago. Probably not worth it to get it fixed. I'm going to buy a new HK 1700.
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    Seiki Announces 28", 32", 40" 4K Monitors with HDMI 2.0 and Displayport 1.3

    Bigger displays should come out later: 55", 58", 65", 85"
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    New Seiki 4k displays (HDMI 2.0) 2014 Q2 (55/58/65/85 inch)

    When are these newer TVs going on sale? Any further news? 2nd quarter for 2014 is already here.
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    New Seiki 4k displays (HDMI 2.0) 2014 Q2 (55/58/65/85 inch)

    For those who can wait, it's better to buy a future proof 4K TV. A next generation graphics card with HDMI 2.0 can can be installed later when it comes out.
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    I know this is a TV but it is a monitor question.

    Are you going to use the TV as your desktop monitor? If your viewing/sitting distance is between 2.5 to 3 feet then resolution of the display will matter. If this is the case, then you will greatly benefit with 4K. But if you will be sitting far away from the TV for all your needs, then a 1080p...
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    4K 50" Sideways Mount, Multiple Feed?

    You might have to use an external video mixer which does split screen. Example:
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    New Seiki 4k displays (HDMI 2.0) 2014 Q2 (55/58/65/85 inch)

    I just read this :): At the CES 2014 show, the company clarified what makes its new Seiki Pro brand different, explaining that all of its Pro models are designed to be future-proof and fully upgradeable—in particular, you’ll be able to step up to the HDMI 2.0 standard via future firmware...
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    New Seiki 4k displays (HDMI 2.0) 2014 Q2 (55/58/65/85 inch)

    As of now, the newer models will still only do 30Hz for 4K. Click on product details here: I was expecting an upgrade to 60Hz for 4K.... bummer! This is like one step forward and then one step back again. :rolleyes: Hopefully more updates will clarify this.
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    Seiki SE50UY04 3840x2160 50" TV ($1300)

    Price on Amazon is now $607 with free shipping. This is the lowest so far.
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    Best soundcard to use with a reciever?

    Chaintech 701 has optical out.
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    Which min DVI card for 2405 ?

    I am using Powercolor Radeon 9250. Got it for $43
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    XFX 6600GT, $159 after Newegg rebate

    Matrox Millenium P650 offers dual DVI and you can get it for $142. But its no good good for gaming. Nice card for 2d graphic designing and photoshop.
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    I'm very sad -> I recieved my Dell 2405FPW and...

    I was one of the people to give out the rep's exension number. NO...I do not work for DELL and I did not get any commision whatsoever. Although I know for a fact that my rep sold and will be selling a lot of Dell 2405 monitors because of the original $899 deal postings. I'm just a customer and...
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    ordering dell 2405??

    dude he just went for the lowest quote.... :p No ones kicking your ass
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    ordering dell 2405??

    I got the $899 deal too. NO TAX + FREE SHIPPING. Although my customer rep was different. MY rep told me that the deal is only good till tomorrow 8pm CST. Details: Sales Point of Contact: Jennifer Wilder Email Address: [email protected] Phone: 800-274-0696 ext: 7249414 Good...
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    ordering dell 2405??

    Yes...which rep did you call? Any details on his/her phone number or email? Thanks!!!
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    ordering dell 2405??

    I got an email from Mayur Patel today and he said that the cheapest price he can offer is $1079 + tax + free shipping. He was doing $999 10 days ago but the prixes have gone up now.