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    Been a while...picked up an i7-6850K, what else should I get?

    Thanks for the detailed response! The Cooler Master 212 was the cooling fan I had most been looking at, so I'm happy to see I was on the right track there. Hard drive was something I honestly hadn't put much thought into until this afternoon for some reason. I just figured the hybrid drive...
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    Why aren't there any Socket 2011 boards with good reviews? Any you'd recommend?

    I'm attempting to find a board to go with my recently purchased i7-6850K and I'm finding that none of the socket 2011 boards have very good ratings. All I need is a good, general use board to run 16gb of DDR4 3000MHz ram for heavy multitasking on Windows 10. No overclocking, one Nvidia GTX 470...
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    Been a while...picked up an i7-6850K, what else should I get?

    It's been about 6 years since my last upgrade, and the only reason I really wanted to upgrade is to have more ram. My old board capped out at 8gb, so I looked to upgrade to something with 16+ and found that I could get a ridiculous deal through work on an i7-6850K. So I got the processor. I...
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    Does this look like a video card issue?

    After a few days of downtime trying to figure it out here and there without getting too frustrated, I literally have no idea why it's doing it. I am currently on said computer after a hard restart (pressing reset button on the case) after a lockup after a windows update. This time it loaded in...
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    Does this look like a video card issue?

    I've had this type of artifact happen half a dozen times in the past couple months, generally from installing windows updates and having to restart the computer. The last time I had something like this happen, it was a video card issue, but this...
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    Older case with newer components?

    The 7800GT was single slot, yes, I forget which model but it was an eVGA 7800GT 256mb. I had significant problems with the card originally, having to send 3 units back doa; turned out to be a bad batch. The largest number of seemingly helpful reviews on both psu's came from Newegg. Both are...
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    OCZ OCZ700MXSP vs. Antec TP3-650 (with build info)

    I've been using Everest to get me a temp reading, but it doesn't list one that is just 'case'. It has Motherboard, which generally runs about 40-46c, is that what I'd be looking at to see if I were running over 50c? The general reviews between the two units are seemingly about the same, some...
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    OCZ OCZ700MXSP vs. Antec TP3-650 (with build info)

    Carrying over a discussion from the Case forum, I'm working on a new build that has virtually capped out my budget, and then some. It's a build that is designed to last me roughly 4 years (completely viable as I'm upgrading from an E6600 and a 7800GT from early 2006). New System: - Intel...
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    Older case with newer components?

    How does it compare to the Antec I've got in right now? I should probably make that a new post on the psu forum...
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    Older case with newer components?

    Biggest problem is the cost. I went over budget on the build itself (the new 23" Asus monitor for $140 was too enticing) so another $100 on a psu is too much right now. This is the one I got for $15 after the rebate...
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    Older case with newer components?

    The only reason I was looking at the OCZ power supply was because it was a combo, with sale, and a mir at newegg, making it a total of $14.99 shipped. It seemed like a rough step up from my Antec TP3-650 650 watt PSU that I've had in for a few years. The power estimator showed something like...
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    Older case with newer components?

    The only spot I could really see to add a fan on the Diabolic is on the left side panel, which would be easy...except that where the case sits, the left side is directly against a desk (about 1/2" of space). The front bezel doesn't really give you any room to do anything with as the front usb...
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    Older case with newer components?

    I've been using the same case since my parents got it for me as a birthday present 6.5 years ago, and it's still one of, if not the coolest cases I've ever seen. The Foxconn Diabolic came out in late 2003 and at the time, was a fantastic case. The tool-less design is still flawless...
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    Starcraft 2 Art Contest

    I tried to link to it directly but maybe that didn't work. I had a few PM's asking for the larger version anyhow:
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    Starcraft 2 Art Contest

    My friend and I entered an image in the Starcraft 2 art contest going on now. Check it out here: and give it a "like" (facebook login required) to give us some support! I'll upload the full version if people...
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    WTB Radioshack / Radio Shack gift cards

    I should have closed this thread; I got enough to purchase my iPhone 4 so I'm set, thanks though.
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    WTB Radioshack / Radio Shack gift cards

    I'm looking to pick up some Radioshack gift cards in values anywhere from $10 to $200 if the prices are right. So if you have one and don't shop there often, PM me with how much you'd want for it. Thanks.
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    TV-Out 9800pro issues - please help

    I'm trying to set my parents computer to run TV Out so they can use it as their dvd player, and having done it before, I just can't figure out where I'm going wrong. The computer has a sapphire 9800pro, with a viewsonic 19" lcd connected via vga. The dvi port is not used. The 9-pin connector...
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    Your fan speed is too slow?

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    SB Audigy LS or SB Live Dolby 5.1?

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    What are your case temps?

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    dvd-rom & dvd-rw...which one primary?

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    Temperature Gauges...worth using?

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    Better IM programs than AIM?

    Does gaim still have issues with handling direct connect and filesend to aim users? I haven't used it in a few years, but that was my major reason for switching back to aim.
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    What other programs are there for 'statistics display' (like Winbar)

    I've been wondering if there is anything similar, or better, than winbar ( ) for displaying cpu usage, mem usage, uptime, ul/dl, volume, etc. Winbar 2 has been in development for over 3 years so I'm guessing that will never really come out, so I was wondering what alternatives...
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    Coolermaster eXtreme Power 600W -- good for this setup?

    You really think the Antec Neo 480 would be enough for an e6600 and an 8800gtx? I'm on my 4th 7800GT, the first 3 artifacted terribly and crashed in my games, I'm not sure if it was just a bad batch by evga or what, but some suggested it may be a psu not giving out enough power, which is one...
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    Coolermaster eXtreme Power 600W -- good for this setup?

    Currently using an Antec Neopower 480w v2.0 I'm looking to go with a 'higher end' core 2 duo, 2gb ram, an 8800gts or gtx (possibly an r600 pending when those are released), two hard drives, and two dvd burners. I'm already spending more than anticipated so I'd like to know if this power...
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    GeCube x1950xtx -- any pro's or con's?

    I'm looking to upgrade to an x1950xtx and happened to check newegg today since they're one of the sites accepting the $20 paypal rebate offer. The GeCube x1900xtx is $359 after rebate, then $339 after the paypal rebate. I've never heard too much of this brand however, so while the price is...
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    Looking for a headset for PC -- one ear piece, wired or wireless

    I've been looking for about two weeks now at various stores and all over online, and have thus far found very little like what I want. I'm very used to using a headset for my cell phone which is just a single earpiece that hooks around my left ear, and has the little extended mic on it. It...
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    New Build Problem - no boot, 1 long beep, 2 short ones?

    A friend sent me an email asking about a problem he's having on a comp he's building, and it's not something I've ever seen. Hoping someone here may have experienced something similar at one time or another. His email: "My aunt asked me to build her a new budget computer, so I accepted...