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    Android nerd, switched to iPhone 6 Plus

    Wait for Apple IOS 8.4 or somesuch version...surely by then they will have figured out how to snipe those simple functions from either Android or MicroSuck... I dont hate the iPhone, or Apple really...I just cant wrap my head around them having such a stranglehold on their devices and...
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    WTS. Canon EOS DS6041 with extras!

    On some cameras, there is a function in the Settings Menu that will give you "Shutter Count". As far as the age, I was just generally asking when did you buy the
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    WTS. Canon EOS DS6041 with extras!

    How old is the body? Do you know the click count? Very interested...and bump!
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    High Res 360 Degree View of SR-71 'Blackbird' Cockpit

    That was awesome to view...thanks for the link! The Blackbird is 1 of 3 planes I have always wanted to fly in, the other 2 are the A-10 Thunderbolt/Warthog and the AV 8B Marine Corps Harrier Jump Jet. Those 3 encompass the 3 major accomplishments of flight for me. SR71 = fastest plane...
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    Federal Workers Not Punished For Surfing Porn At Work

    The most powerful union in the US is still the UAW, United Auto Workers, by far and away. The Fed Gov is in fact the largest employer, but not ALL workers are covered by the same union... So, seeing as you sound so "authoritative" on the subject, just what arm of the Fed are you employed...
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    Stupid Facebook Crook of the Day

    yall y'all [yawl] pronoun you-all. Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2014. Word Origin & History y'all 1909, U.S. dial. abbreviation of you all (see you). And just a link for "ain`t"... While Alabama...
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    Ford and Samsung Announce Lithium-Ion Auto Battery

    Meh, after my experience with a Lithium Ion motorcycle batteries, I will gladly keep my 155 year old technology thank you very much. :( I purchased the 1st battery about 3 weeks ago..used it for test purposes on one of my bikes...turns out the starter is bad. No problem, I have a 2nd bike and...
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    Apple Finally Confirms It's Buying Beats For $3B

    Wow...really? I know I may not be the target audience of Apple (dont like or use their products, but wont deny they do make a very good product), nor am I a target of Beats by Dre(Headphones in general IMO, are about as useful in normal everyday life as a 2nd asshole...and Beats look stupid as...
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    Facebook Cracking Down on Illegal Gun Sales

    Wow! Really, all of this over FaceBook doing something that actually benefits BOTH sides of the gun debate in America? You all do understand that they are targeting ILLEGAL gun sales between private citizens correct? This does not mean they are coming after ALL gun sales...? This whole...
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    Electric Car Owner Arrested For Stealing 5 Cents Of Power

    I only read the first 19 replies to this story....did ANY of you bother to even read the damn linked story AT ALL? The Cop was in the right...this douche-bag was in the wrong... 1) This jack-ass wasnt at his son`s school...he was there for tennis lessons for himself 2) This jack-ass was...
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    Use PC Speakers & Mic to answer Phone Calls from Android

    Do your speakers use a standard small audio jack? If so, why dont you just plug them into the audio plug on the phone for headphones? You get the sound through the powered speakers and your audio/voice will still be picked up by the phones mic....
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    3D-Printed Metal Gun Fires Over 50 Rounds

    Not being snobbish....being honest. I have shot Glocks, Berettas, Colts, Springfields etc etc etc. I prefer 1911 type .45 pistols...thats my personal preference. I carry a Star PD .45, 4" Compact version with 6 is basically a shrunken 1911 design, and as such, it just works. I...
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    3D-Printed Metal Gun Fires Over 50 Rounds

    Cool. Glad to see them be successful at it, but, I still like machined parts myself. BTW, I will trade my 1911 for a Glock when Glock celebrates 100+ years of any single design or model and makes an appearance in at least 5 American military actions...until then, I will keep on keepin on with...
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    Must See DIY Transformers Costume

    Ummm, color me confused, but calling it a "Transformer" would imply that it transforms from something into something else correct? Cool robot costume and all, but until it changes from robot form to an fighter plane or something, a Transformer it isnt....:D
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    Seagate 3TB USB 3.0 External $100 no rebate

    These are now showing for me @ $129...even in the cart...just a heads up...:(
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    Traders Outpost 3.0 (Parts, Servers, Media Players, cases, etc..)

    Would you be interested in parting some of the paintball items; barrels, extended tank hose ?
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    Money Sent, Seller Not Heard From Again

    Awesome thread resurrection....and awesome refund...:p
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    Netflix Fooling Around With New Categories

    I got the same ^^^...:D
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    WTB: Verizon smart phone and G.Skill DDR2 memory

    I`ve got an Original Motorola Droid X, rooted running Liberty ROM (plenty smooth and great battery life, averages over 12 hours with good usage) OtterBox Defender case, and Motorola Car Dock, can throw in a 4GB card if need be, along with a wall charger and USB cable...I can do $100 shipped for...
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    Fix for Android's HORRIBLE volume control...

