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    Video Game Voice Actors Authorize Strike

    I know you think it's that easy, and admittingly I did too. But believe me, you can tell when someone is just reading lines from a script if you don't get someone who can do a little acting. I don't think you need famous actors however. I don't understand royalties unless they do the initial...
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    The game you like that nobody knows of

    Bad Mojo - To me, I think this adventure game is still pretty unique in how you controlled a roach and really can only do things that a roach could "possibly" do.
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    Computers Don't Have A Sense Of Humor

    Maybe computers can have a cue light that can turn on to let us know when it's joking? That way we can also use it to help us find our way back to a space ship after it blows us out the airlock.
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    Robots Getting Married In Japan

    And Christ was fully supportive of the old laws. He didn't end them per say, but improved upon them. Repeating - “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the...
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    Robots Getting Married In Japan

    New Testament doesn't make the old invalid. Which is why it's brought up so much. "Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of...
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    Ten of the Meanest Video Games Ever

    Metal Gear Solid? What?! ... No.
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    Steam Holiday Auction and Steam Winter Sale

    The game I find most fascinating that never goes on sale is Silent Hill Homecoming. Like it or not, every other game in the world gets discounted, but not that one. It's not a fan favorite and you'd think they try to get anything from it.
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    Games that are better on easy mode

    I don't have a game in mind that is more fun on 'easy' but horror genre games I always play on 'normal' setting. I'm already hyped/stressed out to play horror games. I'm really after a good experience and story. If it's hard and I keep dying a lot, that immediately removes the horror part and...
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    Graphic Shows The Size Of Rosetta's Comet

    GD that is awesome! But also had my virus block popup with that 3 post in.
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    Halloween Steam Sale 2014?

    Yea :) The whole thing is dripping with sarcasm just in case. As a dev, obviously I'm going to care for our game, so "Totally not biased" is biased ;)
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    Halloween Steam Sale 2014?

    This game right here is so good and on sale right now: Three Dead Zed - Totally not biased in ANY way! Heard this game makes I7s with Titan video cards scream for an upgrade* And the graphics are incredibly realistic looking! *mind explodes* It's...
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    The Imminent Death Of The Internet Troll

    I just spat up my drink.
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    Google Calls Climate Change Science Deniers Liars "But what if we're wrong about climate change and we create a better world for nothing!?" - Comment quote for the video
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    Ultra Street Fighter IV is out on Steam.

    I gotz two, but you can find me at gentleman_squid_studio. say something like HORDE! or Hardocp or...You suck! And I'd love to play you :) I'm a Vega, El Fuerte, Makoto, Abel player. Pick one! also a few others
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    Gaming Journalism Is Over

    I really understand the point you are making, but I also understand his point. Nilepez Is just saying that it is not a disadvantage, or advantage, to being "white" or "attractive," but it doesn't hurt either. Initially he didn't say white, but his "prejudice" lead him down this path. ( I say...
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    What I hate about modern games

    I know a lot of people don't like them, but they rarely bothered me either way. To me they are just memory games and I don't mind my reflexes being tested. I loved Dragon's Lair and that's just a giant QTE game. I also liked Simon (the physical game if you remembered that) :D I don't see the...
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    Google Glass The Single Worst Product Ever

    Hah! Almost forgot about those. Never had an issue with my disks though. I was aware of the "clicking death" though
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    Why are almost all indie games 2D?

    I know it may seem easy, but 2D development isn't simply a walk in the park. Pixel art does take a lot of work to look "just right" and encourage you to use your imagination to the details that aren't there. Of course everything art related is opinion, but there is "bad" pixel art much like...
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    Most Depressing Games

    Most of the games listed here don't really seem like depressing games. They have some depressing moments sure. Memorable moments of course. Depressing?
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    Ever just quit a game out of extreme boredom?

    I wish I quit earlier on Shadowrun Returns because I just thought it was kind of boring (and it was my first Shadowrun game) Also wish I quit Dragon Age because I just didn't really care for the story. I beat both games though. Just never made me want to try either sequel/expansions. I...
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    I'm playing this on PC. Only thing I hate is how some checkpoints don't happen after some bosses/cutscenes. Fantastic other than that!
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    Three Dead Zed - Closing in on Greenlight

    Hey everyone, I can really use a little help from the hardforum users. About two years ago, my team and I released a game called Three Dead Zed. We’ve been working for a while now to get both of our games onto Steam and low and behold: we’re actually very close to being Greenlit for one of...
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    How Much Money Can You Save Building Your Own PC?

    Does an All-in-One count? :D I got it only to do conventions and shows since it meant a lot less to carry around. Not the most impressive machine, but gets the job done.
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    If Doom were produced today... It's funny and sad at the same time. I do think there are some things that are better now (I honestly don't mind tutorials that much) but that sense of discovery even for FPS is sadly missed.
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    Aliens; Colonial Marines a Sci/Fi L4D ?

    That guy is a terrible reviewer. Kept repeating the same thing over and I rather him go into detail or show what he's talking about.
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    In retrospect, was the NES really a good system?

    I sadly feel that's how this generation is :(
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    Have you gone Retro?

    I always liked Gates of Thunder more. Also liked it's music more ;) I really don't understand how Lords was supposed to be the sequal. Two different worlds.
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    Xbox 720 Chips Now in Production?

    I'm very interested in this and how all download purchases will be handled.
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    Newell to Kotaku: "our hardware will be a very controlled environment"

    I don't understand how so many of you are up in arms about this. Basically it's a "locked down" computer. It makes it easy for a dev to program for a specification to get a desired result. You still will have Steam on PC. Just use your PC as the console? If it's anything like the PS3 linkage...
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    Megaman X Street Fighter - CAPCOM. EXCLUSIVELY for PC.

    *ha!* That made me laugh :) I missed a bunch of Megaman games too. Something like part 5 and up I just didn't care about. But then I did play the SNES version (first one) and loved it. Then never played Megaman until part 9 on Xbox. The whole revisit back to the original look (box and all)...
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    What game is immensely popular that you just can't seem to get into?

    Interesting list btw. Agree with some of those too (Y I no get into Fallout: Vegas!?) I played HL1 right when HL2 came out. I wasn't blown away, but it was an ok game. There are some really memorable moments. But I went back even further about 2 years ago and played the original System Shock...
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    What do you expect out of next generation's consoles?

    I don't care about graphics. Just fun games. Super Meat Boy is one of my favs and I bought on PC and Xbox. I expect the next consoles to have something "different" like Wii U has with the controller or a better version of Kinect. I think there is a lot of potential there if they get it more...
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    What game is immensely popular that you just can't seem to get into?

    Elder Scroll games. GTA. Minecraft (Any game that actually has no end game like the Sims)
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    What Tomb Raider games are good?

    LOVED Legend. Anniversary was great. I own Underworld just never got around to it.
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    Three Dead Zed - Steam Greenlight and Xbox

    Hello everyone! We're currently on sale at various sites for 70% off right now! In the event we do get on Steam, I'll be more than happy to provide you with Steam keys for your game if you desire them. Thank you for any support :) Desura (Most like Steam)...
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    Three Dead Zed - Steam Greenlight and Xbox

    Thanks Boss and Climber. Climber - I think you're going to like all the updates :) It's truly a night and day approach from what we first released.
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    Three Dead Zed - Steam Greenlight and Xbox

    Hey everyone, Some of you may already know that I'm part of the development team that made a game called Three Dead Zed. We just did an update to the game adding a bunch of features based on feedback from the previous release. We're currently on Steam's Greenlight and we would appreciate...