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    AM5 Motherboard Suddenly Unable to Boot (Kind Of)

    Yeah, you're right. There are no bent pins and yes, it's being tested in that way. Even if I could identify a missing or damaged SMT component, without the specialized equipment or at least a proper schematic (which I'll never get) I wouldn't know if the part is actually causing the failure. I...
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    AM5 Motherboard Suddenly Unable to Boot (Kind Of)

    I appreciate that, and I have that thought as well, but I'm more interested in hearing about what this issue might be and what possible fixes might be right now.
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    AM5 Motherboard Suddenly Unable to Boot (Kind Of)

    Backstory (you can skip this if you want): So, about 2 months ago, I sold a motherboard that I didn't plan to use. It was a B650E-F ASUS board brand new, sealed in the box. A month later, I find out that the guy lied about his location and I had really shipped it to a forwarding company and...
  4. K going out of business sale 50% off

    I ordered 11 Scythe Wonder Snail fans because they're WONDER SNAILS! 50% off made them $7.50 per fan; not far from the price of arctic P12 fans.
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    FS: RTX 3070, MSI B660M Mortar WIFI Motherboard + 16GB RAM, Macbook Pro M1 14", Macbook Pro M1 16", AMD Ryzen 9 7900 Combo, Corsair ML120 Fans

    Images: Shipping is available in the contiguous US and is NOT included in the prices. Local pickup for cash is available near Cleveland, OH RTX 3070 8GB: $330 + Shipping Pulled from an HP Omen. I've never mined on the card and never even checked if it was...
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    WTB: Intel 12th gen or 13th gen CPU, SFX PSU |||| FS: RTX 3070 8GB

    I have heatware, but I don't use it much. I have about 300 feedback on ebay and I also have about 70 confirmed trades on hardwareswap. Selling HP RTX 3070 8GB: $375 + Shipping Great condition, comes with 12-pin to dual 8-pin adapter Came from an HP Omen...
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    F/S: i7-12700k CPU only

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    Amazon: %25 off Tech IT products (up to $100 max)

    I'm not able to find this deal. Any tips?
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    FS: Ryzen 7 7700X Bundle with MB, DDR5 and either 3060 Ti or 2080, Ryzen 9 7900 with 32GB DDR5, Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD

    Prices are for local cash deals. Local is about 30 minutes south of Cleveland, OH. If you want something shipped to you, then you'll be responsible for all additional costs including any fees, packaging, etc. These are the only options. I'm not parting out anything. Before you ask: Yes, I'm...
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    FS: NZXT 140mm AIO (from H1v2), Ryzen 7 7700X + B650 Aorus Pro Motherboard (NIB), Ryzen 9 7900 (nonX) + 32GB RAM

    Shipping is available only in the contiguous United States at the buyers expense. Local pickup near Cleveland, OH NZXT H1 140mm AIO from H1V2: $100 + Shipping I pulled this from the H1v2. It's never been used. It comes with the NZXT control module and the original unused mounting hardware. I...
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    Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Samsung 980 PRO 2TB SSD PCIe Gen 4 x4 NVMe $139.99

    The 2TB "Gaming Performance" SSD at Microcenter for $155 carries a 6 year warranty and comes with a heatsink. If you're near one of those, I think it's worth the $15+tax.
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    FS: RTX 3080, RX 6700 XT, RTX 2080

    I have 3 cards available. I'd like to sell 2 of them (at least). Would sell all 3 though. Local pickup is available near Cleveland, OH for cash. MSI RTX 3080 10GB Ventus 3X LHR: $550 + Shipping I believe the card was originally purchased in September 2022 I do not have the box. Comes with the...
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    Ryzen 7700X $298.99 with Star Wars Jedi Survivor

    Let me know when you know what you would say.
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X

    Alright, let me know when you add them. Maybe interested in the board. We can talk in PM if you prefer.
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X

    Do you have any pictures?
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X

    These parts are used then?
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    Ryzen 7700X $298.99 with Star Wars Jedi Survivor

    This price collapse of last gen GPUs and current gen CPUs is nuts. Makes me feel bad for having bought stuff.
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    FS: GPU + CPU COMBO (your choice) RTX 3080, RTX 2080, Ryzen 7 7700X NIB, Intel i5-12600K NIB, ADATA D45G 32GB 3600 RGB DDR4 RAM

