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    Anyone here work in a NOC?

    It depends on the NOC setup and what you want to do. I worked for a regional NOC for a national cable company and it was an interesting experience, but it did not really fit well with my carrer goals. It gives you a great sense of all the networks and how they all interact. But there is a...
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    Worst Company In America 2011

    WCIA Is a joke any more anyway, Hell most of Consumerist is a joke. In 2010, Comcast beat out TicketMaster, which beat out BofA? Seriously? In the Facebook VS TWC match, here is one of the TWC digs: "Time Warner Cable is also on the forefront of metered broadband and consumption based...
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    Dell two models

    U2410 is a 1920x1200 24" IPS panel U2411H is a 1920x1080 24" TN panel For general office use, most places don't need IPS panels.
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    Pax East 2011 Thread

    Ill be attending, and got a BYOC Spot with 2 of my friends also. Should be pretty fun!
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    Remote RDC

    you can also setup your router to map port 3389 to the computer you want to RDP to, then you would just need to hit the external IP of your network.
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    Dell U2311H

    So figured i would point this out for anyone who is looking for one: Dell U2311H 23" Widescreen Flat Panel, 3 year Warranty Direct From Dell - $249.99 This is from the Dell Direct ebay account. Looks like they have ~44 of the U2311H in the ebay sale Just wanted to point it out since I bought...
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    Dell U2311H for $250, U2711 for $900 shipped [DELL eBay acct]

    So figured i would point this out for anyone who is looking for one: Dell U2311H 23" Widescreen Flat Panel, 3 year Warranty Direct From Dell - $249.99 Dell U2711 27-inch Widescreen Flat Panel, 3yr Warranty *Direct From Dell* - $899.99 This is from the Dell Direct ebay account. Looks like they...
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    Dell st2220t vs U2211h/U2311h

    Any suggestions on a 120hz one then? Budget high end is $350.
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    Dell st2220t vs U2211h/U2311h

    I have a SGI 1600SW LCD I've been using for YEARS as a primary monitor and now more recently as LAN Party monitor. I'm tired of lugging around the monitor, the MultiLink adapter, 2 power bricks and 2 cables and would like to upgrade. Now I'm eying either the U2211H or the U2311h as a...
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    Network pics thread

    Wow, i know how loud one of those things can be. How loud are the 13 of them?
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    Microsoft Labels Autistic Boy A Cheater On Xbox Live
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    L3 router for CCNA/CCNP

    I'm actually a Certified Novell Administrator for Netware 5. I got it roughly 10 years ago. Its actually been a pretty useful cert in 2 ways: 1. It taught me I NEVER want to admin or use Netware or Novell in any way. 2. I keep the CNA card in my wallet for laughs, and when I need a sturdy...
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    SUPER HIGH Pings, whats the deal?

    What kind of router are you using?
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    PAX East @ Boston March 11-13 2011

    Yeah, there was only 216 slots available. From what i hear though, there are usually quite a few cancellations.
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    PAX East @ Boston March 11-13 2011

    And its sold out! Right now me 2 friends are in for the BYOC, and got 3 more friends who did not pay but are on the reserve list. they were not sure if they were going to be bringing computers anyway.
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    PAX East @ Boston March 11-13 2011

    so I'm confused, because the PAX east website has this in the FAQ: Can I bring my own computer for the LAN? Yes! But you need to pre-register first, so we can reserve your space--don't just show up at the event with a computer under your arm. Bring-your-own-computer registration will take place...
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    I can't play Fallout:NV without high speech! :(

    I'm actually impressed by the mix of skills i need. I remember in FO3 being able to get by anything with high lock picking and science. now it seems i barley use them.
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    How is web browsing with Flash (for IPad)

    With my iPhone, the only sites i seem to run into issues with are restaurant sites who put their menus in a flash app (WHY?!?!) and some oddball video sites that may have something you tube does not. Not really a hindrance at all, I've never thought to myself "Damn if it just had flash!"
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    Remote desktop from XP to OSX?

    Did I do something to piss you off or are you an asshole in general? I love the unwarranted hate. Frankly, I can setup a VPN fine, Previously I was using VNC tunneled via SSH. The point of this post was to get others OPINIONS about various remote access tools and to see if there was anything...
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    RDC suddenly doesn't work, can TWC block ports?

    AFAIK there are no TWC port blocks that would affect this. They have at times blocked certain ports (during Blaster/Nachi for instance) but only in the cases of viruses. Are you on windows 7? Could it be that it detected the new ip, thought it was a new network, and kicked it into another...
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    Remote desktop from XP to OSX?