    Wow....its a phone dude....:eek::D Seriously though...its awesome that you found a fix for your problem. Kudos! As much as I love my phone and use it as my portable music player, theres no way I would have be as inclined to go this deep to make it sound better...I would have just listened and...
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    5 Year-Old Runs Up $2,500 App Purchase with Apple

    Ummm, did I read the article incorrectly? Didnt this happen on an IOS device? How in the hell did you make this into an Apple over Android issue? :rolleyes:
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    3D-Printed Semi-Automatic Fires Over 600 Rounds

    %80 Lower + Milling Jig + Drill Press + 2 end bits and 2 drill bits = a set of calipers with depth gage...done in 4 hours or less..add LPK, Upper, BCG , mag and ammo... No "learning" the software...all you need to learn is how to read a set of prints, a depth gage and the instruction manual...
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    Feffrey is moving!

    I will take this if you can hold it until next Friday when I get paid...2 week pay periods suck... If not, I understand and Good Luck on your sale items...Thanks
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    LOOK OUT - possible scammer/fraud "edit" function via the mobile app makes me sad....haha Posted from App for Android
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    LOOK OUT - possible scammer/fraud

    Wow! Wished I could get scammed into a free $5 for my Posted from App for Android
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    I will take the WD Live Plus if it is still available...PayPal you either Thursday night or...

    I will take the WD Live Plus if it is still available...PayPal you either Thursday night or Friday morning...
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    WTS WD TV Live Plus

    Is this still available? If so, let me know for sure and I will take it if I can PayPal Thursday night or Friday morning...
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    Bricked phone? Razr

    Do yourself a favor if you havent already...go to Droid and register for an account. Once you do that, click this link ---> and download the small package and...
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    Post your mobile data speeds

    Not too bad...Between Huntsville and Gadsden...Boaz. AL actually...:D
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    The Most Pirated Movies of 2012

    I saw all but 2 of these films this year, Project X and The Dictator...dont feel I missed anything by skipping these 2. Of the others, based on "good film watching", I would rate the rest in this order: 1) The Dark Knight Rises - Great end to a great Triliogy 2) The Avengers - Great way...
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    Human Hoist: High Tech Shop Chair

    I would love to give one of these a go! I am a professional mechanic(Dual Status Civilian Technician for any who might want to know) in a Federal/State Facility, turning wrenches on National Guard equipment, everything from 2 wheel 1/4 ton trailers to 10 Ton HEMTT `s and other vehicles we have...
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    Merry Xmas Google Employees: Choose Your Own Present

    Me too...all I got "extra" was another free day off with pay since I normally have Mondays off...
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    Netflix Now Ranks ISPs In The US

    I have Charter, and I cant complain. My NetFlix streams HD content easily while my wife is playing away on Facebook via the house WiFi and my desktop system is pulling down a couple of older/small seeded torrents...isnt that what its supposed to do? As far as a cap, if there is one, I have...
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    3-D Printed Gun Only Lasts Six Shots

    Hahahahahahahahahaha....:D Thats about all I can muster up for this "experiment"....:rolleyes: As someone else mentioned, you as a citizen can already purchase %80 Lower can also buy a "bolt-on pattern assembly" that allows you to be able to mill out that %80 Lower for full...
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    Memory card transfer

    This may not be the proper way, but it is a very smart way. Copy all the SD card contents to a a folder on your PC. Then format the SD card in the phone you want to use it in. Once that is done, if you choose to do so, copy anything you want back to the newly formatted SD card. Bear in mind...
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    First smartphone

    What? I`m trying to decipher whether you are being serious, or just dont know any better...please elaborate...:rolleyes: I have rooted every Android smartphone in my family at least once...and never once did I have any "custom OS" on stand-by. Why not you might ask? Because...I wasnt wanting...
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    What kind of Security do you run on your Phones

    Common sense works wonders for me...:cool:
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    Could Google Glass Be Banned In Casinos?

    You would be just as well off to give me $50, in the hopes that I would turn right back to you and hand you $100, as you are to win on a roulette game. The only place where a gambler actually has any advantage over the house is on table games, such as Black Jack and other poker derivatives...
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    Company Seizes 3-D Printer From Desktop Gunsmith

    For the reading impaired...animated gif`s....yay! AR15 Lower and Trigger Assembly....notice there is aome missing parts, noticeably the auto-sear and the corresponding pin holes for its mounting... M16 Lower and Trigger Group...the auto sear is viewable along with the pin hole for...