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    $50 Device Could Hack Countless Computers

    Between ChoGGI and Lcpiper I'm feeling the need to unplug everything and rock in the corner (while looking around suspiciously).
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    My first Mac - Macbook Pro 5,5. Now what?

    Not quite done (three kids, work, etc...) So far OSX El Captain in on there. I made a bootable USB installer with it, had the 'won't install over SATA bit' when I tried to install the SSD directly and just setup the drive/installed it via an external enclosure on USB (with the 'can't verify...
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    Bittorrent Dain Bramage

    It's WORKING. You, sir, are a marvel.
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    Bittorrent Dain Bramage

    Holycrapisthatalotoftypingyoudidthere. Thank you. I'll give it a go this evening.
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    My first Mac - Macbook Pro 5,5. Now what?

    I Googled.. thus the answer asking for confirmation and EveryMac reference. Thank you for answering (esp if you thought I needed a lmgtfo link). Sometimes, in days of yore anyway, enthusiasts had hacked bios to extend abilities, or 'developer tools' to improve the same. I was hoping there was...
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    Bittorrent Dain Bramage

    Yes, that works fine. But either of the VPNs and no-go. Thus my thought the TAP driver must be borked; but on two different OSes? (Three now... an 8.1 system.) Whaaa? So it's 'something' I've done (clearly), but there's no common software (that I know of) between all systems. ...and edited...
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    Bittorrent Dain Bramage

    'It don't work. That's what's wrong with it.' - THREE laptops. (Win 10 and a mostly dying Win Vista) - Two different locations with different ISPs. (Charter and CenturyLink) - Two VPNs who both reportly work great with torrents (PrivateTunnel and PIA) - Two torrent programs (Popcorntime and...
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    My first Mac - Macbook Pro 5,5. Now what?

    I had a powerbook G3 and tower G4 and I remember basically zero. A little [H] guidance would be fantastic. - Though it says 8gb is the max it'll take, could if I upgrade to 16gb if I install some other 'bios'/El Captain/etc? The model on EveryMac is MB990LL/A and it shows 8gb as the max. : /...
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    2009 White Macbook worth fixing?

    I love [H]. I just popped in to post 'I just got this old MBP.. it's worth it to add SSD/RAM for the basics, yah? ...and there's a thread for basically the same thing. WIN. ...and thanks for the heads up on trim. I wouldn't have thought the OS disabled it by default. : /
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    Windows stated resolution doesn't match displayed resolution? Wha?

    What was wrong? *shrugs* Deleted the display and video device and now it works great. really, do I care what was wrong anymore? No. No I do not. Thanks. A mighty 1440x900 is mine once more.
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    Windows stated resolution doesn't match displayed resolution? Wha?

    True words SC. True words. ...but it's paid for and works. That makes it a perfect Netflix/email/browsing machine for the family... made even better if I can figure out what the heck is up with the resolution. So maybe delete the current driver/display and see what happens upon a restart? I...
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    Windows stated resolution doesn't match displayed resolution? Wha?

    I'm on a laptop with a native resolution of 1440x900. That's also what Windows shows but it doesn't look right to me. I install Powerstrip. That what it shows I'm running. BUT... It doesn't look right to me. So I checked it online, and it shows 1152x720 (res, not window : ) This is true...
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    BillR is Gone

    It's been awhile. I saw this and had to check in. Glad to see so many familiar names. Sad to see Bill won't be adding more words. Took the dog for an extra long walk and called my Dad in remembrance. We don't know how long we have. Bill, when I knew him, was a smart, helpful...
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    Dropbox or Mozy

    Dropbox is goodness and light. I use it daily and finally always have what I want an any of my machines and all my clients or co-workers have access to anything they need (thanks to setting up different folders to share with different folks). ...but as everyone is pointing out, Mozy and DB...
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    External, 'Self-Encrypting' Drives... Which/What?

    Alright. My Google-Fu has failed, and after 90 minutes I give. All I want is to buy an external drive with hardware encryption. )#@&% I'd think that was a key spec, like the interface... guess not. Seagate's 'FreeAgent' series (I'm looking at the 2TB model) seems too... but maybe not...
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    Drive encryption

    Hah. That is a win.
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    Can you track an iphone after it is wiped?

    Apple or users with a MobileMe account?
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    Can you track an iphone after it is wiped?

    So I've searched, but not found the answer so here I am: Can you track an iphone after it's been wiped? iLocalis can still track after the sim is switched out and that's fun.. but it doesn't (seem) to do anything if the thief turns off your phone, plugs it in and wipes it. iHound can...
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    Who wants/is getting a Nexus One when it comes to Verizon? VS Droid?