    Those timestamps are from my reddit post (I hate that place). I can ship in the contiguous US or you can pick up these items from me in the Cleveland, OH area. I'd like to sell a CPU and GPU together, so I've listed them that way. I think the prices are fair, considering both CPU's have never...
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    FS: Intel i5-12600K (new in box ) + ADATA D45G 32GB RGB DDR4 3600 CL18 RAM, ICYDOCK 2.5" Docking Bays w/ Trays, Phobya Touch 6 Fan Controller, Fuma2

    All of this stuff is available locally near Cleveland, OH, but shipping is available too. I will only ship in the contiguous US. Shipping is not included in the prices. Pictures: Intel i5-12600K + ADATA D45G 32GB RAM: $320 + Shipping CPU is brand new, still sealed. RAM is used, but I never...
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    Ryzen 9 7950x CPU + 32gb DDR5-6000 $571 @ Microcenter

    I'm not sure why you got butthurt so fast. I did add to the conversation with useful information for people.
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    Ryzen 9 7950x CPU + 32gb DDR5-6000 $571 @ Microcenter

    They have a variety of different timings on many of their models actually. It wouldn't be accurate to say that the Trident RAM is CL30 6000. More like, "they have a version of TridentZ 6000 that is CL30". There are CL40, CL36, CL32 and CL30 versions of 6000MT RAM from GSKILL. I think it's...
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    FS: 12600K + Z690 Prime New, 12600K + Z690 TUF New, 12600K Open Box, Ryzen 9 7950X New, RX 6700 XT, RTX 3060 12GB, Drive Bays / Docks / Fans Bundle

    Shipping is only available in the contiguous United States. Have old heatware feedback, reddit (I hate that place) confirmed trades, and about 280 100% positive ebay feedback. AMD RX 6700 XT 12GB Reference Model: $315 + Shipping Comes with original box. Lightly used and in great shape. I...
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    FS - EVGA 980 Ti SC

    Any pictures of the CPU? Send me a message.
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    FS: RTX 3080 Founders Edition

    Straight up card sale. I paid roughly $1800 for it locally. Trying to recoup some dollars since I'm out of work. Hoping to get $1550 shipped. I'd take $1500 local in Cleveland, OH. Shipping only available in the contiguous United States. No trades. PayPal G&S only for internet sales. Local...
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    FS: Bundle1 = RTX 3060 Ti FE + SSUPD Mesh PCIe4.0 + ASUS Ryuo 240mm, Bundle2 = RTX 3080 FE + Gigabyte X570 Elite Wifi

    I'm out of work and I have too much money tied up in computer stuff that I was using for making YouTube videos (and gaming). I need to sell some stuff and I think these prices are pretty fair. Please take a look and let me know if you want to buy them. Pictures...
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    FS: Tons of High End Parts in Cleveland, OH

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    WTB: Ryzen 3000 CPU - or - Intel 10th gen + ITX Motherboard

    I'm looking for a ryzen 3000 CPU or an intel 10th gen with ITX board. I already have an AM4 ITX Board, but I can return it if the Intel system fits what I need. Ryzen preferred.
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    FS: Ryzen Parts, Complete ITX PC, More

    I don't think PSU warranties transfer. I got it second hand. It has a ton of cables, but I haven't taken an inventory.
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    FS: Ryzen Parts, Complete ITX PC, More

    Thank you, bump, added more items.
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    NBC Sports and the NFL Use Video Game Soundtrack Without Permission

    How many people on here are going to complain about this while pirating software and movies all day?
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    FS: Ryzen Parts, Complete ITX PC, More

    There's a long list here for sale. I prefer to sell in bundles for convenience. Some images: Rules: I only ship to the contiguous United States. No APO or PO boxes. PayPal or cash only. No "friend and family" payments. Local pickup is available in the Cleveland, OH...
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    Ryzen 2700 or 2700x

    I'm concerned about daily use cases, noise, power consumption. I'm using a 2700x but I'm still in the return policy with Microcenter. I don't want to manually overclock either CPU because you lose the dynamic boosting that helps these CPUs function more efficiently. The Wraith Prism is not as...
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    Fs/Ft:A very good condition of honor 6x, Honey Well Lyric T5 wifi thermostat new sealed

    I don't understand this. Why are you selling the disks only?
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    FS: Ryzen 1600, B450 ITX, 16GB DDR4, Thermaltake F1 Suppressor, More

    Sorry, I posted that tired and made a mistake. It's actually just an LCD with fluorescent backlight. Not CRT.