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    Silver stone Sg08 Lite with Psu

    Sg08 Lite with SST-ST45SF 450w Bronze PSU Excellent overall condition, FYI a light scratch or two here and there for the perfectionists. 75 shipped Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet heatware under catcherintherye
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    2600K, GTX 580, P8H77-i, S12G 550, Crucial Ballistix Low Profile RAM, VE278Q, AXP-100

    Selling the following items, they are all in good working order and run well with no issues. All prices are shipped, or local pickup in Fremont, CA: 2600K CPU- $185 sold GTX 580 GPU with Arctic Acclero Xtreme III Cooler attached - $150 P8H77-I Mobo - $70 sold S12G 550 PSU- $65 sold 8gb...
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    12x Gentle Typhoon Ap-15s

    I have 12 Ap15s for sale. Some are sleeved some aren't. $12 each shipped. Tell me how many you want. Heatware is catcherintherye. All sold
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    Kef X300a Wireless Speakers, Memory, SSDs, Iconia I'm selling several items, including memory, SSDs, and speakers. Feel free to check it out.
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    KEF X300a Digital Bookshelf Wireless Speakers Local San Jose

    Like new Kef X300a speakers. They have high end clarity and have a wireless capability as well, you can stream music from your iPad, phone or pc. They work perfectly, and no obvious blemishes I can see. I purchased them new about three months ago and hesitated on selling them for a while, but...
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    Bitspower Watercooling Compression Fittings

    ok thanks. I'm planning to put it on ebay in a few hours so get it while its hot
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    Bitspower Watercooling Compression Fittings

    bump and new stuff added, back from vacation
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    Bitspower Watercooling Compression Fittings

    I've went back to air and have a bunch of compressions for sale. All are G1/4 thread. Not all of the fittings are pictured in the photo due to space but at least one of each fitting is represented. Prices are shipped. Bitspower Premium G1/4" Shiny Silver High Flow 1/2" (OD 3/4") Compression...
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    Cooler Marter Elite 110

    My first reaction was that they spelled "martyr" wrong. My second reaction was that if they had named it the Martyr Elite there would be some sort of controversy.
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    Corsair AX860i, GTX 580 w/ Waterblock, MSI Z77MA-G45, XSPC AX240

    updated status of sold items and lowered prices for remaining items. greyed out means sold.