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    7700k @5ghz+ stability testing. Questions for the people with success

    7700K here, with a Asus Prime 270-AR. I was never able to pass anything with full AVX above 4.8GHZ in any stress/benchmark tool, including OCCT. Temps got way too high to even be feasible to run full time. I would see it hit TMAX consistently. Just to get my second core to not crash...
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    Anyone with a Samsung KS8000? Need your help!

    Ok, well thanks. Seems the latest update, 1121, fixed the issue.
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    Anyone with a Samsung KS8000? Need your help!

    I've been trying to convince Samsung that they have a bug in their current software (I have 1114 as the latest), and since my TV is less than 2 weeks old at this point, I'd rather see if the userbase has the same issue, instead of them replacing the mainboard in my new TV. I have a...
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    New work laptop - looking to extend life of SSD

    Huge help! I had done most of that, but the command for checking TRIM I wasn't aware of, for example. Thank you Piotrsama!
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    New work laptop - looking to extend life of SSD

    I got a Dell Latitude E6530 for my development machine, i7, 16GB ram, nvidia, etc.. but there's also an SSD in it. I'm familiar with Intel and Samsung's latest as I have one of each at home. However, the one in the dell is some OEM from Lite-On with the device name of "LITEONIT LCS-256M6S...
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    Ingress (Google's Android ARG)

    Has anybody else jumped into this? I've been playing since November, L8.
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    Look at all those to the right. They're begging for profile pictures.

    Look at all those to the right. They're begging for profile pictures.
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    My wall is as empty as my relationships. At least with a hooker I can get a handjob.

    My wall is as empty as my relationships. At least with a hooker I can get a handjob.
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    Well, based on all the posts here, I ordered one. I read that red-cap was a good one to order from. So the night of the 9th, I did, and it was already at my house at noon on the 12th. That's really fast. So I opened it up, checked it out, and then hooked it up. Holy crap, why was I living with...
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    New eBay Auction Forum - BETA

    Kyle, I periodically sell used Android devices that I've grown out of or replaced. The site I currently use is It's not an auction site like eBay. Would linking to something like swappa be suitable for this forum, the FS/FT forum, or just not at all?
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    Don’t Get Medical Advice from Facebook

    ಠ_ಠ WebMD was never a good place to get medical advice, how is Facebook any better?
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    Big Ratpadz XT Question

    I'll sign on for a 14"x12"
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    How does flash run on your Android?

    CM RC3 Droid (overclocked to 800MHz), got 10.1 on Sunday, and it works well. I won't use it for daily browsing. It's more for sites, like TheGamerZ suggests, that require Flash for general navigation.
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    Probably Woot Off Tomorrow

    Man, those things are awesome. But make sure you test it first so you know what it sounds like. Took me a few minutes to realize what the noise was.
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    The [H] Dropbox Thread

    I used one of imyourzero's referrals, and offer my own on the off chance that someone would choose me over everyone else before me. :)
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    Looking for feedback on an Android App

    Yeah, I know. I've had the phone for less than a day at this point. Was going to do that later, or wait for it to come OTA. One thing I did notice: Once you hit the game over screen, I understand what "Your Score" is, but should "Best Score" be updated to the new best score right away, or...
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    Looking for feedback on an Android App

    Works great on a stock Droid running 2.1. Nice game, no visible glitches or problems on my end.
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    aim mobile

    I think with AIM, you can still send "texts" through the aim protocol to mobile phones still. A couple months back, I was able to add a phone number to AIM, and then, at least on my Palm Pre using the built in AIM messenger, send an IM to a phone thru text. No text message charges were applied...
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    Sprint Removing Discounts "Break Your Contract"

    I don't know about Sprint since I've only had 1 line with Sprint, but with AT&T, I had a 24% discount that applied to the entire bill. If Sprint was the same way, that's a significant difference, IMO. Edit: Don't know how I missed it, but it seems it's for a specific feature on Sprint, not the...
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    mkv files from handbrake in Media Center 7?

    This is what I followed when setting up mkv playback fro my Win7 MC pc. I rip mkv's using MakeMKV.
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    WTS Media Center PC (pics)

    Bump for a good friend of mine!
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    Wave Goodbye to Google Wave

    I have a feeling that's where we'll see part of Wave being implemented next. Real-time collaboration/communication within e-mail.
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    Do Identity-Theft Protection Services Work?

    What's great about LifeLock is the CEO guy has had his identity stolen multiple times.
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    You shouldn't ride the Metro if you want to stay alive But playing this game should make you feel alright. Hook it up with a GTX 460 It'll make me Hulk up like Mr. Bill Bixby. So MSI what do you say to this little rhyme? I hope that I am some kind of winner this time.
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    Apple Press Conference Friday 10 am

    You've been spot on thus far. Did you write his presentation? Lol *Edit, except for the bumpers. :D
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    Just Cause 2 HardOCP NVIDIA Giveaway

    I want a copy of this game, Just beCause I like the idea of an open environment, and everything I hear about this game seems incredible.
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    Question about a Mass Effect mission (spoilers inside)

    This is the best way IMO.
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    music player

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    Kinect only supports 2 players

    Source: Engadget I don't see that to be a problem though. Seems like the Xbox will be doing more work with Kinect as it is. Something would have to give if you tried to track more things with the same level of detail.
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    Good monitor/price combination?

    I have 2 of the Acer H233H's. I like them for my application, which is running 2 windows of Eve Online, each at 1920x1080. They have HDMI, VGA and DVI, and it comes with all those cables as well. The 2 I have for some reason are different from each other. The lights in the bezel, the print on...
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    Porn Industry to Drop Flash

    Cya Flash. It's been fun.
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    Crackdown 2

    I'll look into it, try the demo, see how the reviews go. I'm not going to base my judgement off of graphics alone. The first one wasn't that jaw-dropping to begin with, but for me, Crackdown 1 provided many more hours of entertainment than GTA4 has.
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    Media player with ISO and Netflix playback?

    I think there's a way to play ISO's from within Windows Media Center, and I know WMC does Netflix. Worth a Bing or two.
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    gotta say it -- iPhone4 fail this morning

    I think you have to find whats right for you. I think the Evo is too huge to be a practical device. But I also have a Pre. For an iPhone, this new device just continues on the standard for iPhones, but I agree that there is nothing truly trend-setting like the original was.
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    WWDC 2010 Discussion Thread

    They don't care about the 3%. They care about the 97% of American's who have AT&T coverage. :p
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    WWDC 2010 Discussion Thread

    IRT Facetime: Makes for some awesome phone sex!!!!
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    AT&T Just Killed Unlimited Wireless Data

    I just looked back. My statement was incorrect for the most part. They added their arbitration rules on the customer TOS, creating a big ruckus around wanting to cancel. Where I got confused is the statement of changes without notice is in their acceptable use policy, which was an ealier concern...
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    AT&T Just Killed Unlimited Wireless Data

    IIRC, last year they added a piece that says they can alter the contract on their own whim. You could have bailed prior to that. Not so sure now.
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    Laptop for a female..

    I found this on Newegg:
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    Laptop for a female..

    Dell Studio 14? Can set color to pink for $40 more.