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    Mini-itx for 1155 that is still available - Help

    Thanks! This seems to be a higher end board. What advantages do I get from this that I wouldn't from a cheaper one?
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    Mini-itx for 1155 that is still available - Help

    Hi, To keep a long story short I am moving my current computer into a mini-itx case because I move it so often. The problem I am having is I can't find any recommended mini-itx 1155 boards that are still available. Here is what I currently have Corsair 250d i5-3570k h100i nvidia gtx...
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    router under computer help

    Yes, i realize they do it for a reason, and im not too worried about getting caught since the punishment here is just that they take away your router/switch until the end of the semester, something i am more than willing to deal with. I'll try registering my switch and see how that works
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    router under computer help

    sorry, i guess i should have clarified that the school provides its own wireless, and your technically not supposed to have your own hooked up... hooking a router or switch up to the provided jacks does not work, not to mention even if i hook my xbox directly up to the wall, it is much slower...
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    router under computer help

    I am a college student living in the dorms and we only have two ethernet ports per room. A desktop computer hooked up to our internet gets very good connection - something like 65mb down, 30up, and 6ms ping - while wireless connections and xboxs are very limited - more like 1 mb down 1mb up and...
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    Custom external GPU case for laptop

    I'm very interested in doing this so I can bring my laptop up to college with me instead of my entire desktop. Do you have a guide that you followed? Or can you link me with all of the parts you used? thanks, looks great!
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    Scariest video game moments...

    for true fear you can't beat what amnesia has to offer.... All other games just have something jump at you.. which is a cheap way to make something scary. When playing amnesia you are truly afraid for damn near the entire time.. and the encounters are spread out perfectly so that just when...
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    Black Ops the Best-Selling Game in U.S. History

    ... don't kid yourself. soon to be beaten by a new call of duty... yes.
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    Black Ops the Best-Selling Game in U.S. History

    people are just too pessimistic about this entire deal.... i honestly don't know if i've heard any of my friends say that black ops is even close to the best call of duty game, and all of my xbl friends are met through call of duty games... that said.. i'd take the numbers as a good sign that...
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    Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 GC Edtion 768MB GDDR5 $89.99 AR

    in for 1, any fan replacement suggestions?
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    What steam titles have you logged the most hours in?

    Counterstrike source - 290 hours on this account, probably 400 on my old one Super meat boy - 30 hours.. its alot when you consider the game thats about it for me.. the rest are all 3-15 hours on the rest of the 15 or so games
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    Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    GEasnEZJFhNcxzbsFE theres my ctrl-v lol.... an auth code to something ... hmmm o_O
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    Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    because you can claim that you will give one away, but actually keep them both :)
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    two questions about wireless adapters/cards

    do those laptops cards slide into the expansion slot I have, or do I have to open my computer up?
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    two questions about wireless adapters/cards

    the motherboard is a gigabyte p55-usb3 my laptop is studio 1440/14z
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    two questions about wireless adapters/cards

    For the desktop, the only pci slot used is for the 5770... so there is a pci-e and a bunch of pci slots open. my laptop is a dell studio 14z. I don't know specifically what type of expansion slot it is, but it has a little EC logo by it.
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    two questions about wireless adapters/cards

    Hi, so I have two computers that need wireless cards or usb adapters, and i have some questions about them. The first one should be pretty easy, I just no nothing about the things. I built my mother a new desktop upstairs, but our internet is downstairs. We have a wireless router, and its a...
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    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    i visit it for the free video cards ;)
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    Galaxy 5th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    1) Socom 2 2) Counterstrike: Source
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    Galaxy 3rd Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    i'll take one
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    Lack of Accuracy in COD Black Ops

    and jesus christ zombies don't appear until at least 2012. what a stupid game. sarcasm. Its supposed to be what if... not what was.
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    New Xbox 360 Reliability?

    my buddies broke after a week... would freeze while playing games, lag really bad when playing more than one person, and only read some discs... between the 3 issues he decided to go back to the original version.
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    TWO MONTHS of Christmas from Galaxy!

    never tried galaxy out but would love to try
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    Need advice choosing a projector

    yes, the optoma should be fine with a ceiling mount, and the optoma is gonna be by far the better decision over an acer.
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    Need advice choosing a projector

    optoma hd66 is pretty much the only thing i can think of that fits all of your categories, but it fits them pretty well so... enjoy. edit: check...
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    LCD monitor with descent sound

    ASUS VW266H the sounds not great, but its way better than most.
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    My Pet hates in modern gaming, feel free to add yours...

    its funny that a whole page of complaining just happened saying how valve should learn, when they have it down... Is the awp an overpowered gun? yes. Do many games have an overpowered sniper? well, in the sense that they have one that is too easy to aim, yes. Has Valve "learned"? well ya...
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    Asus GTX460 1GB Overclocked Edition With DirectCU Cooler $210

    okay, thanks! now i have to bite -_- you jerks.
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    Asus GTX460 1GB Overclocked Edition With DirectCU Cooler $210

    still confused on if this is the same card as this if their the same, with newegg just 20 dollars more... id prefer to go newegg... i hate waiting
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    up for sale

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    How many current gen console games actually run at 60fps and 1080p?

    no, most games say they support 1080p but don't... even fable 2 which like mentioned above, doesn't come near it, says i supports 1080p.. but there are games that can... so the ps3 can support 1080p, yes.
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    Medal of Honor Beta

    agreed... the menu screens are terrible... worse than terrible... theres soooo many things they forgot to stick into menus... including the ability to leave a game when your dead... wtf? you have to wait until your alive, then quick exit the game before you get spawn killed again.. if you do...
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    Medal of Honor Beta

    it feels exactly like battlefield with smaller maps... Which sounds like a major bummer.. but its actually really fun. the scorestreak (not killstreak) rewards are very satisfying, the gun upgrade system is pretty decent, not everything is destructible which is a huge plus.... but the beta is...
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    Does it bother you when someone else has 'YOUR' in-game name?

    you've been a hard member for 6.3 years... don't act like theres nothing online that matters to you.
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    Does it bother you when someone else has 'YOUR' in-game name?

    Scuba Steve was my very first back playing socom 2 on ps2... it stuck for my 4 years of socom 2 and 1 year of socom 3... by the end of my socom 3 days it was everywhere, and you could no longer get the original Scuba Steve in other games.... so i came up with Free Sample Free Sample is taken in...
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    Did any of you guys buy a game during the Steam sale that's impressed you?

    Killing Floor It's fun to play by yourself online.... And its an absolute blast to have your 5 buddies bring their computers over and play it :) we've gotten together like 5 times in the last 2 weeks just to play it because we have so much fun yelling and screaming trying to survive the...
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    Can I remove the bezel?

    5 years? really? i think your a little far on that. "oval" shaped would never be good for one, because text would just be a headache... but as far as screen to screen with no bezel? that can already be done... if you take apart lcds passed the bezel AND the housing.. youll find that alot of...