    I've got to use both... I am a current iphone guy so the virtual keyboard is much faster for me than the giant sloppy physical one. So with that bias, I say N1(ish); but instead order the HTC revised cut of it out of the UK. Optical instead of physical ball, and a some other improvements...
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    Get out of your Sprint contract FREE! Ends 1/31/10

    AMEX only being 1% higher than V/MC? Hah. On our fee schedule (small business) they are two full points higher. That is 100% more in my case. There is also a fixed AMEX charge (so even if no AMEX charges are made, I'd still get to pay each month for the privilege). Since I've never had a...
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    Hotel WiFi Should Be a Right, Not a Luxury

    ...Don't stay where it isn't free. Really, if you book ahead you can be sure to get free wifi. If they don't offer it, just ask them to note you get it free in the booking. They will NOT turn away a $150-$250 a night (or more I suppose) client over their crappy wifi fee. If that seems...
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    Forum sale gone bad, comments?

    Here is the issue: Once you sold the card any issues with it became 100% your baby. Chris could have sent you a box full of dung. If you then resold it without opening it you'll get ZERO sympathy around here. You sold a card you knew was an RMA that had issues (the fan) and didn't run any...
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    Google Wave invites

    I'm good now. Thanks!
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    Google Wave invites

    Yeah. Totally looking for some Google wave love. I was (more than likely) the last person on the planet to get a gmail invite, so if I could be hooked up a bit sooner with wave I'll be very glad to [H] any and all that come my way as the roll out continues. Good now, thanks!
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    Why Doesn’t Murdoch Stop Google From ‘Stealing’ Content

    Oh yeah, and Murdoch has some of the best (unintentionally) funny one liners of anybody outside of the government. I wonder if they have ever even TRIED to have one of their web guys explain anything to the poor man (who himself must not be very good at using Google for anything BUT finding his...
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    Why Doesn’t Murdoch Stop Google From ‘Stealing’ Content

    NOT funny. Can anything be more stupid? Or more evil? Newspapers haven't been 'educational' or 'unbias' since the day they were created. Putting them even deeper the government's pocket really would be an amazing thing. The only real discussion on the subject is it a 'if you' bribe or a...
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    Five Things to Hate About HDTV

    Ad revenue guys. They care (very) little about the quality of the content. Just that eye-balls hit the page. The more people view it and comment (in their thread) the happier those morons will be. Best thing to do is either: a) nuke their servers or b) don't link to it or comment (in their...
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    Free Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Caddy W/Signup

    When I first read it I thought it said: "Free Scrubbing Bubbles Shower CANDY W/Signup" ...I didn't know what I'd need to sign up for, but I really wanted to see what kind of sick joke that candy was.
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    .htaccess Redirection with HTTPS and Exception

    Can you really be a nOOb after four and a half years? 'That is entertaining' bump for you.
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    Good Website Template Subscription

    If you know how to use Modx well I'd say stick with that 100%. It really does well in a host of areas from people I've spoken too. My issue now seems to be choosing between WP as CMS (which is friggin' easy to get up and running) or hiring out work to use Modx instead (which seems like it...
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    Good Website Template Subscription ... look at the themes link (or similar down near the bottom). Good pile o' templates for the money. I don't do it for a living, but seems the fit well with helping you on the themes for the CMS side of things.
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    Float confuses me w/ other (more fixed) objects on screen

    Thanks, but it didn't work. Somebody knows this fix, and I'm sure it is a quick one... I that's just not me. Hopefully this will help you (or someone) see the issue. (I'm surprised our site is blocked by your work. Strange given the no-booze-or-women-or-poltics etc. nature of the site...
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    Cloak of Invisibility Realized in Theory

    I think the bit about "heat and cold" was my personal favorite. Just how much cold should one add? Thanks for breaking up their post... without the use of paragraphs it was quite painful to read. Your version had all the best parts and could be read. The original poster should be grateful. :D
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    Float confuses me w/ other (more fixed) objects on screen

    Good Day, I updated the menu of the site and the header (in general) is better now... but I've erred in how the text wraps (for people w/ small browser windows) and can't figure out how to get it like I want it. This seems like it should be something simple to fix, but all my efforts are teh...
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    Kayak to Bing: Stop Copying Us!

    This is my new favorite toy.
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    Anyone kind enough to beta test something for me?

    Nice.. esp. from scratch. Couple thoughts: 1) Links on left I'm hoping are in transition w/ colors and shape. You should consider removing all the noise above and below each and just have them in a order w/o the strange background protrusion. 2) CSS in a file other than the one ending in...
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    Please assist in CMS selection: WP, Drupal, Joomla.. ???

    Ok, so WP it is.. now do I go w/ a theme + plugins or do I use something that is "CMS in-a-box" ...? I've installed plugins before... it was a non-event. Is there a reason to use something like: ? Am I just not aware enough to understand why this is better than grabbing a...
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    Please assist in CMS selection: WP, Drupal, Joomla.. ???

    Thank you for responding so fast! Per your reco I've looked at it and WP can do everything... and page generation being 2x as fast is a nice bonus too. That'll be my path then. Using a handy ready made template as a framework w/ some key plug-ins for courses and e-commerce it looks like I'll...
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    Best way to transition to a new domain address?

    Cliffs: Use a 301 and be done with it. Details: Are all the pages "privacy.html" and whatever keeping their names the same? That'd be an issue. If they all are the same just use the 301 and (as all your content is the same theme) you shouldn't have any real lasting SEO issue to speak of...