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    "Captain Marvel" '90s-Style Website Will Have You Nostalgic for Dial-Up

    I thought the "Linux images" were all on EFnet...
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    Netflix’s “The Witcher”: Henry Cavill Cast as Geralt, Minority Sought for Ciri

    Still waiting for the admission that it's a ripoff of Elric of Melniboné.
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    Apple Hints at Plan to Build a Car After All as it Rehires Ex-Tesla Engineering Head

    That'll be an interesting repair video to see on Louis Rossman's YouTube channel.
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    Latest SpaceX Advantage is Auto Self-Destruct

    Destruct sequence one. Code 11A.
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    Still mining with my 11.5 TB plots. I've forged 3 blocks since starting in June of this year.
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    Russian Facebook Threatened with Closure

    That "report"? A big bag of nothing! "High confidence" is government speak for "we don't want to be associated with this should this be wrong yet we still want our funding so we are adding our name to whatever". It was nothing more than a desperate attempt at connecting dots and failing miserably.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I actually found the game to be a mediocre offering that clearly showed its rushed development. This could have been fixed with some SP DLC to flesh out some of the story and add to the game to mitigate the extreme amount of bitchwork side quests that is in the game. It was basically DA:I with a...
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Considering how quickly EA abandoned it and Bioware Montreal got shuffled around by EA, it isn't at all surprising.
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    Why Microsoft Will Drive Serious Linux Innovation

    The "return" of Lindows? :D
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    ME2 and 3 suffered from streamlining, in part due to the devs redefining the game from Adventure RPG ala KOTOR (ME1) to Turd-Person Shooter with very light RPG elements and the line can't be any straighter linear gameplay(ME2) to Turd-Person Shooter with light hints of Adventure RPG and heavy...
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    Microsoft Increases Windows Store Device Limit from 10 to 2,000

    Large businesses. Not really cost effective if the same app has to be purchased and managed in groups of 10 if a company has substantially more than 10 employees that use the same app(s).
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    China Looks at Ending Sales of Gasoline Cars

    Outside of the Gobi Desert, a sizeable part of China is mountains and rough terain (the western third), with that not being the most suitable for solar PV use (without effort to alter the land). Most of their population is to the south and east (costal areas). Again, solar PV has an extreme...
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    China Looks at Ending Sales of Gasoline Cars

    Except that renewable energy sources have neither the power density (hence, requiring substantially more land and therefore are as destructive to the environment as fossil fuel based power sources), nor are they as eco-friendly as thought (look at the life-cycle of these renewable energy...
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    China Looks at Ending Sales of Gasoline Cars

    So more coal-based power plants then.
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    Other than shutting down briefly during the last blockchain attack a little bit back, I've still been mining and buying assets.
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    BioWare Officially Drops Support for Mass Effect: Andromeda's Single-Player

    That would have been their hook for either the next game or decent sized DLC.
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    Bitcoin Has Split in Two

    Legacy issue of the 1MB transaction record. SegWit/SegWit2X is no real solution as it just complicates the issue (basically, transactions ride on a "side ledger" but doesn't fix the core issue), and with the bullying and censoring of opponents to SegWit I would expect this to turn in to ETH vs...
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    1.2.9b-rc2 has been working for me so far. Looks like there is a 1.2.9c version out, but looks like it has some untested stuff in it yet. I'll wait before switching versions again either way. At least the network is starting to get its act together. Just have to wait it out a bit longer.
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    Eight pools are now synced to the same block height and signature.
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    daWallet has released 1.2.9-rc2 of the standalone local wallet (available here) - download the burst.jar and either of the other files, then unpack and copy/move the jar file in to the new directory and run. You will have to start with a new blockchain database. One change to the config is that...
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    Crowe and nameless, yes. BN, no (unless there is something the whole community is missing besides all the shittalking).
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    Lex? The one that was defending crowe and nameless? No thanks.
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    Some pools appear to be back up, but I'm guessing all pools are still on forks. This will get nasty once the blockchain is reconciled, as no one is really sure which fork will win.
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    Supposedly, this attack is by the shitlords known as crowetic and nameless. These two, and possibly others, were in on a scheme to hold Burst down below 300 satoshi since they royally screwed themselves in a ponzi scheme involving a rather large short order on one of the exchanges (in which...
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    Yet another attack on the network, possibly the blockchain itself.
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    This is why I run everything separate. I use the Burst Wallet 1.2.8 for the local wallet (which isn't really needed at all), Xplotter for plotting (working on an 8 TB USB drive I was using for my Xbox One), and jminer for mining. I even run NiceHash during electrical off-peak times (plots are...
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    The AIO wallet is the drizzling shits. You're better off using the separate programs individually instead of via that wrapper.
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    Ethereum and Bitcoin Mining Is Consuming as Much Electricity as a Small Country

    Only 7-8 TB? That's why. It also depends on your pool as well. With my 4.5 TB, I sometime get as low as ~15 Burst, but highest payout was ~70 Burst. This was after switching pools (I was lucky to make 20-25 Burst/day on the previous pool).
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    Ethereum and Bitcoin Mining Is Consuming as Much Electricity as a Small Country

    Well, there was a shitlord who just screwed a lot of the Burst community. Ponzi schemes, DDoS attacks on pools, what appears to be a botnet screwing with the difficulty, and said shitlord "exiting" the Burst scene by screwing everyone that bought in to his assets (offering pennies on the dollar...
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    CERN Data Centre Passes the 200 Petabytes

    Isn't it the other way around? :D
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    Full Body Touch and Haptic Feedback in VR

    Is that you, Pink Guy?
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    The desk of a avid ethereum miner

    You using the "typical" wood frames I see others use in YouTube vids?
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    Full Body Touch and Haptic Feedback in VR

    "Joe is gonna kill you!" takes on a new meaning...and the WWE stops everyone from using chokeholds.
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    when flight sim role playing goes wrong

    I hope PC Gamer realizes airforceproud95 is a satire account (for the most part). If they don't, blog it.
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    Cloud Imperium Issues Official Statement about Rumored Financial Issues

    Actually, that's not true. Shout the name "Anita Sarkeesian" in a crowded gaming convention (preferably from up high)... :D
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    Linus Claims That Chrome Bests Microsoft Edge in New Battery Life Tests

    I've tried Edge. It memory leaked like a mother (a half dozen tabs open only), and stopped using it when I got the Windows Low Memory warning. Back to other browsers. If I wanted that experience, I'd go to earlier versions of Firefox.