    I've used VNC in the past and have been less than thrilled with the results, but that could have been a combination of settings or a poor connection. I think ill be trying Teamview (used it in the past) and once i reformat ill give VNC another shot. Thanks for the help.
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    Remote desktop from XP to OSX?

    Any personal experience with them? Anything that seems to work as well as RDP on Windows?
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    Remote desktop from XP to OSX?

    Just looking for any suggestions for remote access to a OSX machine remotely? Client system is going to be XP. Trying to see if there is anything out there besides VNC that i might not have heard about.
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    Apple: “Back to the Mac” on Oct 20

    I'm actually a bit curious if this might signal the end of OSX. I doubt it, but the whole "Out like a Lion" did cross my mind, Maybe OS11 is in our future sooner than a few more point releases?
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    Microsoft Has iPhone Coffin Parade?

    Nothing like thinking your product is going to be "The <insert defacto device of an area> Killer" to guarantee its success.
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    Bad Company 2

    I cant seem to get the hit reg settings to stick in the GameSettings.ini file. I set them, but once the game starts its back to what CannonDub posted. Ive tried changing before launch, after launch, and right before joining a server and it all gets reverted. Any Suggestions?
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    USB Video card suggestion?

    @DanNeely Yeah, I've tried, its limited by the laptop, i can use the laptop and an external monitor, or two external monitors, but not both. Looks like there is a newer model of what Pkirk618 linked to...
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    USB Video card suggestion?

    I recently got a promotion and got issued a new laptop. It is a Dell E6410 with a E-Port Plus docking station hooked up to 2 Dell 1910 LCD screens (1440x900 60hz). It acts as my desktop while in the office. As far as I can tell, there is no way I can use both the LCDs AND the laptop screen for a...
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    MS announces Age of Empires Online and Microsoft Flight (Gamescom)

    I would say that Flight looks interesting... but really all we know about it is that it exists, and that 30 seconds of a biplane flying over the ocean with a girl telling us her dream was to fly. I hope the graphics look that good in game, but the whole "Flight" Concept is a little iffy. I...
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    Juniper Simulator?

    Awesome, looks like fun to be had indeed. Thanks for the info guys. I think the VMware one will work for now, and maybe ill build an actual olive rack mount box sometime once i get a lab rack going.
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    Juniper Simulator?

    Im starting a new job soon and they already have me scheduled for some basic Juniper training. I already have a copy of the JunOS cookbook from a training session a few years back, but I never had any access to hardware to play with and continue learning. Now that I'll actually have a job...
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    Are there any iPhone screen protectors that aren't crap?

    Check out the Power Support Anti-Glare films, ive had mine on my iPhone 3g for about a year and a half now and it still is holding up fine. It gives it the feel of a textured touch pad and reduces glare.
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    Gulftown Giveaway unboxing pics!

    Originally it was setup to suck out of the case with 1 fan. When i replaced the fans I sandwiched the rad between 2 Scythe Ultra Krazes 2krpms and set it so it was sucking from the outside air. RealTemp showed about a 10-12ºC drop, but i don't know if its accurate since now its showing my idle...
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    Gulftown Giveaway unboxing pics!

    Yes I know, this thread was long dead, but I had to give iBuyPower another shout out for how they handled a problem: Initially the computer was fine both on a LCD screen and my HDTV via HDMI. Then i started getting GSODs and black screens. It seemed to be due to the HDMI port, it seemed...
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    iPhone 4 owners: Let's see what your case looks like...

    Check the other colors, Only the first 3 (IMHO Very ugly) Color combos are AT&T only
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    Attitudes towards Computer Science

    Math is part of the reason i dropped and went to a Electronics Technology. All the fun of programming, with the added bonus of getting to troubleshoot physical hardware!
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    DCS:- Warthog (A-10C)

    I only found out about this game after watching the video for the Warthog HOTAS, i want it, bad! it looks great!
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    WRT54G to WNDR3700?

    @freakyhair, I know when i went from my WRT-54g to the WNDR3700, i easily got about 10Mbps extra out of my connection, i was paying for 15/768, and on a good day was only seeing around 9 with the WRT-54G, after i upgraded i was getting full speed and the Turbo Boost i was not seeing before.
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    WRT54G to WNDR3700?

    I went from a WRT54G with DDWRT to a WNDR3700 and i have not looked back. the WNDR3700 is an awesome router.
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    Comcast: Not Even Zombies Can Stop Us

    Keep in mind, its not like Comcast (like any other TV provider) can really DO anything if it happens. They only get the content, they really cant control if the source has a problem. They might end up having to reposition a ground station or pick up channels off another transponder, but...